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Basic Instinct Quotes

Basic Instinct is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Basic Instinct stopped airing in 1970.

It features Alan Marshall (producer) as producer, Jerry Goldsmith in charge of musical score, and Jan de Bont as head of cinematography.

Basic Instinct is recorded in English and originally aired in United States, United Kingdom, and France. Each episode of Basic Instinct is 128 minutes long. Basic Instinct is distributed by TriStar Pictures, Guild Film Distribution, and UGC.

The cast includes: Sharon Stone as Catherine, James Rebhorn as Dr. McElwaine, Michael Douglas as Nick, George Dzundza as Gus, Chelcie Ross as Capt. Talcott, Bruce A. Young as Andrews, Wayne Knight as John Correli, Jeanne Tripplehorn as Beth Garner, and Jack McGee as Sheriff.

Basic Instinct Quotes

George Dzundza as Gus

  • (George Dzundza) "Are you a pro?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "No, I'm an amateur."
  • (George Dzundza) "Well, she got that magna cum laude p***** on her that done fried up your brain."
  • (George Dzundza) "Where in the f*** you've been? I went over to your place."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Easy, cowboy, easy. I wasn't there."
  • (George Dzundza) "I went over last night, too."
  • (Michael Douglas) "No, I wasn't there either."
  • (George Dzundza) "You f***ed her? god**** dumb son of a bitch, you f***ed her. god****, you are one dumb son of a bitch."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Next time I'll use the rubber."
  • (George Dzundza) "You got god****ed Tweety Birds flutterin' around your head, that's what you got. You think you can f*** like minks, raise rugrats, and live happily ever after? Aw, man."
  • (George Dzundza) "Did you ever do drugs with Mr. Boz?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "Sure."
  • (George Dzundza) "What kind of drugs?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "Cocaine. Have you ever f***ed on cocaine, Nick? It's nice."
  • (Michael Douglas) "You like playing games don't you?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "I have a degree in psychology, it goes with the turf -- Games are fun."
  • (George Dzundza) "Everyone she plays with dies."
  • (Michael Douglas) "I know what that's like."
  • (George Dzundza) "I don't buy it. There's gotta be somebody there, who knows whats going on."
  • (Michael Douglas) "I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED ALRIGHT. Catherine told me and everything she said has checked out."
  • (George Dzundza) "You've got god**** tweety birds flying around your head. You think the two of you will f*** like minks, raise rugrats, and live happily ever after."
  • (George Dzundza) "I thought you said he was a rock and roll star."
  • (Lt. Walker) "He was a retired rock and roll star."
  • (Chelcie Ross) "A civic-minded, very respectable rock and roll star."
  • (George Dzundza) "What's that over there?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "It looks like some civic-minded, very respectable cocaine to me, Gus."
  • (George Dzundza) "Who was this f***in' guy?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "Rock and roll, Gus. Johnny Boz."
  • (George Dzundza) "Never heard of him."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Before your time, cowboy."
  • (George Dzundza) "Forgive me for asking, and I don't mean to belabor the obvious, but why've you got your head so far up your ass"
  • (Michael Douglas) "She wants to play. Fine, I can play."
  • (George Dzundza) "Everybody she plays with dies."

Michael Douglas as Nick

  • (Internal Affairs Investigator) "There's no smoking in this building, Detective."
  • (Michael Douglas) "What are you going to do? Charge me with smoking?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "I'm working my ass off, I'm off the sauce, I even stopped smoking."
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "How's not smoking?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "It sucks."
  • (Michael Douglas) "I'm in love with you already, but I'll nail you anyway."
  • (Michael Douglas) "What is this? Some kind of JOKE?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "Let me ask you something, Rocky, man to man. I think she's the f*** of the century, what do you think?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "What's your new book about?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "A detective. He falls for the wrong woman."
  • (Michael Douglas) "What happens to him?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "She kills him."
  • (Michael Douglas) "What did Manny Vasquez call you?"
  • (Sharon Stone) ""Bitch" mostly, but he meant it affectionately."
  • (Michael Douglas) "How did you find out?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "I have friends, I have attorneys. Money buys alot of Attorneys and friends."
  • (Michael Douglas) "How's your new book coming along?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "It's practically writing itself."
  • (Dr. Myron) "Do you believe Lieutenant Nilsen deserved to die?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "I didn't know him well enough. I won't miss him."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Do you have something against ice cubes?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "I like rough edges."
  • (Michael Douglas) "How did you feel when I told you Johnny Boz had died, that day at the beach?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "I felt somebody had read my book and was playing a game."
  • (Michael Douglas) "But you didn't hurt."
  • (Sharon Stone) "No."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Because you didn't love him."
  • (Sharon Stone) "That's right."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Even though you were f***ing him."
  • (Sharon Stone) "You still get the pleasure. Didn't you ever f*** anybody else while you were married, Nick?"

Sharon Stone as Catherine

  • (Sharon Stone) "Killing isn't like smoking. You can quit."
  • (Sharon Stone) "What do we do now, Nick?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "f*** like minks, raise rugrats and live happily ever after."
  • (Sharon Stone) "Hate rugrats."
  • (Michael Douglas) "f*** like minks, forget the rugrats, and live happily ever after."
  • (Sharon Stone) "Got some coke?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "I've got a Pepsi in the fridge."
  • (Sharon Stone) "Killing isn't like smoking. You can stop."
  • (Sharon Stone) "Have you ever had sex on cocaine, Nick?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "Look, I don't really feel like talking anymore."
  • (George Dzundza) "Listen, lady, we can do this downtown, if you want."
  • (Sharon Stone) "So read me my rights and arrest me., and then I'll go downtown. Otherwise, get the f*** out of here --"
  • (Sharon Stone) "Please?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "Somebody has to die."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Why?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "Somebody always does."

James Rebhorn as Dr. McElwaine

  • (James Rebhorn) "You working on another book?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "Yes, I am."
  • (George Dzundza) "It must really be something making stuff up all the time."
  • (Sharon Stone) "Yeah, it teaches you to lie."
  • (James Rebhorn) "Nick, when you recollect your childhood, are your recollections pleasing to you?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "Number 1, I don't remember how often I used to jerk off, but it was a lot. Number 2, I wasn't pissed off at my dad, even when I was old enough to know what he and mom were doing in the bedroom. Number 3, I don't look in the toilet before I flush it. Number 4, I haven't wet my bed for a long time. Number 5, why don't the two of you go f*** yourselves; I'm outta here."

Wayne Knight as John Correli

  • (Wayne Knight) "Did you kill Mr Boz, Miss Tramell?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "I'd have to be pretty stupid to write a book about killing and then kill him the way I described in my book. I'd be announcing myself as the killer. I'm not stupid."
  • (Wayne Knight) "Were you ever engaged in any sadomasochistic activity?"
  • (Sharon Stone) "Exactly what did you have in mind, Mr. Correli?"

Jeanne Tripplehorn as Beth Garner

  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "Something's going on. You're sleeping with her, aren't you?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "Why are you interested in her?"
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "My interest is in you, not her. She seduces and manipulates people. She'll do anything she can."
  • (Michael Douglas) "I thought you hardly knew her?"
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "I know the type. I'm a psychologist."
  • (Michael Douglas) "That means -- you manipulate people too. You're a practicing psychologist. You're better at it than she is."
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "Sometimes I hate you."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Oh, why don't you get one of those friendly therapists and work out all that hostility."
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "You've never been like that before. Why?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "You tell me, you're the shrink."
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "You weren't making love to me."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Well, who was I making love to?"
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "You weren't making love at all."
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "Nick. Nick, are you there?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "Go away, Beth. I don't want to see you."
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "I still have my keys."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Put 'em on the table and leave."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Put 'em on the god**** table and leave."
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "Damn it. Don't shut me out, you owe me more than that."
  • (Michael Douglas) "I don't owe you anything. And you don't owe me anything. We went to bed 10, maybe 15 times. That's miserable enough to carry an obligation."
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "Sometimes I really hate you."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Oh, then why don't you get yourself some friendly little therapist and try to work out all that hostility. Then maybe you can get off once in a while."
  • (Jeanne Tripplehorn) "What was I supposed to say? "Hey, guys, I'm not gay, but I did f*** your suspect"?"

Chelcie Ross as Capt. Talcott

  • (Chelcie Ross) "Hey Nick."
  • (Michael Douglas) "What?"
  • (Chelcie Ross) "Keep your three o'clock."
  • (Michael Douglas) "You want me to work the case."
  • (Chelcie Ross) "I SAID KEEP IT."
  • (Michael Douglas) "ALRIGHT. I'll keep it."

Bruce A. Young as Andrews

  • (Bruce A. Young) "There are cum stains all over the sheets."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Very impressive."
  • (George Dzundza) "He got off before he got offed."

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