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Biloxi Blues (film) Quotes

Biloxi Blues (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Biloxi Blues stopped airing in 1970.

It features Ray Stark as producer, Georges Delerue in charge of musical score, and Bill Butler (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Biloxi Blues (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Biloxi Blues (film) is 107 minutes long. Biloxi Blues (film) is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Matthew Broderick as Eugene Morris Jerome, Christopher Walken as Toomey, Corey Parker as Arnold Epstein, Matthew Broderick as Jerome, Markus Flanagan as Selridge, Casey Siemaszko as Carney, Matt Mulhern as Joseph Wykowski, Park Overall as Rowena, Penelope Ann Miller as Daisy, and Michael Dolan as James J. Hennesey.

Biloxi Blues (film) Quotes

Matthew Broderick as Eugene Morris Jerome

  • (Matthew Broderick) "Carney, you're first. You're gonna be dead. Killed in action. What do you want to do with the last few days of your life?"
  • (Casey Siemaszko) "I'd sing at Radio City Music Hall. Five shows a day, my own spot. In the audience are five thousand screaming, gorgeous girls and every one of them wants me. And there's one man, the president of Decca Records, and he wants to give me a big contract, and I have to make a choice."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "Take the record contract. I would take the record contract."
  • (Casey Siemaszko) "Right. Right, I'd take the record contract."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "Ha. Moron. He coulda humped five thousand girls and now he's got a record contract that ain't worth s***."
  • (Casey Siemaszko) "Wrong. 'Cause now I'm a big star and everyone knows that stars get all the girls they want."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "Oh, yeah? How? You're dead. Girls don't go out with dead record stars."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "You have a good meal now, you hear."
  • (Matthew Broderick) ". I've got to make you men strong. Because tonight, we're going to march the platoon off a 3,000 foot cliff. Dying makes a man out of you. I died in the war, they cremated me. And they buried the ashes, right here in my skull."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Hey, what if she's ugly. I mean, really ugly."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "Then you close your eyes and you think of some cheerleader."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "I don't want to close my eyes, that's the same as doing it to yourself."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "Not if you're feeling someone underneath you, or on top of you."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "On top of me? Who would be on top of me?"
  • (Markus Flanagan) "She would. She could be anywhere. Under a table, on a chair, or an ironing board."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "On an ironing board? What kind of girl is this? I thought we were going to a regular place."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "Don't you know anything?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Maybe not in actual experience, but I have all the information I need."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "You don't know s***, Jerome. Do you know how many positions there are?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "American or worldwide?"
  • (Casey Siemaszko) "(laughs) This guy is a riot."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "For five bucks, how many positions are there?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Let me think."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "Do you want me to tell you?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "No."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "I'm gonna tell you. There are seventeen acceptable positions."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Acceptable? What is there, an Olympic committee that votes on positions."
  • (Casey Siemaszko) "I can't believe this guy is from New York."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Besides, you're wrong. There's fifty-two positions."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "Fifty-two? You're crazy. Where did you ever get that from?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "I saw a dirty deck of cards once."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "This jerk is worse than Epstein."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "You owe me five bucks."
  • (Markus Flanagan) "Hey, listen, twerp. You're lucky if you do one position."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "I'm not doing anything if it's on an ironing board."
  • (Casey Siemaszko) "Why not? You'll get your shirt pressed for free."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Are you from Biloxi?"
  • (Park Overall) "No, Gulfport. My husband, too."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Your husband? You're married? My God, he'll KILL me if he finds me here."
  • (Park Overall) "No he won't."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Yes he will."
  • (Park Overall) "He won't. He's in the service. He knew about me before we were married. He's my best customer --"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Customer? You charge your own husband?"
  • (Park Overall) "I mean he's my best lover."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Enjoy your meal now, you hear?"
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Enjoy your meal now, you hear? That's good. How many pigs and black-pea eyeballs? I've got to make you men strong. Because tonight, we're gonna march the entire platoon off a 3,000-foot cliff. Dying makes a man out of you. I died in the war. They had me cremated. And they buried my ashes right here in my skull."
  • (Matt Mulhern) "You think that's funny, Jerome?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "No, I think you're funny Wykowski. You forgot to eat your aluminum tray."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "."
  • (Matt Mulhern) "Get off. I got three enemies now, Jerome. The Japs, the Germans, and you."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "I wasn't in on that Pearl Harbor thing."
  • (Matthew Broderick) ""Something magical happens once it's put down on paper. They figure no one would go to the trouble of writing it down if it wasn't the truth. Responsibility was my new watchword.""
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "What would you do if the entire Japanese Army were behind you?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Surrender and get some sleep."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "We were headed for The Battle of the Pacific, and there wasn't one of us who wasn't really scared. But a week later they dropped The Bomb on Japan, and we never did see any action, outside of Rowena's place. We were glad our lives were spared, but the thought of those who went before us, especially those who didn't come back, haunts me to this day."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Tell me, Jerome, if a piss drunk sergeant has a loaded.45 pointed at the head of a piece of dung that the piss drunk sergeant hates and despises, how would you describe the situation?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Delicate. Extremely delicate."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Right. I'll be honest with you, Jerome. It was my intention of getting Epstein in here, and putting this pistol to his ear, and blowing a tunnel through his head. But you'll do just as well."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "I'm sorry to hear that."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "There's something about you New York boys that riles my ass. You don't appreciate the Army, do you?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "There are some things I like."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Such as?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Mail. I like getting my mail."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "You s***tin' me, Jerome?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "A piece of dung would never s*** a piss drunk sergeant with a loaded.45."

Matt Mulhern as Joseph Wykowski

  • (Matt Mulhern) "One night, a sudden scream from Selridge calling out the name Louise. Is Louise his girlfriend or his mother?"
  • (Matt Mulhern) "I suppose you think you're funny, Jerome?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "No, I think you're funny, Wykowski; you forgot to eat your aluminum tray."
  • (Matt Mulhern) "I've got three enemies now, Jerome. The Japs, the Germans, and you."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "I wasn't in on that Pearl Harbor thing."
  • (Corey Parker) "Is this bunk taken?"
  • (Markus Flanagan) "Oh, no. I don't mind dyin', but I don't wanna get my nose blown off --"

Corey Parker as Arnold Epstein

  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Epstein, Arnold B."
  • (Corey Parker) "Ho, ho."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Are there two Arnold Epsteins in this company?"
  • (Corey Parker) "No, Sergeant."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Then just give me one god**** ho."
  • (Corey Parker) "Yes, Sergeant."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Epstein, Arnold B."
  • (Corey Parker) "Ho."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Hey, Fred Astaire, you tryin' to tell me something?"
  • (Corey Parker) "I have to go to the bathroom, sergeant."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "You can't do that. We don't have "bathrooms" in the Army."
  • (Corey Parker) "They had them at Fort Dix."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Not bathrooms, they didn't"
  • (Corey Parker) "Yes, they did. I went in them a lot."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "I'm tellin' you, we don't have any "bathrooms" on this base. Do you doubt my veracity?"
  • (Corey Parker) "No, sergeant."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "Then you've got a problem, don't you Epstein?"
  • (Corey Parker) "Ho ho."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "You bet your ass ho ho. You know why you've got a problem?"
  • (Corey Parker) "Because I've got to go real bad."
  • (Sergeant Toomey) "No, son. You've got a problem because you don't know Army terminology. The place where a U.S. soldier goes to defecate, relieve himself, open his bowel, s***, fart, dump, crap, and unload, is called the latrine. The la-trine, from the French."
  • (Corey Parker) "I would like to make Sergeant Merwyn J. Toomey do 200 push-ups in front of this platoon."

Christopher Walken as Toomey

  • (Christopher Walken) "Epstein, Arnold B."
  • (Corey Parker) "Ho, ho."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Are there two Arnold Epsteins in this company?"
  • (Corey Parker) "No, sergeant."
  • (Christopher Walken) "But I heard more than one Ho."
  • (Corey Parker) "Yes, sergeant."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Epstein, Arnold B."
  • (Corey Parker) "Ho."
  • (Christopher Walken) "One more time."
  • (Corey Parker) "Ho."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Do I make myself clear, Epstein?"
  • (Corey Parker) "Ho."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Do I make myself clear, Jerome?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Ho, yes."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Ho what?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Ho nothing."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Are you having trouble understanding me, Jerome?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Ho no. I mean, no ho, sergent. Just plain ho."
  • (Christopher Walken) "What the hell is going on here?"
  • (Michael Dolan) "Nothing Sarge."
  • (Christopher Walken) "What do you mean "nothing" Hennesey? I heard threats. Challenges. Invitations to bust the noses of minority races. You're still going to tell me that nothing is going on?"
  • (Michael Dolan) "Yes, sir."
  • (Christopher Walken) "I see."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Something wrong with your food, Carney?"
  • (Casey Siemaszko) "Yes Sergeant. It's the first food I was ever afraid of."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Well, you're gonna enjoy it about a month from now because that's how long it will take. Back to your seat."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Don't approve of our cuisine, Jerome?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "It's not that. It's a religious observation. This is the day my people fast."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Jerome, this is July. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are in September. I have an all religion calendar in my barracks. Don't you try that s*** again with me, boy."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "It's a different holiday. It's called El Malaguena."
  • (Christopher Walken) "El Malaguena?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "It's for Spanish Jews."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Carney. Come here."
  • (Christopher Walken) ". Carney, put half of your food onto Jerome's tray."
  • (Casey Siemaszko) "Yes, Sergeant."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Eat in good health and Happy El Malaguena to you. Back to your seat."
  • (Christopher Walken) "What's your excuse, Epstein? Don't tell me. Today is La Cucaracha."

Park Overall as Rowena

  • (Park Overall) "All right, now -- come to mama."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Please, don't say -- "come to mama.""
  • (Park Overall) "What's your name, honey?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "It's Eug --"
  • (Park Overall) "Huge?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "It's a HUGE name. It's Jack Bobby Lou Mulgreevey."
  • (Park Overall) "Where you from, Bobby Lou?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) ""Texarkana -- ""
  • (Park Overall) "Is that Arkansas or Texas?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Arkansas, I think --"
  • (Park Overall) "You think?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Well, I was just born there. When I was two we moved to Georgia."
  • (Park Overall) "You a cracker?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "What's a cracka?"
  • (Park Overall) "Someone from Georgia."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Oh. Yeah, I'm a cracka --"

Penelope Ann Miller as Daisy

  • (Penelope Ann Miller) "Eugene, you didn't say one wrong thing in that whole conversation."

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