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Battlestar Galactica (season 3) Quotes

Battlestar Galactica is a television program that first aired in 2006 on Syfy. Battlestar Galactica ended its run in 2007.

Battlestar Galactica aired for 20 episodes.

The cast includes: Kate Vernon as Ellen Tigh, Tricia Helfer as Number Six, Mark Sheppard as Romo Lampkin, Matthew Bennett as Aaron Doral, and Richard Hatch as Tom Zarek.

Battlestar Galactica Quotes

Tricia Helfer as Number Six

  • (Admiral Helena Cain) "Frack you."
  • (Tricia Helfer) "You're not my type."
  • (Tricia Helfer) "We're the children of humanity. That makes them our parents in a sense."
  • (Matthew Bennett) "True, but parents have to die. It's the only way children can come into their own."
  • (Tricia Helfer) "God has a plan, Gaius. He has a plan for everything, and everyone."
  • (Tricia Helfer) "Are you alive?"
  • (Tricia Helfer) "Life has a melody, Gaius. A rhythm of notes which become your existence once played in harmony with God's plan."

Mark Sheppard as Romo Lampkin

  • (Mark Sheppard) "I understand that you had a romantic relationship with my client."
  • (Tricia Helfer) "Gaius Baltar is a brilliant, gifted human being. In the time I've known him, he's made a sport out of mendacity and deception. He is narcissistic, feckless, self-centered, and vain. I'm the one who should have stabbed him."
  • (President Laura Roslin) "Things are looking up."

Kate Vernon as Ellen Tigh

  • (Kate Vernon) "So, you worried about Wallace Grey? I hear he's ahead in the vote count."
  • (Richard Hatch) "Whatever the people want is fine by me."
  • (Kate Vernon) "Everyone has an agenda. I know I do."
  • (Richard Hatch) "And what would that be?"
  • (Kate Vernon) "Same as yours, Tom. Me, myself, and -- ooh. I."
  • (Richard Hatch) "You are -- clearly a well-connected, well-informed woman."
  • (Kate Vernon) "Wife of the XO, for whatever that's worth."
  • (Richard Hatch) "Ah. Quite a bit. Now, and in the future."
  • (Kate Vernon) "That's what I'm interested in, Tom. It's my place, and my -- husband's place in the future."
  • (Richard Hatch) "Okay. I'm looking for a friend of mine. His name is Valence."

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