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Birds of Prey (TV series) Quotes

Birds of Prey is a TV program that first aired in 2002 on The WB. Birds of Prey ended in 2003.

Birds of Prey aired for 1 seasons and 13 episodes. It features Mark Snow as composer. Birds of Prey is executive produced by Mike Tollin; Brian Robbins; Joe Davola.

Birds of Prey is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Birds of Prey is 39-47 min. long. Birds of Prey is produced by Flash Film Works and distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

The cast includes: Ashley Scott as Helena Kyle, Mia Sara as Harley Quinn, Dina Meyer as Barbara Gordon, Ian Abercrombie as Alfred, Mia Sara as Harleen, and Shemar Moore as Jesse Reese.

Birds of Prey Quotes

Dina Meyer as Barbara Gordon

  • (Unnamed) "Do you trust me?"
  • (Dina Meyer) "Dinah, if you wanted really, REALLY wanted someone dead -- they'd be dead."
  • (Dina Meyer) "We thought we could do no wrong. We ruled Gotham's nights and answered to no one but ourselves."
  • (Dina Meyer) "Dealing with demons is never easy, whether they're on the outside or the inside."
  • (Dina Meyer) "Looks like our Wallwalker's neuro-electrical pulse activates some kind of -- molecular dispersion. That's what enables him to pass through inanimate objects."
  • (Ashley Scott) "And here I just thought he was just really skinny --"
  • (Dina Meyer) "Just because something looks simple doesn't mean it is -- and nothing worth having in this life is easy."
  • (Dina Meyer) "Have a heart, Helena. I took you in at the same age."
  • (Ashley Scott) "Yeah. And I used to lie to you all the time -- only I was better at it."
  • (Dina Meyer) "Uh -- not THAT much better."

Ashley Scott as Helena Kyle

  • (Ashley Scott) "The drinking came after the driving -- and armed robbery -- but before the dancing and strip poker."
  • (Ashley Scott) "I like to look at the law as sort of a guideline, kind of a helpful suggestion."
  • (Ashley Scott) "This whole thing is gonna send me straight to my shrink."
  • (Ashley Scott) "I don't know what to do, Alfred."
  • (Ian Abercrombie) "Welcome to parenthood."
  • (Ashley Scott) "Slow down, you're driving like a maniac."
  • (Dina Meyer) "When did you become the back-seat driver from hell?"
  • (Ashley Scott) "Men. Can't live with them, might as well beat the crap out of them."
  • (Dina Meyer) "Are we still talking about work here?"
  • (Ashley Scott) "Of course we are. What else is there?"
  • (Dina Meyer) "I'm not going anywhere near that one."
  • (Ashley Scott) "Oh, no -- you do NOT mess with the outfit."
  • (Ashley Scott) "Our jobs are supposed to be so easy: Find the bad guys, kick the crap out of 'em, feel good, and go home."
  • (Ashley Scott) "News Flash, it's high school. The closest thing our society has to institutionalized torture."
  • (Ashley Scott) "He's not my boyfriend. Boyfriends share things with girlfriends. They don't hide massive secrets."

Mia Sara as Harleen

  • (Mia Sara) "I mean, really, he is the perfect child for the busy career woman: Low maintenance. No sleep deprivation. They don't live long enough to borrow the car."
  • (Mia Sara) "Me and my Mr. J, we would have had such beautiful children; my green eyes and his green hair."
  • (Mia Sara) "The city is gonna pay for what they did to my sweet Mr. J."

Ian Abercrombie as Alfred

  • (Ian Abercrombie) "Batgirl was strong but impetuous. You've grown into a thoughtful, beautiful woman with the capacity to care more for others than you do for yourself. And if that's not a hero, I don't know what is."
  • (Ian Abercrombie) "A good butler does not eavesdrop -- he discreetly overhears."

Shemar Moore as Jesse Reese

  • (Shemar Moore) "I thought you worked alone."
  • (Ashley Scott) "I keep trying."

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