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Bedtime Stories (film) Quotes

Bedtime Stories (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Bedtime Stories ended in 1970.

It features Adam Sandler as producer, Rupert Gregson-Williams in charge of musical score, and Michael Barrett (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Bedtime Stories (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bedtime Stories (film) is 99 minutes long. Bedtime Stories (film) is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Russell Brand as Mickey, Adam Sandler as Skeeter Bronson, Jonathan Pryce as Marty Bronson, Courteney Cox as Wendy, Jonathan Morgan Heit as Patrick, Teresa Palmer as Violet Nottingham, Laura Ann Kesling as Bobbi, Keri Russell as Jill, Annalise Basso as Tricia Sparks, Mikey Post as Angry Dwarf, Aisha Tyler as Donna Hynde, Abigail Droeger as Young Wendy, Thomas Hoffman as Young Skeeter, and Richard Griffiths as Barry Nottingham.

Bedtime Stories (film) Quotes

Adam Sandler as Skeeter Bronson

  • (Adam Sandler) "Good thing my wallet only had three dollars in it. And my Derek Jeter baseball card."
  • (Adam Sandler) "This -- is -- spooky."
  • (Adam Sandler) "What's on my head?"
  • (Jonathan Morgan Heit) "Bugsy."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Why do you call him Bugsy?"
  • (Jonathan Morgan Heit) "Because of his eyes."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Well let's see his eyes."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Wow. Those eyes would be big on a cow."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Okay, I'll do it. But you gotta say ''Skeeter's the coolest, I'm the nerd''."
  • (Courteney Cox) ""Skeeter's the coolest, I'm the nerd"?"
  • (Adam Sandler) "Yeah you are."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Happy birthday there, Bobbi."
  • (Jonathan Morgan Heit) "I'm Patrick. She's Bobbi."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Oh, my bad. Got you a little something. Happy birthday, Bobbi. Here you go. Picked it up at the hotel."
  • (Adam Sandler) "So Sir Fix-a-lot moved into a giant shoe"
  • (Adam Sandler) "developed a case of athlete's face, threw himself in the moat and fed himself to the crocodiles."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Oh what the heck?"
  • (Adam Sandler) "The end."
  • (Adam Sandler) "You mind sleeping over? I'm gonna duck out a few hours."
  • (Russell Brand) "Oh, yeah, yeah. Mmm. By the way, um -- I am, uh, legally obliged to tell you that I suffer from -- sleep panic disorder."
  • (Adam Sandler) "OK, what's, uh, sleep panic disorder?"
  • (Russell Brand) "Believe me, you don't want to know."
  • (Adam Sandler) "What do ya got here, anyways? "Rainbow Alligator Saves the Wetlands"? Uh, no. "The Organic Squirrel Gets a Bike Helmet"? I'm not reading these Communist books to you guys. Don't you got any real stories?"
  • (Luau Waitress) "Kona coffee ice cream."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Yeah? What's the catch? You're gonna light it on fire? 'Cause I'm on to you, honey."
  • (Luau Waitress) "No fire. It would melt. Just take the ice cream and a chill pill."
  • (Adam Sandler) "I don't know but it's been said, Bugsy's eyes pop out of his head, march, march, march."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Happy birthday, Bobbi."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Picked this up at the hotel."
  • (Laura Ann Kesling) "Shampoo? Soap?"
  • (Jonathan Morgan Heit) "A hanger and a towel?"
  • (Adam Sandler) "I don't know anything about plants except that you make cakes out of them."
  • (Unnamed) "What's in that bag?"
  • (Adam Sandler) "Chocolate Chip Cookie."
  • (Unnamed) "FOOD."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Haven't you heard? Goofy is the new handsome."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Mumbling"
  • (Russell Brand) "Jumping up and down on the alligator."
  • (Adam Sandler) "What the heck did you do that for?"
  • (Mikey Post) "Because I'm angry."

Teresa Palmer as Violet Nottingham

  • (Teresa Palmer) "You, truth or dare?"
  • (Jonathan Morgan Heit) "Truth."
  • (Teresa Palmer) "How old were you the first time you kissed a girl?"
  • (Laura Ann Kesling) "Patrick never kissed a girl."
  • (Jonathan Morgan Heit) "Girls are ick, except for Tricia Sparks."
  • (Teresa Palmer) "Ohh, this Tricia Sparks, is she a girl in your class?"
  • (Laura Ann Kesling) "Aunt Jill, did you get our message?"
  • (Keri Russell) "Yes I did, and now it is time for you to get ready for school. Oh my gosh you are --"
  • (Teresa Palmer) "Yes, and here is you fat rat. And you, I expect to hear all about this Tricia Sparks next time I see you."
  • (Keri Russell) "Tricia Sparks is two years older than you."
  • (Jonathan Morgan Heit) "She's hot."

Courteney Cox as Wendy

  • (Courteney Cox) "Hey, isn't she a little old for you?"
  • (Jonathan Morgan Heit) "She's hot."
  • (Courteney Cox) "Don't talk to them about school."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Why not?"
  • (Courteney Cox) "They're closing it down. I'm getting laid off."
  • (Adam Sandler) "No way. You? But you're like the classic school principle. I mean you're scary and bad with people --"

Russell Brand as Mickey

  • (Russell Brand) "Look's like Bugsy's eaten a lot of burgers in the last ten minutes."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Wow."
  • (Russell Brand) "He keeps going like that, we could make bacon out of Bugsy."
  • (Adam Sandler) "He's kidding, Bugsy. Take it easy."
  • (Russell Brand) "I can't read."
  • (Russell Brand) "Shut up, Buggsy. Yeah? I got opposable thumbs. How do you feel about that?"

Laura Ann Kesling as Bobbi

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Jonathan Pryce as Marty Bronson

  • (Jonathan Pryce) "Your fun is only limited by your imagination."

Annalise Basso as Tricia Sparks

  • (Annalise Basso) "Uh, Patrick, hi. I'm Trisha Sparks. I just wanted you to know that -- thanks for saving the school."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Western. Go western."
  • (Jonathan Morgan Heit) "No thanks necessary, ma'am."
  • (Adam Sandler) "That's my boy. That's my boy."
  • (Annalise Basso) "There must be some way for me to show my appreciation."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Oh-ho-ho. Get it."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Ooh. Hoo-hoo-hoo."

Richard Griffiths as Barry Nottingham

  • (Richard Griffiths) "Do you realize germs can reproduce 80 percent faster in bright light?"
  • (Adam Sandler) "Oh, OK. Here we go, nice and dark again."
  • (Adam Sandler) "The germs are confused."

Keri Russell as Jill

  • (Keri Russell) "I had to park all the way down the block."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Oh well. Next time why don't you park in that box"
  • (Adam Sandler) "Plenty o' room in there."

Jonathan Morgan Heit as Patrick

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Abigail Droeger as Young Wendy

  • (Abigail Droeger) "Way too hyper."
  • (Thomas Hoffman) "The galaxy's not big enough for the both of us."

Aisha Tyler as Donna Hynde

  • (Aisha Tyler) "That is so sweet -- and creepy."

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