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Bitten (film) Quotes

Bitten (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Bitten stopped airing in 1970.

It features Robert Wilson as producer, Stu Stone in charge of musical score, and Simon Shohet as head of cinematography.

Bitten (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of Bitten (film) is 60 minutes long. Bitten (film) is distributed by RHI.

The cast includes: Richard Fitzpatrick as Roger, Stuart Stone as Twitch, Nic Nac as Pusher, Jason Mewes as Jack, and Erica Cox as Danika.

Bitten (film) Quotes

Stuart Stone as Twitch

  • (Stuart Stone) "Get the f*** out of here, ambulance man."
  • (Stuart Stone) "Get out of here, douchebag."
  • (Nic Nac) "Yeah, you wanna get my face? Bring it on, bitch."
  • (Stuart Stone) "Yeah, bring it on. We'll cut your second p***** next time."
  • (Nic Nac) "Yeah, we'll cut you -- What the f*** is the second p*****?"
  • (Stuart Stone) "It's like two pussies."

Erica Cox as Danika

  • (Erica Cox) "You don't know what it's like. It's like I wanna f*** you and eat you at the same time."
  • (Erica Cox) "Maybe this will be the chance we could be together. You know, like forever."
  • (Jason Mewes) "Forever's a long time."
  • (Erica Cox) "I don't know how to explain it -- It's like being starved for food, sex -- all at the same time."

Richard Fitzpatrick as Roger

  • (Richard Fitzpatrick) "That f***in' bitch has fangs and she's angrier than my first f***in' wife."
  • (Richard Fitzpatrick) "You wanna know the quickest way to break woman's hear in my opinion?"
  • (Jason Mewes) "Yeah."
  • (Jason Mewes) "Break through her f***in' chest."
  • (Richard Fitzpatrick) "She's a knockout. I mean, even all that shaking and quaking are going on and it's like you wanna get her poke, you know."
  • (Richard Fitzpatrick) "She's troubled, Jack, and you know it. Some girls -- they are like a traveling s*** storm."

Jason Mewes as Jack

  • (Jason Mewes) "Feelin' better?"
  • (Erica Cox) "Like a new woman -- I wanna go shower."
  • (Jason Mewes) "Oh good. Yeah, please do that. And I'll clean up this mess again."
  • (Jason Mewes) "She's a f***in' vampire, Roger."

Nic Nac as Pusher

  • (Nic Nac) "Yo, you've got a problem, bitch?"
  • (Erica Cox) "I need you --"
  • (Nic Nac) "Oh yeah? How bad do you need me, baby girl?"
  • (Erica Cox) "I need you -- very -- very -- bad --"

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