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Battle Beyond the Stars Quotes

Battle Beyond the Stars is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Battle Beyond the Stars stopped airing in 1970.

It features Ed Carlin as producer, James Horner in charge of musical score, and Daniel Lacambre as head of cinematography.

Battle Beyond the Stars is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Battle Beyond the Stars is 105 minutes long. Battle Beyond the Stars is distributed by New World Pictures.

The cast includes: George Peppard as Cowboy, Richard Thomas as Shad, Darlanne Fluegel as Nell, Earl Boen as Nestor 1, Sybil Danning as Saint-Exmin, John Saxon as Sador, Earl Boen as Nestor 2, Sam Jaffe as Dr. Hephaestus, Marta Kristen as Lux, and Darlanne Fluegel as Nanelia.

Battle Beyond the Stars Quotes

George Peppard as Cowboy

  • (George Peppard) "Ha, ha. I love watching a pro work."
  • (George Peppard) "Well, Shad, who's this?"
  • (Richard Thomas) "Do you want your name used?"
  • (Unnamed) "My name is Gelt."
  • (George Peppard) "Howdy, Gelt. I'm from Earth. Know where that is?"
  • (Unnamed) "I was born in space."
  • (George Peppard) "Okay, well, just know that I've always got your back."
  • (Unnamed) "Nobody goes behind me."
  • (George Peppard) "Oh, you keep a tail light on, huh?"
  • (George Peppard) "I'm from Earth. Ever hear of it?"
  • (George Peppard) "I'm from Earth. Know where that is?"

Richard Thomas as Shad

  • (Richard Thomas) "I'm sorry; they must be afraid."
  • (Unnamed) "Afraid of what?"
  • (Richard Thomas) "All of you. They're not accustomed to violence, or to violent forms."
  • (Sybil Danning) "That's a hell of a note."
  • (Richard Thomas) "Okay, what's the big idea?"
  • (Richard Thomas) "Don't everybody talk at once."
  • (Richard Thomas) "Listen, if I don't get some answers FAST, I'm gonna have to use this thing."
  • (Richard Thomas) "-- Let me rephrase that."
  • (Earl Boen) "You are not of a violent form. We sensed that you did not intend to shoot."
  • (Richard Thomas) "You read my mind?"
  • (Earl Boen) "Among other things."
  • (Richard Thomas) ""Live fast, fight well and have a beautiful ending.""
  • (Unnamed) "I'm only in this battle for Sador. I want his head."
  • (Richard Thomas) "-- Well, you're welcome to it."
  • (Richard Thomas) "Prepare a meal"
  • (unknown (extra)) "A meal, sir?"
  • (Richard Thomas) "Full course. Bury it with him."
  • (unknown (extra)) "Bury it?"
  • (Richard Thomas) "That was our arrangement. A meal and a place to hide."
  • (Akira Governor) "We live by the Varda; the Varda is not to fight. The Akira haven't fought for centuries."
  • (Richard Thomas) "The Varda teach us that each form has its function."
  • (Sam Jaffe) "Forms must prey on other forms."
  • (Richard Thomas) "That's not what the Varda teach us. We prey on nobody."
  • (Darlanne Fluegel) "The Varda say we can take life to save life."
  • (Darlanne Fluegel) "If it can't hurt you, forget about it. That's what the Varda say."
  • (Richard Thomas) "The Varda teach us that swift rain is little rain."
  • (Marta Kristen) "The Varda teach us to trust first and judge later."
  • (Richard Thomas) "The First Law of the Varda is to use greater strength/force against itself."
  • (Richard Thomas) "The Varda teach us that no life-force is ended until all the lives that it has touched have ended, until all the good that it has done is gone."
  • (Richard Thomas) "I'm hiring mercenaries for defense of the planet Akir. But food and shelter are all we can offer in payment. All our wealth is in our culture."
  • (Unnamed) "I could buy your planet ten times over with what I've gathered in this room: plutonium, cadmium, quanine crystals -- I've been very well paid for my work."
  • (Richard Thomas) "I'm sorry; I've wasted your time --"
  • (Unnamed) "NO -- WAIT -- Listen to the rest of it. I sleep with my back to the wall, when I CAN sleep. I EAT SERPENTS, seven times a week. There's not a major city in this galaxy where I can show my face, or spend my wealth. Right now, your offer looks very attractive to me -- A meal, and a place to hide. Agreed?"
  • (Richard Thomas) "Gelt. Are you okay?"
  • (Unnamed) "That remains to be seen, Shad. Have a nice fight."

John Saxon as Sador

  • (John Saxon) "Could we POSSIBLY be out of range?"
  • (Yago) "Not at all, Sir. Something must be wrong --"
  • (John Saxon) "What's WRONG is that I have an army full of GENETIC MISTAKES. Why can't my minions be sophisticated or intelligent, like -- well, like ME?"
  • (Yago) "Well, you can't expect ALL of us to measure up to YOU, Sir."
  • (John Saxon) "Oh, don't flatter me --. Those two probably slammed their ship into an asteriod or something."
  • (Yago) "Or they MAY have been shot down."
  • (John Saxon) "Shot down? How? Akir has nothing to put in the air."
  • (Yago) "Perhaps somebody came to help --"
  • (John Saxon) "Would YOU help AKIR against ME? Surely no one would do anything so stupid. Not even Kalo and Tembo."
  • (John Saxon) "Are you capable of speech?"
  • (Earl Boen) "Yes, quite capable."
  • (John Saxon) "And do you have a high tolerance for pain?"
  • (Earl Boen) "Almost none at all, I'm afraid."
  • (John Saxon) "How unfortunate for you. So -- How many ships do the Akira have, and what are their capabilities?"
  • (Earl Boen) "If I told you that, it would give you an unfair advantage."
  • (John Saxon) "This is Frojo, my Third Officer. Frojo is expert at inflicting pain -- while keeping the victim alive."
  • (Earl Boen) "-- It's good to have skills."
  • (Unnamed) "This is Cayman of the Lambda Zone, calling Sador of the Malmori. Turn around, you over-aged de-generate, and we'll bump heads."
  • (John Saxon) "-- Of what form are you, Cayman?"
  • (Unnamed) "I am of the Lazuli."
  • (John Saxon) "I thought I had the honor of making that form extinct, long ago. I won't fail this time. HERE I COME, CAYMAN OF THE LAZULI."
  • (Yago) "This is Akir, a planet of stone with a single green spot."
  • (John Saxon) "Let's see it. What about their forms?"
  • (Yago) "Comparable with ours. They have a solar technology. No known defense capacity."
  • (John Saxon) "Interesting. Let's check that --"
  • (John Saxon) "--"
  • (John Saxon) "Hear me, beings of Akir. I am Sador of the Malmori. I have come with my forces to conquer you. If you resist, I will crush you. I possess a stellar converter, the most powerful weapon in the universe. You cannot resist me. I want your planet to be my colony. Your harvest comes in seven risings of your red giant. I shall return then, and you will accept me as your master. If you do not submit, your planet and all life on it will be burned to ash --"
  • (John Saxon) "You are mine."
  • (John Saxon) "No life ends until all the lives that it has touched are ended; until all the good that it has done is gone."

Earl Boen as Nestor 1

  • (Earl Boen) "There's no dog in this."
  • (George Peppard) "Uh-uh."
  • (Earl Boen) "Hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soybean meal, niacin, dextrose, and sodium nitrate flavoring."
  • (George Peppard) "Yup, that's what we call "meat" back home/"

Darlanne Fluegel as Nanelia

  • (Darlanne Fluegel) "-- It's a Malmori Sonic Tank. They're wearing sound vests in case they get in front of it. Even if we plug our ears, we can't get close enough to take it out."
  • (George Peppard) "Will you two radiators stand back? It's hard enough to think."
  • (Earl Boen) "It seems they're volunteering."
  • (George Peppard) "What can THEY do?"
  • (Earl Boen) "For one thing, the Kelvin HAVE NO EARS."
  • (Darlanne Fluegel) "30 seconds and counting, Zed. 29, 28, 27, 24, 15, 22 -- did I -- did I say 15?"

Sybil Danning as Saint-Exmin

  • (Sybil Danning) "Shad, did you see me on the monitor? There was a fighter right on my tail -- I pulled up -- and smashed him into an asteroid."
  • (Richard Thomas) "I'm glad this is so much fun for you. These aren't YOUR people we're fighting for."
  • (Sybil Danning) "It's not that I don't empathize; That's the Valkyrie Creed: "Live fast, fight well and have a beautiful ending.""
  • (Sybil Danning) "You've never seen a Valkyrie go down --"

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