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Barb Wire (film) Quotes

Barb Wire (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Barb Wire stopped airing in 1970.

It features Todd Moyer as producer, Michel Colombier in charge of musical score, and Rick Bota as head of cinematography.

Barb Wire (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Barb Wire (film) is 98 minutes long. Barb Wire (film) is distributed by Gramercy Pictures.

The cast includes: Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire, Xander Berkeley as Alexander Willis, Steve Railsback as Coloney Pryzer, Jack Noseworthy as Charlie Kopetski, Steve Railsback as Colonel Pryzer, and Temuera Morrison as Axel.

Barb Wire (film) Quotes

Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire

  • (Pamela Anderson) "Come again?"
  • (Stripper in Dressing Room) "She's Chinese."
  • (Pamela Anderson) "Don't call me babe."
  • (Manny) "What are you doing here?"
  • (Pamela Anderson) "Looking for a light. Got one?"
  • (Manny) "I don't smoke."
  • (Pamela Anderson) "Neither do I."

Jack Noseworthy as Charlie Kopetski

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Temuera Morrison as Axel

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Steve Railsback as Colonel Pryzer

  • (Steve Railsback) "Why don't we start again? From the beginning."
  • (Woman in Torture Room) "I told you. I told you everything I know. I told you."
  • (Steve Railsback) "Citizen, I -- uh, I abhor torture. But your words just don't match your thoughts. There are too many details you're just not sharing with us. Our little mind-reading device doesn't lie."
  • (Steve Railsback) "Now, where's Dr Corrina Devonshire?"
  • (Woman in Torture Room) "You'll never find her."
  • (Steve Railsback) "You're so beautiful. I'm sorry."
  • (Steve Railsback) "Now, where is Dr. Corrina Devonshire?"
  • (Woman in Torture Room) "She's going to Steel Harbor, the free city."
  • (Steve Railsback) "Do you mind telling me why Cora D. is going to Steel Harbor?"
  • (Woman in Torture Room) "She's meeting members of the Resistance. They're giving her the retinal lenses, helping her out of the country, to Canada. She's with a freedom fighter named Axel."
  • (Steve Railsback) "Who has the retinal lenses now?"
  • (Woman in Torture Room) "Krebs. William Krebs."
  • (Steve Railsback) "How are they getting out of the country?"
  • (Woman in Torture Room) "She's had plastic surgery. Her face has changed. You won't recognize her. You'll never find her."
  • (Steve Railsback) "You're so beautiful. I'm sorry."
  • (Aide to Pryzer) "Colonel Pryzer, the Executive Counsil is on line two."
  • (Steve Railsback) "Tell him to hold."
  • (Steve Railsback) "Put him on."
  • (Steve Railsback) "One last chance, Charlie. Where are the rental lenses?"
  • (Jack Noseworthy) "The Easter Bunny took 'em."
  • (Jack Noseworthy) "Please -- stop. I'll talk. This guy has them. I gave the lenses to this guy."
  • (Steve Railsback) "What guy?"
  • (Jack Noseworthy) "This big guy. He's big and fat. He has a white beard, he wears a red suite, he lives at the North Pole -- and he goes by the name of Kringle. Kris -- Kringle."

Xander Berkeley as Alexander Willis

  • (Xander Berkeley) "Colonel Pryzer. Alexander Willis, Director of Police Operations. Welcome to Steel Harbor."
  • (Steve Railsback) "Wipe that smile off your face, Willis. This burned-out hellhole is the last place on Earth I want to be right now. And if it wasn't for your almost complete incompetence, I wouldn't be here in the first place. Would I?"
  • (Xander Berkeley) "Yes, well needless to say I intended to have both Krebs and Cora D extraditcated and sent back to Washington by now. However, due to circumstances --"
  • (Steve Railsback) "Listen carefully, if Cora D escapes, I will personally rip your heart out of your ass and stuff it back down your throat."
  • (Xander Berkeley) "That's not very sanitary."
  • (Xander Berkeley) "Where will you go now, Barb?"
  • (Pamela Anderson) "Well, I hear Paris is nice this time of year."
  • (Xander Berkeley) "Mind if I tag along with you?"
  • (Pamela Anderson) "Don't mind."
  • (Xander Berkeley) "I do believe I'm falling in love."
  • (Pamela Anderson) "Get in line."
  • (Xander Berkeley) "Add it to my tab, Miss Kopetski. Boom boom boom."
  • (Pamela Anderson) "Barbara Kopetski died in the war. I'm Barb Wire."

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