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Bad Girls (1994 film) Quotes

Bad Girls (1994 film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Bad Girls ended in 1970.

It features Albert S. Ruddy; Andre E. Morgan; Charles P. Finch as producer, Jerry Goldsmith in charge of musical score, and Ralf D. Bode as head of cinematography.

Bad Girls (1994 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bad Girls (1994 film) is 99 minutes long. Bad Girls (1994 film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Mary Stuart Masterson as Anita Crown, Andie MacDowell as Eileen, Drew Barrymore as Lilly, Mary Stuart Masterson as Anita, Harry Northup as Preacher, Madeleine Stowe as Cody Zamorra, James Russo as Kid Jarrett, Dermot Mulroney as Josh McCoy, Jim Beaver as Pinkerton Detective Graves, Nick Chinlund as Pinkerton Detective O'Brady, James LeGros as Tucker, James LeGros as William Tucker, Drew Barrymore as Lilly Laronette, and Madeleine Stowe as Cody Zamora.

Bad Girls (1994 film) Quotes

Andie MacDowell as Eileen

  • (Andie MacDowell) "Lily. Can't you see that I was just trying to get us something passable to eat?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Yeah, and I'm Wyatt Earp."
  • (Andie MacDowell) "Can I have a kiss, Wyatt Earp?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Don't you go puckering up to me, Eileen."
  • (Andie MacDowell) "Oh come on, come on."
  • (Andie MacDowell) "I love you all the way to the moon and back, that's never going to change."
  • (Andie MacDowell) "Law of the land was the cattle could roam whever they wanted to. See that barbed wire? It gave ranchers like Tucker a chance to start out without being overrun by the cattle of the big outfits. You know, people say the West was conquered by the railroads. Uh-uh, my daddy says it's conquered by barbed wire."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "You sure a know a lot about this for a fine southern lady from New Orleans."
  • (Andie MacDowell) "Ah Lily, I ain't from New Orleans, I lied to Ben. I grew up on an East Texas grub farm not unlike this one."
  • (Andie MacDowell) "Do I look like a criminal type?"
  • (James LeGros) "No ma'am, you don't."
  • (Andie MacDowell) "It's the language of love."
  • (James LeGros) "I didn't know the language of love had words, ma'am."
  • (Andie MacDowell) "Oh my, yes. I could teach you."
  • (Andie MacDowell) "Where's she going?"
  • (Madeleine Stowe) "Probably just riding off the anger."
  • (Andie MacDowell) "She picked a fine time to have a fit. If it were she in trouble, Lily would be the first one to help her."

James LeGros as Tucker

  • (James LeGros) "Once the money gets back to Agua Dulce I reckon you're going to be pretty big heroes in these parts."
  • (Madeleine Stowe) "We ain't heroes."
  • (James LeGros) "I don't have a lot of money, but I've got this land, and I swear I'll never break your heart."

Drew Barrymore as Lilly

  • (Drew Barrymore) "She ain't coming back."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "She will."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "I'm going to get Eileen now, are you coming?"
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "If Cody comes back and we're not here."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Don't worry, she'll wait."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Are we going to get Eileen out or what?"
  • (Madeleine Stowe) "How?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "I don't know, but we got you out when they were gonna lynch you."
  • (Madeleine Stowe) "Well now, that was lucky."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Look here, I don't let my friends get hung."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Eileen, you don't have to throw yourself at the first old fart that comes along."
  • (Ned, Jarrett Gang) "Hey girlie, how about old Ned unties you and we can have some fun, eh?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Well, then you better kill me first, because the only way I'd lay with you would be if I was dead."

Mary Stuart Masterson as Anita

  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "If your laws don't include me, well then, they don't apply to me either."
  • (Jerome Lurie) "Ma'am, I don't know how to tell you this --"
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Tell me what?"
  • (Jerome Lurie) "Well, your claim is worthless without your husband alive. See for yourself -- second paragraph. Now ma'am, I'm sorry but it's the law. Surely you understand that."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Yes, I understand that. I was worthless until I married. So now, I guess I'm worthless as a widow. Funny, I had some value as a whore."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Cody. Cody. Help."
  • (Madeleine Stowe) "Leave her alone, Colonel."
  • (Colonel Clayborne) "I paid for a god****ed birthday kiss, and I'm gonna get it."
  • (Madeleine Stowe) "You touch her again and you're a dead man."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "The population of the United States is over 63 million people now."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "They sure ain't here."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "You'll see her again."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "It ain't likely."

Dermot Mulroney as Josh McCoy

  • (Dermot Mulroney) "They put Pinkertons on your trail, you best keep moving."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "What'd that reward be?"
  • (Jim Beaver) "Five hundred dollars; wired to you when we get her. My word as a Pekerton Detenctive."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Five hundred's more than I'm used to. All right. I seen that whore Cody ridin' upriver not an hour ago."
  • (Jim Beaver) "Well hell, why didn't you do somethin'?"
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "She's with Kid Jarrett."
  • (Nick Chinlund) "Hey, you sure it were Kid Jarrett?"
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Yeah, sure enough. I'd a done somethin' too, but I ain't no Pekerton Detenctive."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "You're dead. I just ain't killed you yet."

Madeleine Stowe as Cody Zamorra

  • (Madeleine Stowe) "Pick it up. Put it in. Die like a man."
  • (Madeleine Stowe) "I want to buy a dress."
  • (Unnamed) "And what kind of dress did you have in mind?"
  • (Madeleine Stowe) "Oh one of them ready to wear kinds like you see in the Sears catelouge."
  • (Unnamed) "I really think a woman like you would be happier shopping elsewhere."

Harry Northup as Preacher

  • (Harry Northup) "I accuse you of harlotry. I accuse you of having a scorpion between your legs that seduces men. I accuse you --"
  • (Madeleine Stowe) "Just get on with it, will ya?"
  • (Harry Northup) "Every tree is known by its fruit. This woman has brought forth bad fruit."

James Russo as Kid Jarrett

  • (James Russo) "Cody? Kiss my sister's black cat's ass. What're you doing here?"
  • (Madeleine Stowe) "I'm making a withdrawal."
  • (James Russo) "So are we, how much?"
  • (James Russo) "Well, give the lady her money, fat man."
  • (James Russo) "What's your name?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Lilly."
  • (James Russo) "Just Lilly?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Lilly's enough."
  • (James Russo) "Well if you answer to it --"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Well, that depends on who's asking."

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