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Big Money Hustlas Quotes

Big Money Hustlas is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Big Money Hustlas ended in 1970.

It features John Cafiero as producer, Mike E. Clark in charge of musical score, and James Carman as head of cinematography.

Big Money Hustlas is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Big Money Hustlas is Approx. 105 min. long. Big Money Hustlas is distributed by Island Def Jam Music Group.

The cast includes: Violent J as Big Baby Sweets, Jamie Spaniolo as Big Stank, John G. Brennan as The Chief, Harland Williams as Officer Harry Cox, Kayla Kleevage as Fat Tittie Kittie, and Robert Bruce as Hack Benjamin.

Big Money Hustlas Quotes

John G. Brennan as The Chief

  • (John G. Brennan) "Hey you fat f***ing barrel ass sow."
  • (Secretary) "What now? Are you stuck in that god damn chair again?"
  • (John G. Brennan) "Get Cox in here."
  • (Secretary) "Got it, Chief. Do you want it in your ass or in your mouth?"

Violent J as Big Baby Sweets

  • (Violent J) "Don't come back without my motherf***ing money."
  • (Violent J) "And -- uh -- tell daddy I said 'hi'."
  • (Violent J) "Green Willie here sells fake gold stamps 24k. He sells fake bracelets, watches, teeth --"
  • (Violent J) "This motherf***er rolls into my city and arrest one of my men making me look like a little bitch."
  • (Unnamed) "He made you look like a little bitch."
  • (Jamie Spaniolo) "I mean, he made me look like a little bitch."
  • (Violent J) "Lastly there's Ape Boy. This rowdy crazy gorilla motherf***er likes to make his money the old fashion way. Car jackings, hijackings, jacking jackings."
  • (Jamie Spaniolo) "Uh -- Ape ain't here, dawg."
  • (Violent J) "Now where is my muthaf***in' money?"
  • (Jamie Spaniolo) "Yeah, where's my motherf***ing money?"
  • (Jamie Spaniolo) "I mean Big Baby Sweets' money."
  • (Violent J) "Let's come to a personal favorite of mine: Father Duckett. Owns and operates in -- whatever he does to 45 churches across New York."
  • (Unnamed) "Amen, sucker."
  • (Violent J) "Father Duckett, I believe in you."
  • (Unnamed) "God bless you my son."
  • (Violent J) "I believe you gonna get me my motherf***ing money."
  • (Violent J) "You got my money motherf***er?"
  • (Violent J) "You got 24 motherf***ing hours to come up with my money. You don't come up with my money -- I'ma smoke that ass."
  • (Jamie Spaniolo) "24 hours. You don't come up with his motherf***ing money, I'MA smoke dat ass."
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah, bitch. 24 motherf***ing hours."
  • (Violent J) "Fat Tittie Kittie got some big luscious bags of silicone. They glisten in the moon. They shine in the sun. They riggle and jiggle and bounce --"
  • (Violent J) "GET OFF ME."
  • (Violent J) "Let's holla at Rerun --"
  • (Unnamed) "Hey. Hey. Hey."
  • (Violent J) "What's up with my money, motherf***o?"
  • (Unnamed) "Here. Please accept this personal check of mine."
  • (Jamie Spaniolo) "Man f*** that. He done told you, no motherf***ing checks or money orders, bitch."
  • (Unnamed) "That's right, bitch. Come correct son."

Kayla Kleevage as Fat Tittie Kittie

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Jamie Spaniolo as Big Stank

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Harland Williams as Officer Harry Cox

  • (Harland Williams) "Harry Cox is all over this, sir."

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