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Barbershop (film) Quotes

Barbershop (film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Barbershop stopped airing in 1970.

It features George Tillman Jr. as producer, Terence Blanchard in charge of musical score, and Tom Priestley Jr. as head of cinematography.

Barbershop (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Barbershop (film) is 102 minutes long. Barbershop (film) is distributed by MGM Distribution Co..

The cast includes: Cedric the Entertainer as Eddie, Eve as Terri, Ice Cube as Calvin, Sean Patrick Thomas as Jimmy, Keith David as Lester, Troy Garity as Isaac, Lahmard Tate as Billy, Anthony Anderson as J.D., Michael Ealy as Ricky, Leonard Earl Howze as Dinka, and Parvesh Cheena as Samir.

Barbershop (film) Quotes

Keith David as Lester

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Cedric the Entertainer as Eddie

  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Boy, look, look. Look. Your daddy may not had a whole lot of money. Oh, but he was rich, because he invested in people. What'd you think? You think I was the only one he gave a job to, Calvin? No. That man opened up the doors to anybody and any knucklehead around here in the city of Chicago that wanted to come down here and make somebody out themselves. Gave the opportunity to be somebody. A licensed professional barber. Now, me, myself, personally -- I wouldn't gave half these bail-jumpers the opportunity. But, you know, it's just hard enough. You sit in there and try to cut somebody's head and gotta worry about this fool over there trying to shank you. But let me tell you somethin'. At the end of the day -- the end of the day, I was glad I was here. And now you."
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "See, in my day, a barber was more than just somebody who sit around in a FUBU shirt with his drawers hanging all out. In my day, a barber was a counselor. He was a fashion expert. A style coach. Pimp. Just general all-around hustler. But the problem with y'all cats today, is that you got no skill. No sense of history. And then, with a straight face, got the nerve to want to be somebody. Want somebody to respect you. But it takes respect to get respect. Understand? See, I'm old. But, Lord willing, I'd be spared the sight of seeing everything that we worked for flushed down the drain by someone who don't know no better or care."
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "There are three things that Black people need to tell the truth about. Number one: Rodney King should've gotten his ass beat for being drunk in a Honda a white part of Los Angeles. Number two: O.J. did it. And number three: Rosa Parks didn't do nuthin' but sit her Black ass down."
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Hey, girl, this ain't a bullfight."
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "f*** Jesse Jackson."
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "This ain't no god**** school of the blind, Calvin. This is the barbershop. The place where a black man means something. Cornerstone of the neighborhood. Our own country club. I mean, can't you see that? Hell, that's the problem with your whole generation. You know, y'all -- you don't believe in nothin'. But your father, he believed in something, Calvin. He believed and understood that something as simple as a little haircut could change the way a man felt on the inside."
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Knock his college ass out."
  • (Unnamed) "You cut a patch in my head."
  • (Cedric the Entertainer) "Shane, look over there. He cut a patch in the li'l boy head; got him lookin' like "101 Dalmatians." You ever heard a' that movie? He look like a Dalmatian. That's one hundred an' two."

Troy Garity as Isaac

  • (Troy Garity) "This is who I am. And whether you believe it or not, I'm gonna be like this tomorrow."

Eve as Terri

  • (Eve) "Who drank my apple juice?"
  • (Eve) "Who drank my god**** apple juice?"
  • (Ice Cube) "Whoa. Terri, stop cussing. This ain't Def Comedy Jam."

Sean Patrick Thomas as Jimmy

  • (Sean Patrick Thomas) "Let me tell you somethin' -- you will never own a Black barbershop."
  • (Troy Garity) "I will if I want to."
  • (Eve) "If Tony Roma can make ribs better than Black people, Isaac can own a Black barbershop --"
  • (Ice Cube) "Wait a minute -- "ribs better than Black people?""
  • (Sean Patrick Thomas) "Tony Roma boils his ribs. That is not authentic."
  • (Leonard Earl Howze) "Tony Roma is delicious. I don't see White or Black -- I just see red sauce on everyt'ing."

Anthony Anderson as J.D.

  • (Anthony Anderson) "You lock yo' door?"
  • (Lahmard Tate) "Yeah, man; I ain't stupid."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Then why your sister in the room, man?"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Hey, don't drop the soap."

Ice Cube as Calvin

  • (Ray-Ray) "DVDs. CDs."
  • (Ice Cube) "Not today, man --"
  • (Ray-Ray) "Got Cristal, MoÎt. Whatever you want, man."
  • (Ray-Ray) "Got dat new DMX, baby."
  • (Ice Cube) "You see that? That right there is Oprah's house."

Leonard Earl Howze as Dinka

  • (Leonard Earl Howze) "Barbershop. Oh."
  • (Leonard Earl Howze) "Terri, it's Kevin."
  • (Eve) "I'm not here."
  • (Leonard Earl Howze) "What?"
  • (Eve) "I'm not here."
  • (Leonard Earl Howze) "I know you heard that."
  • (Leonard Earl Howze) "I'm big-boned, Rick. Hefty. Rotund. There's too much of myself to go around."

Michael Ealy as Ricky

  • (Michael Ealy) "We don't need reparations. We need restraint."
  • (Lahmard Tate) ""Restraint"?"
  • (Michael Ealy) ""Restraint". Some discipline. Don't go out and buy a Range Rover when you livin' with your mama. And pay your mama some rent. And can we please, please, please try and teach our kids something other than the "Chronic" album? And please, Black people, try and be on time for something other than free before eleven at the club."

Parvesh Cheena as Samir

  • (Parvesh Cheena) "For one brief embarrassing moment, I chose to give up. But your words were just the reminder I needed. Perhaps insignificant to you, but sometimes I think we're unaware of how the little things for us can be so huge for others."

Lahmard Tate as Billy

  • (Lahmard Tate) "First thing I'ma do -- I'ma get me a tattoo. It gon' say, "Thug Nasty, Nasty Thug.""

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