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Billy Elliot Quotes

Billy Elliot is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Billy Elliot ended in 1970.

It features Greg Brenman, and Jon Finn as producer, Stephen Warbeck in charge of musical score, and Brian Tufano as head of cinematography.

Billy Elliot is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Billy Elliot is 110 minutes long. Billy Elliot is distributed by Universal Studios, and Focus Features.

The cast includes: Jamie Bell as Billy, Jamie Draven as Tony, Colin Maclachlan as Mrs. Wilkinson, Jean Heywood as Grandma, Stuart Wells as Michael, Nicola Blackwell as Debbie, Billy Fane as Mr. Braithwaite, and Mike Elliott as George.

Billy Elliot Quotes

Jamie Bell as Billy

  • (Jamie Bell) "My hands are freezing."
  • (Stuart Wells) "'Gizzem here."
  • (Jamie Bell) "What are you doing?"
  • (Stuart Wells) "Nothin'. Just warmin' your hands up."
  • (Jamie Bell) "You're not a poof or owt?"
  • (Stuart Wells) "What gave you that impression?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "Aren't me hands cold?"
  • (Stuart Wells) "I quite like it."
  • (Jamie Bell) "Just because I like ballet, doesn't mean I'm a poof, you know."
  • (Stuart Wells) "You won't tell anyone, will you?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "Come on."
  • (Jamie Bell) "I don't want to do your stupid f***ing audition. You only want me to do it for your own benefit."
  • (Jamie Bell) "So what about your mother? Does she have sex?"
  • (Nicola Blackwell) "No, she's unfulfilled. That's why she dances."
  • (Jamie Bell) "She dances instead of sex? Your family's weird."
  • (Jamie Bell) "I don't want a childhood. I want to be a ballet dancer."
  • (Jamie Bell) "So, what's it like, like?"
  • (Dad) "What's what like?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "London."
  • (Dad) "I don't know, son. I never made it past Durham."
  • (Jamie Bell) "Have you never been?"
  • (Dad) "Why would I want to go to London?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "It's the capital city."
  • (Dad) "Well, there are no mines in London."
  • (Jamie Bell) "Jesus Christ, is that all you think about?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "Miss, you don't fancy me do, do you?"
  • (Colin Maclachlan) "No, Billy. Funnily enough, I don't. Now piss off."
  • (Jamie Bell) "Piss off yourself."
  • (Jamie Bell) "Just because I like ballet doesn't mean I'm a poof, you know."
  • (Jamie Bell) "All right, all right, don't lose your blob."
  • (Jamie Bell) "Tony, do you ever think about death?"
  • (Jamie Draven) "f*** off."
  • (NCB Official) "Can you tell us why you first became interested in ballet?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "Don't know."
  • (Jamie Bell) "Just was."
  • (NCB Official) "Well was there any particular aspect of the ballet which caught your imagination?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "The dancin'."

Colin Maclachlan as Mrs. Wilkinson

  • (Colin Maclachlan) "Please yourself, darlin'."
  • (Colin Maclachlan) "Right, Mr. Braithwaite, "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow"."
  • (Colin Maclachlan) "Fat chance."
  • (Colin Maclachlan) "What have I told you about that arm?"
  • (Colin Maclachlan) "This'll sound strange, Billy, but for some time now I've been thinkin' of the Royal Ballet School."
  • (Jamie Bell) "Aren't you a bit old, miss?"
  • (Colin Maclachlan) "No, not me -- you. I'm the bloody teacher."
  • (Colin Maclachlan) "She must've been a very special woman, your mother."
  • (Jamie Bell) "No she was just me mam."

Nicola Blackwell as Debbie

  • (Nicola Blackwell) "If you want, I'll show you me fanny."
  • (Jamie Bell) "Nah, I'm all right."
  • (Nicola Blackwell) "Dad did it with this woman from work but they don't think I know."

Mike Elliott as George

  • (Mike Elliott) "I'm going to let Mrs. Wilkinson use the bottom end of the boxing hall for her ballet lessons. So no hanky-panky, understood?"
  • (Mike Elliott) "Jesus Christ, Billy Elliot. You're a disgrace to them gloves, your father, and the traditions of this boxing hall."

Jamie Draven as Tony

  • (Jamie Draven) "Dance you little twat."
  • (Jamie Draven) "Have you been playing my records you little twat?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "I never played nowt."
  • (Jamie Draven) "Nob'ed."
  • (Dad) "Listen, have you noticed anything weird about our Billy lately?"
  • (Jamie Draven) "What are you after like, a list?"
  • (Jamie Draven) "You're a ballet dancer, then let's be havin' it."
  • (Jamie Draven) "What the bloody hell are you doing here?"
  • (Michael (Aged 25)) "I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

Stuart Wells as Michael

  • (Stuart Wells) "Oi, dancing boy."
  • (Dad) "We'll miss the bus, Billy."
  • (Jamie Draven) "Will you stop being an old f***ing woman?"
  • (Stuart Wells) "So you're going to ballet every week?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "Aye, but don't say owt."
  • (Stuart Wells) "Do you get to wear a tutu?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "f*** off, they're only for lasses. I wear me shorts."
  • (Stuart Wells) "You ought to ask for a tutu?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "I'd look a right dickhead."
  • (Stuart Wells) "I think you'd look wicked."
  • (Stuart Wells) "Oi. Dancing boy."
  • (Dad) "We'll miss the bus, Billy."
  • (Jamie Draven) "Can you stop being an old f***ing woman?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "See you then."

Billy Fane as Mr. Braithwaite

  • (Billy Fane) "You look like a right wanker to me, son."

Jean Heywood as Grandma

  • (Jean Heywood) "I used to go to ballet."
  • (Jamie Bell) "See?"
  • (Dad) "All right for your Nana, for girls. No, not for lads, Billy. Lads do football -- or boxing -- or wrestling. Not friggin' ballet."
  • (Dad) "I'm bustin' my ass for those 50 pences and you're; look, from now on, you stay here and look out for your Nana. Got that? Good."
  • (Jean Heywood) "They used to say I could have been a professional dancer if I'd had the trainin'."
  • (Dad) "WILL YOU SHUT UP?"
  • (Jamie Bell) "I hate you. You're a bastard."

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