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Bad Company (1972 film) Quotes

Bad Company (1972 film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Bad Company stopped airing in 1970.

It features Stanley R. Jaffe as producer, Harvey Schmidt in charge of musical score, and Gordon Willis as head of cinematography.

Bad Company (1972 film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bad Company (1972 film) is 93 minutes long. Bad Company (1972 film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Barry Brown as Drew Dixon, David Huddleston as Big Joe, Jeff Bridges as Jake Rumsey, Geoffrey Lewis as Hobbs, Charles Tyner as The Farmer, Jerry Houser as Arthur Simms, Joshua Hill Lewis as Boog Bookin, Ed Lauter as Orin, and Jim Davis as Marshal.

Bad Company (1972 film) Quotes

Jerry Houser as Arthur Simms

  • (Jerry Houser) "I've got two dollars and no sense."
  • (Joshua Hill Lewis) "Just like you, Simms."

Jeff Bridges as Jake Rumsey

  • (Jeff Bridges) "You may not look like much, but you're a real tiger, ain't yuh?"
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Say, how'd that Jane Eyre turn out?"
  • (Barry Brown) "Oh, fine, fine."
  • (Barry Brown) "Stick 'em up."

David Huddleston as Big Joe

  • (David Huddleston) "Goodbye, boys. Just think of us as some terrible nightmare that came and went. By nightfall you'll forget we were ever here."
  • (David Huddleston) "I'll tell ya boys -- I'm the oldest whore on the block."
  • (David Huddleston) "Damn, Jackson, I wouldn't mind you being so stupid if you was good company, but you ain't even that."
  • (David Huddleston) "My boy, let me give you a little piece of advice. If you're going to pull a gun on somebody, which happens from time to time in these parts, you better fire it about a half a second after you do it -- because most men aren't as patient as I am."

Charles Tyner as The Farmer

  • (Charles Tyner) "Boys, it was hell on wheels. The worst idea in the world to go west."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Oh, come on now."
  • (Charles Tyner) "No, I ain't lying to you, son. We tried farming the first year and a twister wiped us out. Next year it was the cattlemen, then just pure-D rotten soil. There ain't nobody got no money excepting a few. And even if you do have, there ain't a thing worth having. It rains so much it will give you the chilblains. A dry spell comes along and you choke to death on dust. That is if a bushwhacker don't come along and take your last damn dollar. No, I mean it boys, turn around and go back."

Geoffrey Lewis as Hobbs

  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "You go ahead and eat your beans, Joe. Me and the boys can take 'em easy. There's only two."
  • (David Huddleston) "My boy, if it was a blind woman in a wheelchair, I'd still give her the odds."

Ed Lauter as Orin

  • (Ed Lauter) "I'm dead. The little rat got me."

Jim Davis as Marshal

  • (Jim Davis) "Chaw?"
  • (David Huddleston) "When I want to chew on horses***, I'll let you know."

Barry Brown as Drew Dixon

  • (Barry Brown) "I shot and killed a skunk today. Taste didn't much enter into it."
  • (Barry Brown) "I resolve never to do a dishonest act, or take part in any thieving, robbing, or false undertaking. I will always keep to the straight and narrow, so help me God. It's still a sunny day."

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