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Barbarosa Quotes

Barbarosa is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Barbarosa completed its run in 1970.

It features Paul Lazarus III as producer, Bruce Smeaton in charge of musical score, and Ian Baker (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Barbarosa is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Barbarosa is 90 minutes long. Barbarosa is distributed by Associated Film Distribution.

The cast includes: Gary Busey as Karl, Willie Nelson as Barbarosa, Gary Busey as Karl Westover, Gilbert Roland as Don Braulio Zuvalla, Danny De La Paz as Eduardo, and Luis Contreras as Angel.

Barbarosa Quotes

Willie Nelson as Barbarosa

  • (Willie Nelson) "Did you have bad trouble back there."
  • (Gary Busey) "Yes, sir."
  • (Willie Nelson) "Well, the Mexicans got a saying; what cannot be remedied must be endured."
  • (Willie Nelson) "I can't teach you people a damn thing."
  • (Willie Nelson) "Always stand still until you're done shooting. Nothin' scares a man more than for you to be standin' still when you should be runnin' like a spotted assed ape."
  • (Willie Nelson) "Drop those saddlebags and help me up, dammit."
  • (Willie Nelson) "Why'd you drop them down there?"
  • (Gary Busey) "Well, you said to drop them and help you."
  • (Willie Nelson) "We already been down there."
  • (Willie Nelson) "Why don't you go ahead and just rain on me then?"
  • (Willie Nelson) "You ain't got enough ass in your britches to pull the trigger on Barbarosa."

Gary Busey as Karl

  • (Gary Busey) "Are you all right?"
  • (Willie Nelson) "No, I ain't all right. Do I look all right?"
  • (Gary Busey) "Well, you look better than you did when you was at the bottom of that grave."
  • (Gary Busey) "I killed a fella back in Texas. A big damn fella too."
  • (Willie Nelson) "Well, old Sam Colt makes everybody just about the same size."
  • (Gary Busey) "I didn't shoot him. I hit him with a tree limb."
  • (Gary Busey) "My name is Karl Albert Westover --"
  • (Willie Nelson) "You been s*** outtta luck ever since you was born, ain't you, boy?"

Luis Contreras as Angel

  • (Luis Contreras) "You are on my road, senor."
  • (Willie Nelson) "This is your road? I don't see any signs. You see any signs, farm boy? You should put up a sign; this is my road."
  • (Luis Contreras) "Signs? Look around you, there are signs everywhere (nods toward armed bandits). Maybe you don't know who I am."
  • (Willie Nelson) "I think I recognize you. You're Mr. s***."
  • (Luis Contreras) "I am Angel Morales."
  • (Willie Nelson) "Do you know who I am?"
  • (Luis Contreras) "Si, senor; I know who you are."
  • (Willie Nelson) "(to Karl) We might be in a little trouble here."

Gilbert Roland as Don Braulio Zuvalla

  • (Gilbert Roland) "Eduardo. You are the one. You will go after Barabarosa. Will you know him?"
  • (Danny De La Paz) "Si, I will know him. From the songs we sing and the stories we tell, I will know him."
  • (Gilbert Roland) "Kill him; kill this Barbarosa. Bring me his cojones. Bring them to me on a stick so we can see them and honor you."

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