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Benny and Joon Quotes

Benny and Joon is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Benny &amp stopped airing in 1970.

It features Susan Arnold as producer, Rachel Portman in charge of musical score, and John Schwartzman as head of cinematography.

Benny and Joon is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Benny and Joon is 98 minutes long. Benny and Joon is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Johnny Depp as Sam, Mary Stuart Masterson as Joon, Aidan Quinn as Benny, Julianne Moore as Ruthie, Joe Grifasi as Mike, Oliver Platt as Eric, Dan Hedaya as Thomas, and William H. Macy as Randy Burch.

Benny and Joon Quotes

Mary Stuart Masterson as Joon

  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Having a Boo Radley moment, are we?"
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Should we let him in?"
  • (Aidan Quinn) "Yeah, before someone slaps a stamp on him and sends him to Guam."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "He's not my Smail."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Have we an internal sequin issue to deal with, Benjamin?"
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Don't underestimate the mentally ill. We know how to count."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "You can't throw him out, I won him."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Some cultures are defined by their relationship to cheese."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "She was given to fits of semi-precious metaphors."
  • (Aidan Quinn) "The woman is a housekeeper, Joon, not an English professor."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "I lost --"
  • (Aidan Quinn) "What's in the pot?"
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "A cousin."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Did you have to go to school for that?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "No, no, I got thrown out of school for that."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Medium sized green haired troll."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "He can really cook, can't he?"
  • (Aidan Quinn) "Uh, yeah. Although for grilled cheese, I mighta used a wool setting."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "That's what I told him."
  • (Aidan Quinn) "Really? What-what did he use?"
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Rayon."
  • (Aidan Quinn) "Mm."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Silk would have been too soggy. Cotton would have --"
  • (Aidan Quinn) "Would have burned it."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Right. Fortunately, he consulted me before giving it steam. I was four square against it."

Johnny Depp as Sam

  • (Johnny Depp) "Joon."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "What?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "I-I love you."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Me too."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "Don't tell Benny."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Okay."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Kirk Douglas -- Van Gogh -- ear."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Mommy?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "I'm Sam."
  • (Aidan Quinn) "So I hear. I'm Benny."
  • (Johnny Depp) "With an 'n'?"
  • (Aidan Quinn) "Yea two of 'em. This is Joon."
  • (Johnny Depp) "With an 'n'?"
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "One. You're out of your tree."
  • (Johnny Depp) "It's not my tree."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Oh my God. "I've just been looking for my boyfriend. Have you seen him? He's a cute guy with a little mole on his right cheek.""
  • (Local) "Hey, Ruthie. One of your ghosts come back to haunt ya?"
  • (Johnny Depp) ""AH. Oh, Brad. Oh, Brad. Brad, please don't be dead. Brad, I never had a chance to tell you what you meant to me. Oh, Brad, please." It's you. You're you. Ruthie Melony, co-star of the Prom Queen Mutilator with Dick Bebe."
  • (Julianne Moore) "You saw that?"
  • (Johnny Depp) ""He was mine. He was mine." "No, Cindy. You're sick. Cindy, you need help. No, Cindy. No, no.""
  • (Johnny Depp) "How sick is she?"
  • (Aidan Quinn) "She's plenty sick. Now listen to me, I've been doin' some thinkin' --"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Because, you know, it seems to me that, I mean, except for being a little mentally ill, she's pretty normal."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Tapioca?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "I wanna help --"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Thanks for the couch. Um -- Mike made me sleep under the sink."

Julianne Moore as Ruthie

  • (Julianne Moore) "Haven't we tried this before?"
  • (Aidan Quinn) "Yeah, but my life's a lot less complicated now."
  • (Julianne Moore) "Is Joon inside? Yeah."
  • (Aidan Quinn) "Yeah? OK --"

Dan Hedaya as Thomas

  • (Dan Hedaya) "Soap on a rope. Slightly used."

Aidan Quinn as Benny

  • (Aidan Quinn) "So why'd you leave?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "L.A.? I wasn't that good of an actress."
  • (Aidan Quinn) "Well, that's not how Sam tells it. He's raving about you."
  • (Julianne Moore) "Yeah, well, he's sweeter than he is judgmental. How long have you known him?"
  • (Aidan Quinn) "Sam? Uh, 72 hours."
  • (Julianne Moore) "Be serious."
  • (Aidan Quinn) "I am -- serious."
  • (Julianne Moore) "Really?"
  • (Aidan Quinn) "I'm always serious. I'm too serious."
  • (Aidan Quinn) "You can't bet a human being."

William H. Macy as Randy Burch

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Oliver Platt as Eric

  • (Oliver Platt) "Salad shooter."

Joe Grifasi as Mike

  • (Joe Grifasi) "He keeps me up at night watching stupid old movies, my work is starting to suffer."
  • (Mary Stuart Masterson) "You install cable."

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