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Big Guns (1987 film) Quotes

Big Guns (1987 film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Big Guns ended in 1970.

It features Costello Presley in charge of musical score, and William Higgins as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Big Guns (1987 film) is 104 minutes long. Big Guns (1987 film) is distributed by Catalina Video.

Big Guns (1987 film) Quotes

  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "I think it's time to do your legs. Uh -- I don't wanna get oil on your shorts. Why don't you take your, uh, shorts off."
  • (Boy at Motel) "Oh, okay."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "I think I'll take my shirt off. It's hot."
  • (Gun Lesson Friend) "Don't leave my ass too red or my girlfriend will wonder what I've been doing."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "f*** your girlfriend."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "You like gettin' f***ed, don't ya?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "It is WAY to f***in' cool to go to school today. Ah, but it's never too f***in' cold to jack off."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "I'm gonna win THAT hundred bucks. You wait and see."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "No, you're not."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Yes, I am."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "You ain't even gonna touch him."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Wh-what --"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "How you gonna prove it to me?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Just wait and see. I'll go over there and do it, come back and tell ya."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "And I'm supposed to believe you?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Yes."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "I've got a better idea."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "What?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "This little outfit CID boys back at base let me use. See that little window right there?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Yuh-huh."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "Da-da-da-da-da -- And this."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Whoa."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "Fits right inside. See this transmitter? Goes over a thousand feet, and I can see it all."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "Bet you love THIS big gun up your ass, don't cha."
  • (Mr. Egan) "You want it?"
  • (Paperboy) "Sure."
  • (Boy at Motel) "How much should you get paid for this massage?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Uh, fifty bucks."
  • (Boy at Motel) "Fifty bucks?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Mm-hm."
  • (Boy at Motel) "Wow. How many do you do a day?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Uh, about three, I'd say."
  • (Boy at Motel) "A hundred and fifty dollars?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Mm-hm."
  • (Boy at Motel) "Wow. That deal's pretty good money."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Yeah."
  • (Boy at Motel) "Do you do ladies, too?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Mm-hm. All the time."
  • (Boy at Motel) "Do you ever get to mess around with them?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Sometimes. You know -- one thing leads to another."
  • (Boy at Motel) "Wow. You get fifty bucks and you get p*****, too?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #2) "Oh, s***. He's goin' for the pants."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #3) "Oh, I can't do that."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "Yes, you can."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #3) "Can't."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "Come on."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #3) "Mm-mm."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "Come on. Suck my dick."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #3) "No."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "Come on."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Hey, watch it. You're gonna rip my fundies. What's my girlfriend gonna say?"
  • (Guy from Base #2) "f*** your girlfriend; I did."
  • (Boy at Motel) "I never thought I'd like it but I love it."
  • (Admiral's Favorite) "You guys are ROUGH."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "You're always grab-grab grab, you know?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #3) "I really wanted to make it with that girl."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "Yeah, get a little romance goin'."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #3) "How am I supposed to do that?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "Well, you know, a woman's erogenous zones."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #3) "Erogenous zones?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "Yeah, they're the same on a man as they are on a woman. You close your eyes, relax, I'll show you."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #3) "Mm."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "You like that?"
  • (Navy Lieutenant #3) "It's kind of different."
  • (Boy at Motel) "You didn't tell me you were gonna do THIS."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Well, one thing leads to another."
  • (Boy at Motel) "I've never had a guy touching me like that before."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "You like that?"
  • (Boy at Motel) "Yeah, it's great."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Roll over. I'll show you something that feels even better."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Why don't you take your underwear off? I don't wanna get any oil on 'em."
  • (Boy at Motel) "Well -- I don't think I should do that."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Well, why not?"
  • (Boy at Motel) "Well, I -- kinda got a -- problem down there."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "Oh, don't worry about that. I'm a professional. I won't even notice it."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "All right, men, this is a survival game. The object of the game is to survive, and to do that, you kill your opponent with these; paint guns. Three shots to the kill zone and you're out. Any questions?"
  • (Admiral's Favorite) "Yeah. Sounds good. Good for all of us."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "Yeah? Well, I think we ought to make it more interesting. I say the loser gets stripped and tied to a tree all night long, and the other two head back to the base and drink beer."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #1) "All right."
  • (Admiral's Favorite) "It sounds good."
  • (Navy Lieutenant #4) "Let's go."
  • (Admiral's Favorite) "Good idea."

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