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Batman Forever Quotes

Batman Forever is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Batman Forever stopped airing in 1970.

It features Tim Burton; Peter MacGregor-Scott as producer, Elliot Goldenthal in charge of musical score, and Stephen Goldblatt as head of cinematography.

Batman Forever is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Batman Forever is 122 minutes long. Batman Forever is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Michael Gough as Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Carrey as The Riddler, Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face, Joe Grifasi as Bank Guard, and Ed Begley Jr. as Fred Stickley.

Batman Forever Quotes

Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face

  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Let's start this party with a bang."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Ah. Fortune smiles. Another day of wine and roses. Or, in your case, beer and pizza."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Let's see if you bleed green."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Very punctual, even to his own funeral. Boys, kill the Bat."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "You have broken into our hideout. You have violated the sanctity of our lair. For this we should crush your bones into POWDER. However, you do pose a very interesting proposition: therefore, heads, we accept, and tails, we blow your damned head off."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Don't worry, people, no need for alarm, it's just a good-old fashioned, low-tech stick up. We're interested in the basics: cash, jewelry, cellular telephones. Just hand them over nicely, and no one will be hurt."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "One man is born a hero, his brother a coward. Babies starve, politicians grow fat. Holy men are martyred, and junkies grow legion. Why? Why, why, why, why, why? Luck. Blind, stupid, simple, doo-dah, clueless luck."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "You're counting on the winged avenger to deliver you from evil, aren't you, my friend?"
  • (Joe Grifasi) "Are you gonna kill me?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Maybe, maybe not. You could say we're of two minds on the subject."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "The bat's stubborn refusal to expire -- is driving us INSANE."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Who the hell are you?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "Just a friend, but you can call me, the Riddler."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "B12."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Hit. And my favorite vitamin might I add."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Why can't you just die?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Yes,of course you're right, Bruce. Emotions are always the enemy of true justice -- thank you -- you've always been a good friend.""

Jim Carrey as The Riddler

  • (Jim Carrey) "Soon my little "Box" will be on countless TVs around the world. Feeding me, credit card numbers, bank codes, sexual fantasies, and little white lies. Into my head they'll go. Victory is inevitable."
  • (Jim Carrey) "I hope they can find the little black box."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Batman? Batman, you say? Coming for you?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "I'm -- COUNTING ON IT."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Seize-and-capture --"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "No killing."
  • (Jim Carrey) "That goes double for you."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Joygasm."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Has anybody ever told you you have a SERIOUS IMPULSE-CONTROL PROBLEM?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "Your entrance was good -- his was better. The difference: showmanship."
  • (Jim Carrey) "YOU SUNK MY BATTLE SHIP."
  • (Jim Carrey) "If you look at the numbers on my face you won't find 13 anyplace."
  • (Batman) "I see without seeing. To me, darkness is as clear as daylight. What am I?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "Please. You're as blind as a bat."
  • (Batman) "Exactly."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Why? Why can't I kill you? Too many questions. Too many questions."
  • (Batman) "Poor Edward. I had to save them both. You see, I'm both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Not because I have to be. Now -- because I choose to be."
  • (Jim Carrey) "AAAAHHH. AHHHHGH. AAAAGH."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big, black bat?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "This is your brain on the box. This is my brain on the box. Does anybody else feel like a fried egg?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "Why? Why can't I kill you? Too many questions. Too many questions."
  • (Batman) "Poor Edward. I had to save them both. You see, I'm both Bruce Wayne and Batman, not because I have to be, now, because I choose to be."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Don't kill him. If you kill him, he won't learn nothin'."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Edward Nygma, come on down. You're the next contestant on "Brain Drain"."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Um, gee, ooh, uh, I'll take what's inside Thick Skull #1."
  • (Jim Carrey) "What have we got for him, Johnny?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "Stickley. I'm having a breakthrough. And a breakdown? Maybe. Nevertheless, I'm smarter. I'm a genius. No, several geniuses. A gaggle. A swarm. A flock of freakin' Freuds. Riddle me this, Fred. What is everything to someone and nothing to everyone else? Your mind, baby. And now mine pumps with the power of yours."
  • (Jim Carrey) "I'm sucking up your I.Q., vacuuming your cortex, feeding off your brain."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Now the real game begins."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Spank me."
  • (Jim Carrey) "This is how I found you. Let me demonstrate."
  • (Jim Carrey) "This is your brain on the Box."
  • (Jim Carrey) "This is my brain on the Box."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Does anybody else feel like a fried egg?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "We'll have a bit more, thank you."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Oh, there's more. But only the first one's free. Here's the bargain: you will help me steal production capital, so I can put a Box on every TV in town. So I can become Gotham's cleverest carbon-based life-form. And in return -- is everybody paying attention? I will help you solve the greatest riddle of all -- the mother of all riddles: "Who is Batman?""

Michael Gough as Alfred Pennyworth

  • (Michael Gough) "Master Bruce. Master Bruce. How are you, young man?"
  • (Bruce Wayne) "You haven't called me that for a long time."
  • (Michael Gough) "Old habits die hard. Are you all right?"
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Where's Chase?"
  • (Michael Gough) "I'm afraid they've taken Dr. Meridian. Master Dick has run away. The cave has been destroyed. And there's another riddle."
  • (Michael Gough) "The eight of us go forth, not back. To protect our king from the foe's attack."
  • (Michael Gough) "I'm sorry to bother you, sir. But I have some rather distressing news about Master Dick."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "What, is he all right?"
  • (Michael Gough) "I'm afraid Master Dick has -- gone traveling."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "He ran away?"
  • (Michael Gough) "Actually, he took the car."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "He boosted the Jag?"
  • (Michael Gough) "Not the Jaguar. The other car."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "The Bentley?"
  • (Michael Gough) "No, sir. The other car."
  • (Michael Gough) "Can I persuade you to take a sandwich with you, sir?"
  • (Batman) "I'll get drive-thru."
  • (Michael Gough) "Young men with a mind for revenge need little encouragement. They need guidance. You, above all, should know the consequences of the life you choose."
  • (Bruce Wayne) ""We're 5 little items of an everyday sort. You'll find us all in a tennis court". In -- A-E-I-O-U. Vowels."
  • (Michael Gough) "Not entirely unclever, sir, but what do a clock, a match, chess pawns, and vowels have in common? What do these riddles mean?"
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Every riddle has a number in the question and they arrived at this order: 13, 1, 8, and 5."
  • (Michael Gough) "13, 1, 8, and 5. What do they mean?"
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Perhaps letters of the alphabet?"
  • (Michael Gough) "Of course, 13 is M."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "1 would be A, 8 would be H, and 5 would be E."
  • (Michael Gough) "M-A-H-E."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Perhaps 1 and 8 are 18."
  • (Michael Gough) "18 is R. M-R-E."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "How about Mr. E.?"
  • (Michael Gough) "Mystery."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "And another name for mystery?"
  • (Michael Gough) "Enigma."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Mr. E. Nygma. Edward Nygma. Stickley's suicide was obviously a computer-generated forgery."
  • (Michael Gough) "You really are quite bright, despite what people say."
  • (Michael Gough) "Is the young master leaving? Pity. I'll just toss this away, then. Perhaps the dogs are hungry."

Ed Begley Jr. as Fred Stickley

  • (Ed Begley Jr.) "Bruce Wayne was right. You demented, bizarre, unethical toad. It is brain manipulation. I'm reporting you to the FCC, the Adverse Experimentation Board, the AMI, and the police. You are going up on charges, and then to prison, and then to a mental institution for the rest of your twisted little life. But first and foremost, Nygma, you are fired. Do you hear me? FIRED."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Mister?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "Ohhhhh -- Bruce Wayne."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "No, that's uh, my name. And you are?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "Oh. Nygma. Edward -- Edward Nygma. You hired me personally. We've never actually met, but your name is on the hiring slip. I have it."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "I'm gonna need that hand back, Ed."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Oh. Yes, of course. I'm sorry. It's just that -- you're my idol."
  • (Ed Begley Jr.) "Back to work, Edward."
  • (Edward Nygma) "And some people have been trying to keep us apart"
  • (Ed Begley Jr.) "Back to work, Edward."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "It's okay. So, Mr. Nygma, what's on your mind?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "Precisely. What's on all our minds? Brainwaves."
  • (Edward Nygma) "The future of Wayne Enterprises is brainwaves."
  • (Ed Begley Jr.) "You'll have to forgive this, Mr. Wayne; I personally terminated this project this morning."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "It's okay."
  • (Edward Nygma) "I have it. Voila. Huh? My invention beams any TV signal directly into the human brain. By stimulating the neurons, manipulating brainwaves if you will, this device makes the viewer feel like they're actually inside the show. Why be brutalized by an uncaring world?"
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Did you say manipulating brainwaves?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "Well -- uh -- yes."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Hmmm."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Not that someone like you would need this. Someone so -- sophisticated -- and intelligent. I just need additional funds and time for human testing. Let me show you, please."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Now look, Ed. I'm going to need a full set of technical schematics on this, all right?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "I want you to know we're gonna be full partners on this Bruce. Look at us. Two of a kind."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "You call my assistant Margaret, she'll set something up."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Uhhhhhh -- that's not gonna be good for me. I need an answer now. I think I deserve it."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "I'm sorry, Ed, then the answer's no. Stimulating neurons -- tampering with people's brainwaves -- it just raises too many questions. I'm sorry. Thanks, everybody, factory looks great; keep up the good work."
  • (Ed Begley Jr.) "All right, everyone. Back to work --"
  • (Ed Begley Jr.) "We'll discuss this later."
  • (Edward Nygma) "You were supposed to understand --. I'll make you understand."

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