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Basic (film) Quotes

Basic (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Basic ended its run in 1970.

It features Mike Medavoy as producer, Klaus Badelt in charge of musical score, and Steve Mason as head of cinematography.

Basic (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Germany, United States. Each episode of Basic (film) is 98 minutes long. Basic (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: John Travolta as Hardy, Connie Nielsen as Osbourne, Taye Diggs as Dunbar, Tim Daly as Styles, Dash Mihok as Mueller, Giovanni Ribisi as Kendall, Cristián de la Fuente as Castro, Harry Connick Jr. as Vilmer, and Brian Van Holt as Pike.

Basic (film) Quotes

Tim Daly as Styles

  • (Tim Daly) "If you lose enough in life what you are is a loser."
  • (Tim Daly) "You never met a bribe you didn't like."
  • (Tim Daly) "Osbourne's the closest thing we have to an in-house investigator."
  • (John Travolta) "And here you are going out of house -- now, how does that make you feel, Jules?"
  • (Connie Nielsen) "Hostile and uncooperative, sir."
  • (John Travolta) "Fantastic."

John Travolta as Hardy

  • (John Travolta) "Three things, first you don't have a choice, second i've never taken a bribe in my life, and third -- i'm still a little drunk from earlier so if I skip over the witty banter and move straight on to coming on to you I hope you don't take offense."
  • (John Travolta) "So, what are you gonna do?"
  • (Connie Nielsen) "I think I need a beer."
  • (John Travolta) "Un cerveza por senorita."
  • (Cristián de la Fuente) "Here you go, colonel."
  • (Connie Nielsen) "Colonel?"
  • (John Travolta) "And I wasn't looking at your ass."
  • (John Travolta) "Maybe a little bit, but it was strictly in a professional way."

Harry Connick Jr. as Vilmer

  • (Harry Connick Jr.) "Guess I'm on the same transport as Pike. Hey Julie-bird, u bitch? Why don't you go and get me something to eat? I'm starving. Christ --"
  • (John Travolta) "What did you say?"
  • (Harry Connick Jr.) "I didn't mean to call her a bitch. I --"
  • (John Travolta) "No no no no, before. What did you say?"
  • (Harry Connick Jr.) "What, that me and Pike are going on a transport plane going to DC together?"
  • (John Travolta) "You mean Dunbar."
  • (Harry Connick Jr.) "No. Pike -- The one that they just hauled out of here. The guy that they brought in with Kendall on the chopper."
  • (Connie Nielsen) "That was Dunbar."
  • (Harry Connick Jr.) "No, that's not right."
  • (John Travolta) "What do you mean? Why not?"
  • (Harry Connick Jr.) "Tom, Ray Dunbar is black."

Connie Nielsen as Osbourne

  • (Connie Nielsen) "I questioned him for two hours; he didn't make a sound."
  • (John Travolta) "You try pokin' him with a stick?"
  • (John Travolta) "Whoa-ho. How about them Yankees?"
  • (Connie Nielsen) "Now see, what I just did is considered illegal. Which means I'll be discharged from the army. Which means no law school. So I really have nothing to lose --"
  • (Connie Nielsen) "The French tried to build a canal here before the Americans. At the height of their effort, 500 workers were dyin' a week from malaria and yellow fever. They couldn't come up with cemetary space fast enough. Not to mention the morale problem all those crosses would have made. So they bought shiploads of vinegar in Cuba, and in each barrel, they sealed one corpse, and then they sold them as medical cadavers all over Europe. And for a while, that was their principal source of profit. You see, this place has always had a special way of dealin' with profit and death."

Taye Diggs as Dunbar

  • (Taye Diggs) "You think you know everything? You haven't even scratched the surface."
  • (John Travolta) "I know enough to know that you've got two choices. You can either sign a confession and spend the rest of your life in a cell. Or you can tell us to f*** off, and you'll be hanged. Now, am I scratching -- your surface yet?"

Brian Van Holt as Pike

  • (Brian Van Holt) "All we got to do is tell the story right."

Dash Mihok as Mueller

  • (Dash Mihok) "I was freezing from the hurricane."
  • (Giovanni Ribisi) "So you took off your shirt?"

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