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Black Snake Moan (film) Quotes

Black Snake Moan (film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Black Snake Moan ended in 1970.

It features Stephanie Allain; John Singleton as producer, Scott Bomar in charge of musical score, and Amy Vincent as head of cinematography.

Black Snake Moan (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Black Snake Moan (film) is 116 minutes long. Black Snake Moan (film) is distributed by Paramount Vantage.

The cast includes: Christina Ricci as Rae, Kim Richards as Sandy, Samuel L. Jackson as Lazarus, Michael Raymond-James as Gill, David Banner as Tehronne, Adriane Lenox as Rose Woods, Leonard L. Thomas as Deke Woods, Justin Timberlake as Ronnie, and Jeff Pope as Batson.

Black Snake Moan (film) Quotes

Samuel L. Jackson as Lazarus

  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "I know it hurts. We gotta break that fever. I ain't gonna let you die. I AIN'T LETTING YOU DIE."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "Just like a bird without a feather, you know I'm lost without your love/Just like a bird without a feather, you know I'm lost without your love/You know I need your love just like the angels need heaven above --"
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "I remember my first time, it was out behind my uncle's barn with my second cousin."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "She was two tons if she weighed a pound, I could have done better for myself."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "You took her into your bed, now you gotta lay in it."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "Mayella, it ain't never happened. And it damn sure ain't gonna happen tonight."
  • (Mayella) "Oh, Laz, I know you're hurtin'. But you should know more than me, ain't no better cure for the blues than some good p*****."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "Whoa, collar that dog, boy."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "So what you know how to make?"
  • (Christina Ricci) "I don't f***in' cook."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "You know Rae, I've met a lot of hard mouthed people in my day --"
  • (Christina Ricci) "Alright, alright. Look, I put the God damn dress on alright? I think I'm handlin' myself with a little bit of f***in' restraint. I mean you got me chained up here like I'm some kind of dog."
  • (Reverend R. L.) "You ain't gonna make a fuss, are you?"
  • (Reverend R. L.) "Nothing a man can do when a woman make up her mind."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "I never laid a hand on her in anger. Not a day. Not even when I's drinkin'. But this business got me wonderin' what a good shake and slap would do for her."
  • (Reverend R. L.) "That kind of talk is between us. Don't you go in there with that s*** on your tongue."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "I didn't start this, R.L --"
  • (Reverend R. L.) "You wanna pray with me 'fore you go in? Laz?"
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "Little lady? Miss? You need to open your eyes for me. Could ya do that?"
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "There we go. There we go. Just like you doin'. Go on --"
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "Boy, you here to make a point, or you here to kill somebody?"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "You ain't gonna call me boy when I blow your face off."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "I'm cookin' steaks fah dinnah. I expect you to stay."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "Collar your dog."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "My daddy told me that a younger woman would bleed me dry. And that's what you did. Ya bled me."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "I ain't gonn' be moved on this. Right or wrong, you gonn' mind me. Like Jesus Christ said, "Imma suffa' you. IMMA SUFFA' YOU." Get yo ass back in my house."
  • (Christina Ricci) "Or what? Or what?"
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "I put a lot of backache into growin' them greens; put love into cooking the rest of it. If you slow down, ya might just taste some of it."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "Where the f*** all these people come from? I have been drinking in this s***hole all my life, I ain't never seen this many people in here at once."
  • (Bojo) "s***hole? Kiss my ass, Laz."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "Back at you, Mutherf***er."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "That's right, preacher, get me drunk so I don't stick my foot up your ass."
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "Say what you gotta say, but I ain't gonna hear you speak his name to me. Not never. You hear?"
  • (Samuel L. Jackson) "Whoa, girl. You put the fear of the devil in me."

Christina Ricci as Rae

  • (Christina Ricci) "Since you workin' on the square now, maybe we could get some coffee in the morning, if you want --"
  • (Kim Richards) "You need money again?"
  • (Christina Ricci) "No. That's not why --"
  • (Christina Ricci) "Why we always gotta do this? I mean, you and me been at each other as far back as I can remember. Wasn't no love between us. And I'm your daughter. I'm the only family you got."
  • (Kim Richards) "You never needed nobody. Always made that clear to me."
  • (Christina Ricci) "Yeah. I know I did. But I'm trying to be different. I'm trying to get some peace, you know?"
  • (Kim Richards) "I'm workin' here, Rae. Can you see that?"
  • (Christina Ricci) "I just wanted some make-up."
  • (Kim Richards) "All that s***'s on Aisle 5."
  • (Christina Ricci) "I just think you should'a kept him off me, that's all."
  • (Kim Richards) "The hell are you talkin' about?"
  • (Christina Ricci) "Now see? Don't do that. I'll go along with all you say about me. But that, you can't pretend no more on that 'cause I was just a kid, Momma."
  • (Christina Ricci) "I didn't know about any of that stuff he was doing to me, and you let him do it. Some big nobody in your life and you let him do as he wanted with the only somebody you had."
  • (Christina Ricci) "I'm sorry, Mama. I didn't mean to shout --"
  • (Kim Richards) "All my life I been putting out your fires with you givin' out your snatch to every waggin' dick in this town, and you gonna lay the blame at my feet? Well, I ain't gonna take that."
  • (Christina Ricci) "But Momma, just tell me. I'm not gonna be mad. We can just talk about it. Be eye to eye on this. You don't even gotta say you're sorry, just say how you knew."
  • (Kim Richards) "Only thing I'm sorry for is listening to my parents and having you --"
  • (Kim Richards) "Instead of doing what I should'a done."
  • (Christina Ricci) "TELL ME YOU DON'T KNOW. god****ED LIAR. SAY IT. JUST f***ING SAY IT."
  • (Christina Ricci) "YOU WERE IN THE NEXT ROOM, YOU BITCH."
  • (Christina Ricci) "Why you old men gotta talk so much? You gotta talk yourself into f***ing me? Like little boys. It's okay. I'm grown, I know. We can go slow."
  • (Christina Ricci) "You gonna give me another bath?"
  • (Christina Ricci) "You don't got half what Tyrone got. Not a half."
  • (Christina Ricci) "Hey."
  • (Michael Raymond-James) "What'chu want?"
  • (Christina Ricci) "It's not like I can't go out and have fun with my friends."
  • (Michael Raymond-James) "You think I'm Ronnie's spy or somethin'? Come tomorrow that dumb-ass gonna be halfway round the world tryin' to keep his head on his shoulders. You think he's gonna be thinkin' about you?"
  • (Christina Ricci) "You go to hell."
  • (Christina Ricci) "I think -- I think we're f***ed up. I know I am. But that don't mean what I feel ain't real, that I can't love somebody. And I know what I done is real real bad, but um --"
  • (Christina Ricci) "So if you want to quit on me I understand. But please don't."
  • (Christina Ricci) "Hey. You got any money?"
  • (David Banner) "Thought you had a man for that."
  • (Christina Ricci) "I said we wasn't gonna talk about him."
  • (David Banner) "What we just did, you askin' for money, make a man stop. I ain't callin' you no hoe or nothing. But I ain't gonna be played like no trick, neither. Remember -- you called me."
  • (Christina Ricci) "Save it. Save it for those dumb f***ers you sell crack to."
  • (David Banner) "How much money you need, hoe?"
  • (Christina Ricci) "The hell you call me?"

Michael Raymond-James as Gill

  • (Michael Raymond-James) "Thought you had on a skirt earlier."
  • (Christina Ricci) "I got others."
  • (Michael Raymond-James) "I thought you had some shorts on earlier."
  • (Christina Ricci) "I got others."

Justin Timberlake as Ronnie

  • (Justin Timberlake) "I gotta believe we can do this or I ain't gonna make it, Rae."

Kim Richards as Sandy

  • (Kim Richards) "Cough drops or condoms?"
  • (Christina Ricci) "I didn't know you was working here."
  • (Kim Richards) "Yeah, I just love dressin' up in these god****ed blue vests."
  • (Kim Richards) "Your meal ticket get shipped out today?"
  • (Kim Richards) "You let me know if I can be of any assistance."

Adriane Lenox as Rose Woods

  • (Adriane Lenox) "Don't you lay a curse on me."
  • (Adriane Lenox) "Yeah, go on, look. SEE IF I GIVE A s*** ABOUT ANY OF YOU PEOPLE."

Jeff Pope as Batson

  • (Jeff Pope) "Got eight packs of DXM. Oxycontin. Got a s*** load of Coricidin if you want to get out-a-body, n'all."
  • (Jesse) "Coricidin?"
  • (Jesse) "You just trying to get me outta my clothes."

Leonard L. Thomas as Deke Woods

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