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Bar Association (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Quotes

Bar Association (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Bar Association ended its run in 1970.

It features Jay Chattaway in charge of musical score.

Bar Association (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Quotes

  • (Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax) "Mr. Worf, you're in love; with the Defiant."
  • (Lt. Commander Worf) "You exaggerate; as usual."
  • (Rom) "We're going to form -- a union."
  • (Rom) "She kissed me."
  • (Quark) "There's no accounting for taste."
  • (Quark) "The only thing this Bajoran Cleansing Ritual has cleansed is my profit margin."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "What you have there is a sebaceous cyst."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "I know it's a cyst, but it's getting bigger."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "There's nothing to worry about. Dermatalogically speaking you're perfectly healthy."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Oh, I'm perfectly healthy, except I've got a disgusting cyst on the back of my neck. Now either I paint a nose, eyes, and mouth on it and pretend I've got two heads or you take it off."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "I'll get you some paint."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Julian. Get it off me."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "Alright, alright. But you know what they say: two heads are better than one."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Julian, I'm waiting."
  • (Quark) "I've reconsidered it. My decision stands."
  • (Rom) "But brother --"
  • (Quark) "Don't "brother" me. In this bar, you are not my brother. You're my employee. And employees have no right to question the management's decisions."
  • (Quark) "Rom, you have to listen to me. The FCA does not answer to anyone. And if Brunt decides to get rid of you, I won't be able to stop him."
  • (Rom) "Look at it this way: if Brunt gets rid of me, then all your problems are solved; you always said you wanted to be an only child."
  • (Odo) "From what Chief O'Brien tells me about strikes, they sound like trouble. I don't like mobs. In my opinion, if you need one to get what you want, it's not worth getting."
  • (Captain Sisko) "Maybe I don't know much about Ferengi culture, but I do know who holds the lease on your bar."
  • (Rom) "You don't understand. Ferengi workers don't want to stop the exploitation, we want to find a way to become the exploiters."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "Suit yourself. But I don't see you exploiting anyone."
  • (Grimp) "Employees are the rungs on the ladder of success. Don't hesitate to step on them."
  • (Rom) ""Workers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains.""
  • (Rom) "It won't happen, unless you make it happen."
  • (Quark) "The only thing I regret is not being an only child."
  • (Quark) "Captain, believe me, I want this strike settled as much as you do."
  • (Captain Sisko) "Then settle it."
  • (Quark) "It's not that simple."
  • (Captain Sisko) "Make it simple. Sit down with your brother and hammer out an agreement today."
  • (Quark) "Captain, I'm afraid you don't understand what a delicate situation this is. Even talking with strikers would be a violation of the most sacred precepts of Ferengi culture."
  • (Captain Sisko) "Maybe I don't know much about Ferengi culture, but I do know who holds the lease on your bar."
  • (Quark) "The Federation -- and I couldn't ask for better landlords."
  • (Captain Sisko) "That's because we don't ask you to pay your rent, or to reimburse us for your maintenance repairs, or the drain on the station's power supply."
  • (Quark) "You're a very generous people."
  • (Captain Sisko) "Until today."
  • (Captain Sisko) "Let's see. Five years of back rent, plus power consumption, plus the repairs. Do you know how much latinum that is?"
  • (Quark) "A lot."
  • (Captain Sisko) "That's right."
  • (Quark) "I'll talk to my brother."
  • (Captain Sisko) "I'm glad we're in agreement."
  • (Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax) "You know, Worf, in the end, living on the Defiant isn't going to change anything. You're still going to have to get used to life on the station."
  • (Lt. Commander Worf) "I am not sure I agree."
  • (Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax) "Sooner or later, you're going to have to adapt."
  • (Lt. Commander Worf) "Perhaps in the end, it'll be all of you that have to adapt to me."
  • (Rom) "Never allow doubt to tarnish your lust for latinum."
  • (Quark) "Major. I must say, you are looking particularly cleansed today."
  • (Major Kira) "Just get me two mugs of synthale, a double order of hasperat and, uh -- hold the conversation."
  • (Quark) "No wonder I missed you."
  • (Quark) "Rom, we shouldn't be fighting. We're brothers."
  • (Rom) "Not when it comes to business. We're nothing but employer and employee. You've said so yourself."
  • (Quark) "I was wrong."
  • (Rom) "No. You weren't."
  • (Rom) "You never cared what happened to me before."
  • (Quark) "I always cared about you. I tried to protect you, save you from yourself."
  • (Rom) "How? By telling me I was an idiot my whole life?"
  • (Quark) "I had to be tough on you; I was trying to make you a better Ferengi."
  • (Rom) "What you were trying to do was make yourself feel important. Making me feel dumb made you feel smart. But I'm not dumb. And you're not half as smart as you think you are."
  • (Lt. Commander Worf) "We are Starfleet officers; and Starfleet officers do not brawl with each other."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "It wasn't much of a brawl really; I grabbed you, you shoved me, and Julian was tossed over a table --"
  • (Rom) "Thank you for not patronizing Quark's; Thank you for not patronizing Quark's; Thank you for not patronizing Quark's --"
  • (Leeta) "I hope Rom's voice holds out."
  • (Grimp) "I hope our latinum holds out."
  • (Rom) "Think about it, from my point of view: if I keep working for you, all I have to look forward to is waiting for you to die, so I can inherit the bar."
  • (Rom) "Well, I don't want you to die."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "I feel silly."
  • (Leeta) "I like it. It shows off your legs."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "There, you see? Your public has spoken."
  • (Leeta) "Have fun."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "What'd you call this holosuite program of yours again?"
  • (Chief O'Brien) "The Battle of Clontarf. You, me, and a thousand stalwart Irish Warriors against a ravening horde of Vikings. It's like the Battle of Britain, only with swords."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "How come you get to be High King?"
  • (Chief O'Brien) "I am a direct descendant of King Brian Boru. Besides, it's my program."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "I suppose that's only fair."

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