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Black Death (film) Quotes

Black Death (film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Black Death ended in 1970.

It features Douglas Rae, Robert Bernstein, Jens Meurer, and Phil Robertson as producer, Christian Henson in charge of musical score, and Sebastian Edschmid as head of cinematography.

Black Death (film) is recorded in English, and Latin and originally aired in Germany, and United Kingdom. Each episode of Black Death (film) is 101 minutes long. Black Death (film) is distributed by Revolver Entertainment, and Wild Bunch.

The cast includes: Nike Martens as Bel, Johnny Harris as Mold, Eddie Redmayne as Osmund, Carice van Houten as Langiva, Tim McInnerny as Hob, John Lynch as Wolfstan, David Warner as The Abbot, Jamie Ballard as Griff, and Emun Elliott as Swire.

Black Death (film) Quotes

Carice van Houten as Langiva

  • (Carice van Houten) "You're in mourning."
  • (Eddie Redmayne) "Is it so obvious?"
  • (Carice van Houten) "Was it a woman?"
  • (Carice van Houten) "It's no sin to love a woman."
  • (Eddie Redmayne) "I am sworn to God."
  • (Carice van Houten) "A man needs more than divine love to sustain him. And he shouldn't be punished for wanting it."
  • (Carice van Houten) "You are going to tell me these men mean us harm, me in particular."
  • (Carice van Houten) "I knew the moment I looked into Ulric's eyes. What I did not know was whose side you were on."
  • (Carice van Houten) "Oy, we're not a bad as ya think. We're worse."
  • (Carice van Houten) "I will offer you all the chance to live. Renounce your vengeful god and you will be free. Keep him and you will die."
  • (Unnamed) "Not one man here will bow down to you. I will die first."
  • (Carice van Houten) "Who wants to live?"
  • (Carice van Houten) "You?"
  • (Johnny Harris) "I will fight Ulric for the right to die first."
  • (Carice van Houten) "Choose one."

John Lynch as Wolfstan

  • (John Lynch) "I like to think that he found peace. That he continued seeing beauty in the world. Goodness."
  • (John Lynch) "Look after him."
  • (David Warner) "There's no need. He's back with God."
  • (John Lynch) "The fumes of the dead are in the air like poison. The plague, more cruel and more pitiless than war, descended upon us. A pestilence, that would leave half of our kingdom dead. Where did it come from? What carried its germ. The priests told us it was God's punishment. For what sin? What commandment must we break that could earn this? No, we knew the truth. This was not God's work, but devilry. Or witchcraft. But our task, to hunt down a demon, was God's cure."

Tim McInnerny as Hob

  • (Tim McInnerny) "As a Christian, you'll appreciate the concept of betrayal."

Eddie Redmayne as Osmund

  • (Eddie Redmayne) "Bring her back, I beg you bring her back."
  • (Carice van Houten) "No, I can't. Pray to your god, see what he can do."
  • (Eddie Redmayne) "May I ask, how did your husband die?"
  • (Carice van Houten) "Men like you killed him."
  • (Eddie Redmayne) "Men like me?"
  • (Carice van Houten) "Men of God."

Emun Elliott as Swire

  • (Emun Elliott) "If this is Hell, I can't wait for Heaven."
  • (John Lynch) "Believe me, Swire, you're not bound for Heaven."

Nike Martens as Bel

  • (Nike Martens) "Are you shy?"
  • (Johnny Harris) "I'm ugly and I am Christian. And that is not a good combination in here, hm? Piss off."

Jamie Ballard as Griff

  • (Jamie Ballard) "Where does the Church believe this pestilence has come from?"
  • (Eddie Redmayne) "I don't believe God is punishing us, like many do."
  • (Emun Elliott) "I say from France, where all foul things emerge."

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