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Ben and Arthur Quotes

Ben and Arthur is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Ben and Arthur stopped airing in 1970.

It features Sam Mraovich as producer, Phil Garcia in charge of musical score, and Michael Haboush as head of cinematography.

Ben and Arthur is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Ben and Arthur is 85 min long. Ben and Arthur is distributed by Ariztical Entertainment.

The cast includes: Buck Elkin as Bar Owner, Jamie Brett Gabel as Ben Sheets, Sam Mraovich as Arthur Sailes, Bill Hindley as Father Rabin, Michael Haboush as Victor Sailes, Oto Brezina as Priest, Richard Hitchcock as Stan, Loretta Altman as Mildread, and Gina Aguilar as Attorney.

Ben and Arthur Quotes

Michael Haboush as Victor Sailes

  • (Michael Haboush) "Look at you. What are you? A gay man. You know what? I'm never gonna have any nieces or nephews. Ever. 'Cause you know what? You're so f***ed up. You know that."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "You -- f***. How dare you talk to your brother like that. You want nieces and nephews? Well, I got news for you, buddy. You don't even know how to be a brother. What kind of uncle do you think you'd make?"
  • (Michael Haboush) "I resent that."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "You care more about some man named Jesus, that you never even met before, than your own family."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "We're leaving."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "We're leaving."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Let's go."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Let's go."
  • (Michael Haboush) "I'm gonna pray for you, and I'm gonna pray for you."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "We don't need prayed for. You need prayed for."
  • (Michael Haboush) "My brother is a homosexual. He's gonna be marrying a man. I need to find out what his next move is, and I need to stop this insanity."
  • (Michael Haboush) "The potion didn't work -- Can you believe it?"

Sam Mraovich as Arthur Sailes

  • (Sam Mraovich) "Ben, went to get food. Love ya."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "If we ever get into a war, and they draft my ass, first thing I am going to tell them is "If I am not good enough to get married in this country, then I sure as hell ain't dying for it."."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you and blow up like that."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Well you did, Ben. You hurt me, you know? You. Hurt Me."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "You know, I'm thinking about going back to college. I'm thinking about getting a degree in business."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Really?"
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Yup. I'm thinking about opening up my own little porno shop."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Well, no s***."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Well that's cool if that's what you want to do, it's good to have some goals."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Hello?"
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Arthur, did you find out yet?"
  • (Sam Mraovich) "No, I didn't find out. The TV just broke, I've been down here taking a nap."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Forget the stupid TV. Try the radio, maybe it being broadcast over the radio."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Okay, let me get out of bed -- All right -- Hey Ben, I'm losing you, I think your cellphone is dying."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Arthur? Arthur? Arthur, my battery is low, I'm losing you."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Hello? Hello?"
  • (Unnamed) "Today's latest news: it's been a long battle here in Hawaii, the public has long awaited the final decision of the court of Hawaii and the courts have voted yes. Homosexuals DO have a right to get married. Judge Kevin Chang's ruling has made history in this country."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Let's f***ing go to Hawaii."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "My heart, my stomach, I mean, my LIVER, everything -- it just fell right out onto the floor."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "What do you want?"
  • (Loretta Altman) "There's been a break-in in the garage, and the manager asked me to tell her that --"
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Okay, thanks."

Gina Aguilar as Attorney

  • (Gina Aguilar) "According to the legal documents I have here, it states that the proposition 22 is only a marriage between a man and a woman, and that will be recognized by California. However, what you two have is not a marriage but a civil union, which nonetheless is equivalent to that of a marriage. You still bear the rights that married couples do. So, the civil union license that you have from Vermont must be recognized here in California."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "So if it's law here, why do we have to go to court?"
  • (Gina Aguilar) "Because it's all a matter of values and principles that all gays deserve the same rights as anyone else."

Jamie Brett Gabel as Ben Sheets

  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you and blow up like that."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "You did, Ben. You hurt me, you know that? You. Hurt me. And another thing I never told you. Do you remember the day we went to that restaurant to celebrate when you came out of the closet?"
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Yeah."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "What did you say?"
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "What're you talking about?"
  • (Sam Mraovich) "What did you say when I grabbed your hand and I kissed you on the cheek when we were walking out?"
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "I don't know."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "You pulled your hand out of mine; you turned your head, and you said "Not here.""
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "I never said that."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Oh, you did, Ben. You most certainly did. And my heart, my stomach; I mean, my liver, everything; it just fell right out onto the floor."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Well, you know, if it bothered you so much, and you felt so strongly about it; why didn't you say something then?"
  • (Sam Mraovich) "And; and say what? "Why don't you come out of the closet?""
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "I'm sorry."
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "What am I supposed to say?"
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Well, you know, Ben, if I ever get killed, maybe you can take that insurance money and just go ahead and buy a hundred bikes."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Ohhh --"
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "Tammy; I'm gay. I've already told you that."
  • (Tammy Sheets) "Ben; I'll be gay too, and then that'll make it all right for us to get married again, huh?"
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "You are not making any sense."
  • (Tammy Sheets) "Hey. I don't make sense? You don't make sense. I make sense, that's who makes sense."

Oto Brezina as Priest

  • (Oto Brezina) "May I have the rings?"
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "I don't have the rings. Do you have the rings?"
  • (Sam Mraovich) "No, no. No, I don't have the rings."
  • (Oto Brezina) "May I please have the rings?"
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Ah, geee --"
  • (Jamie Brett Gabel) "I don't have, I don't have a ring. Can we do this without a ring?"

Bill Hindley as Father Rabin

  • (Bill Hindley) "The congregation is concerned that your brother's homosexuality may rub off on their children and send their souls straight to hell."
  • (Michael Haboush) "But Father, my brother has not been to church in ten years. What does it have to do with me?"
  • (Bill Hindley) "It has to do with the fact that the members of the congregation don't want the brother of a gay man in here. They're afraid that you may hold some sort of karma or deep seated evil energy and; and; well, quite frankly, I'm gonna have to ask you to stop offering your services to this church."
  • (Michael Haboush) "How -how dare you. I- I've given over $10,000 to this church. It's just as much a part of my heart as it is for yours, Father."
  • (Bill Hindley) "No. You gave that money freely, out of good Christian love. You cannot buy your way into heaven, and you can't buy yourself a place in this church. Victor, your brother is a demon; and we do not want the relative of a man who defies and desecrates God's holy word here. Now leave here at once."

Buck Elkin as Bar Owner

  • (Buck Elkin) "That's great. Now let's see your penis."

Loretta Altman as Mildread

  • (Loretta Altman) "Aren't you gonna give me my sugar?"
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Hehehe -- NO. Hahahaha."
  • (Loretta Altman) "You better give me my sugar or I'll tell someone your boss on you."
  • (Sam Mraovich) "Hehehe -- BYE. Hehehe."
  • (Loretta Altman) "I'm telling on you, I'm telling. That oughta show him."

Richard Hitchcock as Stan

  • (Richard Hitchcock) "So Arthur, when do you plan to have kids?"
  • (Michael Haboush) "I'm sure -- as soon as Arthur gets a beautiful wife and children, that's when he'll have a nice family. Isn't that correct, Arthur?"

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