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Battle of Britain (film) Quotes

Battle of Britain (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Battle of Britain ended its run in 1970.

It features Harry Saltzman as producer, Ron Goodwin in charge of musical score, and Freddie Young as head of cinematography.

Battle of Britain (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Battle of Britain (film) is 133 minutes long. Battle of Britain (film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Michael Caine as Squadron Leader Skipper, Nicholas Pennell as Simon, Laurence Olivier as Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding, Trevor Howard as Air Vice Marshal Evill, Anthony Nicholls as Minister, Barry Foster as Squadron Leader Edwards, Trevor Howard as Air Vice Marshal Keith Park, Michael Caine as Squadron Leader Canfield, Nigel Patrick as Group Capt. Hope, Edward Fox as Pilot Officer Archie, Michael Caine as Squadron Leader Colin Harvey, John Baskcomb as Farmer, Nigel Patrick as Group Capt. Baker, and Patrick Wymark as Air Vice Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory.

Battle of Britain (film) Quotes

Edward Fox as Pilot Officer Archie

  • (Edward Fox) "For the benefit of the uneducated among us, I shall now translate."
  • (Sgt. Pilot Andy) "You can teach --"
  • (Edward Fox) "-- monkeys to fly better than that."
  • (Sgt. Pilot Andy) "Silly Bitch."
  • (Edward Fox) "He's calling you names again, Arnold."
  • (Sgt. Pilot Andy) "I spend half my leave getting her settled in the country, and now, "I'm bored", she says."

Michael Caine as Squadron Leader Colin Harvey

  • (Michael Caine) "Right. Let's get the hell out of here."
  • (Edward Fox) "Where are we going, sir?"
  • (Michael Caine) "Why don't you follow me and find out?"
  • (Nicholas Pennell) "Hello Rabbit Leader; thought you might come in from the sun."
  • (Michael Caine) "DON'T THINK. Don't just glance. LOOK. Search for the bastards. OK, let's try it again."
  • (Michael Caine) "How many time have I told you; never fly straight and level for more than 30 seconds in a combat area."
  • (Michael Caine) "You call your wife?"
  • (Michael Caine) "All right, boy. Get in."
  • (Michael Caine) "Corporal. Re-fuel them immediately."
  • (Unnamed) "Yes, sir."
  • (Unnamed) "So anyway --"
  • (Michael Caine) "Corporal; I don't mean with your blood. And re-arm them."
  • (Unnamed) "Yes, sir."
  • (Sgt. Pilot Chris) "It's like shooting rats in a barrel."
  • (Michael Caine) "You'll be "in a barrel", if you don't watch out for the fighters."
  • (Michael Caine) "Well don't just stand there. Get one up."
  • (Michael Caine) "How many hours in Spits?"
  • (Nicholas Pennell) "Ten and a half, sir."
  • (Michael Caine) "Let's make it eleven, before Jerry has you for breakfast."
  • (Edward Fox) "Spring chicken to s***ehawk in one easy lesson."
  • (Edward Fox) "daka.-daka.-daka.-daka.-daka.-daka.-daka.-daka."
  • (Michael Caine) "The engine's overheating, and so am I. Either we stand down, or blow up. Now which do you want?"
  • (Michael Caine) "I'll give you a piece of advice: stay single."
  • (Michael Caine) "Never let me catch you doing a victory roll over my airfield again. Understood?"
  • (Michael Caine) "Where have you been?"
  • (Sgt. Pilot Andy) "Learning to swim."
  • (Michael Caine) "Did you get one?"
  • (Sgt. Pilot Andy) "All I got was a bellyful of English Channel."

Laurence Olivier as Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding

  • (Senior civil servant) "Churchill puts great faith in radar."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "It's vital, but it won't shot down aircraft."
  • (Senior civil servant) "Ha -- well I must say you don't, exactly exude a spirit of optimism."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "God willing we will hold out minister."
  • (Senior civil servant) "I see. So I tell the cabinet, that you're trusting in radar and praying to God, is that right?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "more accurately the other way round. Trusting in god and praying for radar. But the essential arithmetic is that our young men will have to shoot down their young men at the rate of four to one, if we're to keep pace at all."

Barry Foster as Squadron Leader Edwards

  • (Barry Foster) "Finally, and God alone knows why, I've received the following signal:"
  • (Barry Foster) ""Congratulations. As of today, this Squadron is operational." Signed, Air Vice Marshall Keith Park, AOC 11 Group"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "I was wrong about the Poles."
  • (Trevor Howard) "We also have the second Polish Squadron."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "I thought you'd mention them. Allright, make them operational."
  • (Trevor Howard) "And the Canadians?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "And the Czechs. We need them all."

Patrick Wymark as Air Vice Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory

  • (Patrick Wymark) "We were up, sir, trying to knock out the enemy air mass. It takes time to assemble forty or fifty aircraft at --"
  • (Trevor Howard) "It takes far too long. By the time your "Big Wing" is up, the enemies have already hit their targets and are on their way home."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "All that matters is to shoot them down in large numbers. I'd rather destroy fifty after they've hit their targets than ten before."
  • (Trevor Howard) "Don't forget, the targets are my airfields, Leigh-Mallory. And you're not getting fifty. You're not even getting ten."

Trevor Howard as Air Vice Marshal Keith Park

  • (Trevor Howard) "Yes?"
  • (Trevor Howard) "Yes, one moment"
  • (Trevor Howard) "The Air Minister, sir. on the scrambler."
  • (Laurence Olivier) "Yes?"
  • (Anthony Nicholls) "Ah, Dowding. Er. Look. Our people in Washington are having trouble with the American Press. It's about today's figures. German sources there are saying that our claims are wildly exaggerated."
  • (Anthony Nicholls) "Hello? Are you there Dowding?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "I'm here Minister."
  • (Anthony Nicholls) "Well I mean, can you verify the figures?"
  • (Laurence Olivier) "I'm not very interested in propaganda. If we're right, they'll give up. If we are wrong, they'll be in London in a week.."
  • (Trevor Howard) "Is everything up?"
  • (Wing Cmdr. Willoughby) "The lot, Sir."
  • (Trevor Howard) "Reserves?"
  • (Wing Cmdr. Willoughby) "None."
  • (Trevor Howard) "That's what I've just told the Prime Minister."

Nigel Patrick as Group Capt. Baker

  • (Nigel Patrick) "Bad as we thought, Sir?"
  • (Trevor Howard) "Worse. Kenley and Biggin are a shambles and the rest not much better. God Knows how many aircraft we'll have in the morning. All because 12 Group couldn't do their stuff. Leigh-Mallory and his big wings. Might as well stay on the ground for all the use they are."
  • (Nigel Patrick) "Section Officer Harvey."
  • (Section Officer Maggie Harvey) "Sir"
  • (Nigel Patrick) "Section Officer Harvey, I've noticed that some of your girls are now using the men's trenches during air raid practice. It's got to stop."
  • (Section Officer Maggie Harvey) "Sir"
  • (Nigel Patrick) "And another thing -- Gas mask cases"
  • (Nigel Patrick) "They're for gas masks, They're not handbags. I do realize, of course, that female requirement differ somewhat from the male. Nevertheless that's no excuse --"
  • (Nigel Patrick) "God's teeth."
  • (Nigel Patrick) "Take cover."

John Baskcomb as Farmer

  • (Unnamed) "Good afternoon,sir"
  • (John Baskcomb) "Good afternoon my arse, you boche bastard. Come on put your hands up."
  • (Unnamed) "Why?"
  • (John Baskcomb) "Come on, put 'em up."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm a Polish pilot, I'm fighting on your side."

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