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Beast Wars: Transformers Quotes

Beast Wars: Transformers is a Computer Graphics Science Fiction that appeared on TV in 1996 on Broadcast syndication; YTV . Beast Wars: Transformers ended in 1999.

Beast Wars: Transformers was on for 3 seasons and 52 episodes. It features Jonathan Goodwill, Kim Dent Wilder, and Mark Ralston as producer, Garry Chalk; David Kaye; Scott McNeil; Ian James Corlett; Richard Newman doing voices, and Robert Buckley as composer. Beast Wars: Transformers is executive produced by Christopher Brough, Ian Pearson, Stephane Reichel, and Steven DeNure.

Beast Wars: Transformers is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada, and United States. Each episode of Beast Wars: Transformers is 22-23 minutes long. Beast Wars: Transformers is produced by Hasbro; Alliance Films and distributed by Claster Television. Spinoffs for this show include Beast Machines: Transformers; Beast Wars II; Beast Wars Neo.

The cast includes: Scott McNeil as Rattrap, Venus Terzo as Blackarachnia, David Kaye as Megatron, Campbell Lane as Rampage, Alec Willows as Tarantulas, Garry Chalk as Optimus Primal, Pauline Newstone as Airazor, Jim Byrnes as Inferno, Ian James Corlett as Cheetor, Venus Terzo as Blackarachnina, Richard Newman as Rhinox, Scott McNeil as Ratrap, and Colin Murdock as Quickstrike.

Beast Wars: Transformers Quotes

Venus Terzo as Blackarachnia

  • (Silverbolt) "Stop, you fiend."
  • (Venus Terzo) "What?"
  • (Silverbolt) "I was listening to your plan to destroy us."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Oh. Why are the good-looking ones always such tube-heads? That was a diversion. I wanted to get Dinobot away from you."
  • (Silverbolt) "YOU SHOT ME."
  • (Venus Terzo) "If I didn't he would have blown your head off and you're still functional, aren't you?"
  • (Venus Terzo) "Oh no. You're not saving my life again? AFTER I SHOT YOU?"
  • (Silverbolt) "It is my duty as a Maximal and a heroic character."
  • (Venus Terzo) "You know I like 'em big and stupid but you're really pushing it."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Uh-oh."
  • (Venus Terzo) "I don't know how you survived my cyber-venom but a triple-dose should drop you."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Ready to rock and roll, insect?"
  • (Jim Byrnes) "I don't rock and roll -- I burn."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Do Maximals always talk such slop?"
  • (Venus Terzo) "Another insect? How depressing."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Oh, great. I let that sneaky lizard lead me right into Megatron's jamming zone."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Now haul your hero hinny out of here. I don't remember inviting you to the picnic."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Thanks for coming after me. It was sweet."
  • (Silverbolt) "As was the way you confessed the truth to Optimus. Oh we'll make a Maximal out of you yet."
  • (Venus Terzo) "In your dreams. I like myself just the way I am and I intend to stay this way. HOME, ROVER."
  • (Venus Terzo) "You? What are you doing here?"
  • (Alec Willows) "You have some information I need."
  • (David Kaye) "Yes. Let's hear it."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Okay, Tarantulas, here's the scoop. Megatron is a slag-sucking saurian. Got it?"
  • (David Kaye) "Hmm? She'll pay for that one."
  • (Alec Willows) "Let's see if using you as a shield will improve your sense of reason."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Trust isn't easy for a Predacon."
  • (Silverbolt) "You're only a Predacon because of Tarantulas. Inside you're a Maximal. When this is over you'll be one again as you were meant to be."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Great. I get paired with the one cat who lands on his head."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Sorry, chunk-style, but I like being a bad girl. And you know something else? Somewhere, deep beneath this squeaky-clean armor plating of yours -- I think you like it too. Hmmm?"
  • (Silverbolt) "Are you all right?"
  • (Venus Terzo) "I always figured if anyone would survive the Beast Wars it would be me. It looks like I was wrong."
  • (Silverbolt) "Now you mustn't say such things. Rhinox will find a way -- Just trust him."
  • (Silverbolt) "There you are. Have you anything to say for yourself?"
  • (Venus Terzo) "Yeah. DUCK."
  • (Silverbolt) "HUH? Ow."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Hey, crumb-head. Want to play hide'n'seek?"
  • (Jim Byrnes) "Huh?"
  • (Jim Byrnes) "She has gone outside."
  • (Jim Byrnes) "Let me in."
  • (Venus Terzo) "The only thing worse than a salesman is a pushy Predacon. Autoguns online."
  • (Jim Byrnes) "Oh, no."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Easy for you to say. You like this hero stuff. Me? I'm just a bad girl."
  • (Silverbolt) "When I look in your eyes I see no evil. Only love."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Sappy as always. What did I ever see in you anyways? Oh yeah. I remember."
  • (Silverbolt) "NOOOOOOO."
  • (Venus Terzo) "They're back just like Tarantulas always said they would be."

Scott McNeil as Rattrap

  • (Scott McNeil) "Whoo hoo. We've got Preds jumping out from every rock. I'm bringing the autoguns online."
  • (Garry Chalk) "Rattrap? What's the situation?"
  • (Scott McNeil) "I can't get a good bead on them with the autoguns. They're shooting from cover and as far as I can tell they're aiming at the walls."
  • (Garry Chalk) "They're trying to disrupt our power. Somehow they know what we're doing. We've got to engage them."
  • (Scott McNeil) "Hey, I don't think so."
  • (Dinobot) "And I really don't think so."
  • (Scott McNeil) "You should know, being his little eight-legged lieutenant."
  • (Garry Chalk) "Rattrap, be quiet."
  • (Scott McNeil) "I hate to say it, but we're trapped like rats."
  • (Scott McNeil) "We're all gonna die."
  • (Scott McNeil) "This was the party I expected."
  • (Garry Chalk) "Let's mingle."
  • (Scott McNeil) "Would you lie down, and groan, for crying out loud; you're supposed to be half-dead."
  • (Dinobot) "If you do not shut up, vermin, you shall be my role model."
  • (Scott McNeil) "Oh, yeah, and who's gonna --"
  • (Scott McNeil) "All right. All right. I'm shutting up. If it ain't the dinosaurs up your nose it's the felines."
  • (Scott McNeil) "We're all gonna die --"
  • (Scott McNeil) "Yeah, yeah, I know -- "shut up, Rattrap.""
  • (Scott McNeil) "You'd never catch me letting a Predacon inside my circuitry."
  • (Ian James Corlett) "Shut up, Rattrap."
  • (Silverbolt) "Listen to him, rat, if you value your spark."
  • (Scott McNeil) "Is that a threat?"
  • (Ian James Corlett) "Count on it."
  • (Scott McNeil) "Nobody does that to my team, sister."

Garry Chalk as Optimus Primal

  • (Garry Chalk) "If I can just reach his spark."
  • (Silverbolt) "Easier said than done."
  • (Garry Chalk) "Sometimes 'crazy' works."
  • (Garry Chalk) "Megatron?"
  • (David Kaye) "Leave here, Optimus Primal. I will deal with this."
  • (Garry Chalk) "Like you did last time? Dream on. All Maximals, maximize."
  • (David Kaye) "Predacons, terrorize."

Alec Willows as Tarantulas

  • (Alec Willows) "And just what are you planning to do with that?"
  • (Venus Terzo) "I'm tired of being your slave. Either terminate the link between us or I'll crack this cube and you know what will happen then."
  • (Alec Willows) "You don't have the nerve. Besides, I can stop you with a single thought."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Really? I'm betting the energon radiation will interfere with our link."
  • (Alec Willows) "Okay. Let's find out."
  • (Venus Terzo) "I warned you."
  • (Alec Willows) "Oh, demond. What have you done? Stop this insanity, She-Spider. Throw the cube away."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Never. I will be free one way or another."
  • (Alec Willows) "Fine then. Go ahead and delete yourself for all."
  • (Alec Willows) "The cyberlink works both ways. I share your pain."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Then, sever the link, Tarantulas. Save us both."
  • (Alec Willows) "No, I can't."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Then we both go offline together."
  • (Alec Willows) "Fine. You win again. The link is broken. Get out of my mind. GET OUT."
  • (Venus Terzo) "I told you I'd be free."
  • (Alec Willows) "But you won't live to gloat about it."
  • (Alec Willows) "Oh, what a gullible fool he is."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Tarantulas."
  • (Alec Willows) "Forgotten about our mental cyberlink She-Spider? Well, I haven't."
  • (Alec Willows) "What do you want, quasar brain?"
  • (Alec Willows) "Just to give you a quick reminder. Play whatever games you wish with him but dare to cross me and you will suffer for your treachery."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Sugar-bot. I told you to let me help you with that."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Oh, back off, robo-rube."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Huh? There just ain't no figuring females."
  • (Alec Willows) "A small fact of life, Fuzor."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Laugh while you can, ground crawler. I'll free myself from your control and then you'll pay."
  • (Alec Willows) "It's working -- it's working -- my spark is restored -- my body is stronger than ever -- I live -- I live. He he he ha ha ha."

Richard Newman as Rhinox

  • (Richard Newman) "All of the equipment is on board but I'll need time to boot the Ark's main engine."
  • (Richard Newman) "Is it just me or is our boy particularly happy today?"
  • (Scott McNeil) "It's the spider lady that I'm worried about."
  • (Richard Newman) "What do you mean?"
  • (Scott McNeil) "Call me paranoid but I don't trust spiders, I don't trust Predacons, and I don't trust dames who sneak in and out of classified areas when they think that nobody is watching."

Campbell Lane as Rampage

  • (Campbell Lane) "Ignore the pain. It's only going to get worse."

David Kaye as Megatron

  • (David Kaye) "Quickstrike, you may lead."
  • (Colin Murdock) "Yee-haw. now that's what I like to hear."
  • (Jim Byrnes) "Royalty, why was I not chosen?"
  • (David Kaye) "Because, Inferno, when expecting booby traps --"
  • (David Kaye) "Always send the "boob" in first."
  • (David Kaye) "You hacked the access codes from my data tracks before you destroyed my computer, didn't you?"
  • (Venus Terzo) "So what if I did? What are you going to do? Slag me? You still don't have the codes."
  • (David Kaye) "I had a more effective target in mind."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Slag him if you want to. He means nothing to me."
  • (David Kaye) "The codes, Blackarachnia, produce them now."
  • (Venus Terzo) "Wait. Okay, I'll do it. Teletron 1: decrypt and transmit acess codes -- Now."
  • (Predacon Ship Computer) "Acknowledged."
  • (David Kaye) "Is it working?"
  • (Venus Terzo) "It had better be working."
  • (David Kaye) "Blast that scheming spider. Again he defies me."
  • (Jim Byrnes) "Say the word, my queen, and he shall burn."
  • (David Kaye) "Not just yet. And for the last time, STOP CALLING ME THAT."
  • (Jim Byrnes) "As you command, my qu --"
  • (David Kaye) "Soon, very soon, I expect a visit from Cybertron."
  • (Campbell Lane) "I eagerly anticipate your imminent demise, then."
  • (David Kaye) "The base is undermanned and unprotected; ours for the asking."
  • (Colin Murdock) "Awwwww now, we ain't gonna ask, are we? How's about we just blast our way in, and slag everybody and TAKE IT."
  • (David Kaye) "Mmm -- okay."
  • (David Kaye) "Good work, Inferno. Now go repair yourself"
  • (Jim Byrnes) "Yes, my queen."
  • (David Kaye) "-- I wish he wouldn't call me that"

Jim Byrnes as Inferno

  • (Jim Byrnes) "For the glory of the royalty."
  • (Jim Byrnes) "Fool. Pain is my friend. Allow me to introduce YOU to it."
  • (Waspinator) "Waspinator not think this job so important."
  • (Jim Byrnes) "Every job for the Royalty is a gift,"
  • (Waspinator) "Ant-bot is major suck up."

Ian James Corlett as Cheetor

  • (Ian James Corlett) "You did great out there and I kind of --"
  • (Venus Terzo) "Listen, tabby, you're a nice kid, which is two strikes against ya so don't go looking for strike three, okay?"
  • (Ian James Corlett) "I am NOT a kid --"
  • (Ian James Corlett) "And maybe I'm not so nice either."
  • (Ian James Corlett) "We've got to stop them before they reach the base."
  • (Scott McNeil) "That's your department, Sky Cat. Fire up. We'll be right behind you."
  • (Dinobot) "My weapon is depleted."
  • (Ian James Corlett) "I need a running start."
  • (Scott McNeil) "Criminy, the pair of ya. I'VE GOTTA DO EVERYTHING?"

Pauline Newstone as Airazor

  • (Pauline Newstone) "Go on, spider. Make a move. PLEASE."

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