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Blackboard Jungle Quotes

Blackboard Jungle is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Blackboard Jungle ended in 1970.

It features Pandro S. Berman as producer, Max C. Freedman, Jimmy DeKnight (song "Rock Around the Clock") (uncredited), Bill Holman (musician) (song “Blackboard Jungle”), Jenny Lou Carson (song "Let Me Go, Lover!"; uncredited) in charge of musical score, and Russell Harlan, ASC as head of cinematography.

Blackboard Jungle is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Glenn Ford as Richard Dadier, Anne Francis as Anne Dadier, Sidney Poitier as Gregory W. Miller, Paul Mazursky as Emmanuel Stoker, Vic Morrow as Artie West, Rafael Campos as Pete V. Morales, Dan Terranova as Belazi, Richard Kiley as Joshua Y. Edwards, and Louis Calhern as Jim Murdock.

Blackboard Jungle Quotes

Rafael Campos as Pete V. Morales

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Glenn Ford as Richard Dadier

  • (Glenn Ford) "There will be no calling out. You have any questions to ask, just raise your hand. You here that, Miller?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Sure, teach. You coming in strong. I can't tune you out."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "His name ain't "teach"."
  • (Dan Terranova) "It's "Daddy-Oh""
  • (Vic Morrow) "Hey, don't you know his name, jerk?"
  • (Dan Terranova) "Excuse me, Mr. Jerk."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Alright West, since you're so cooperative, suppose you stay after class and help me out."
  • (Vic Morrow) "I'm busy."
  • (Dan Terranova) "Oh, go on, Artie. Help him out."
  • (Paul Mazursky) "Then you could be together, "alone"."
  • (Rafael Campos) "Oh, "Daddy-Oh.""
  • (Glenn Ford) "All right, all right, fine. We had a few laughs. In a minute, the bell's gonna ring out there. That means yo go to your civics class. Tomorrow morning when you come into this class --"
  • (Vic Morrow) "Hey, teach, you're coming back here tomorrow?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "Sure I'm coming back tomorrow.You know why? Because I'll "miss" you, West."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Now, pretty soon, you're gonna be reading in the newspapers want ads for jobs, apartments, something to buy. Advertising space is expensive so abbreviations are used. Now, write out the complete words to all the abbreviations in these problem ads. All right, get started."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Belazi. Let's keep your eyes on your paper."
  • (Dan Terranova) "Me?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "Cheating won't help you learn those abbreviations you know."
  • (Vic Morrow) "He won't look for no job. His old man owns a store."
  • (Dan Terranova) "Yeah, and I'm not gonna buy me me no Cadillac either."
  • (Vic Morrow) "No, It's cheaper to steal one. That's arithmetic for ya, teach."
  • (Glenn Ford) "All right, Belazi. Bring me your paper up here."
  • (Dan Terranova) "Five points off. What for?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "For having loose eyes."
  • (Glenn Ford) "West."
  • (Vic Morrow) "You talking to me, teach?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "Bring your paper up here West."
  • (Vic Morrow) "What for?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "I said bring your paper up here."
  • (Vic Morrow) "And I said, what for?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Come on, Artie. Bring him the paper."
  • (Vic Morrow) "Now, look, you keep your rotten mouth out of this, black boy."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Miller --. Hold it -- All right. All right, Miller. It's all right. Now, bring your paper up here, West."
  • (Glenn Ford) "All right, we're going down to see the principal."
  • (Vic Morrow) "We are? You gonna make me, Daddy-Oh? How'd you like to go to hell?"
  • (Dan Terranova) "What's the matter, Daddy-Oh?"
  • (Vic Morrow) "Yeah, how about it, teach? You got a big mouth. Tell me to do this, do that. Are you big enough to take me to the principal's office? Beacause that's what you're gonna have to do. Take me. So,Come on. Take me. Come on."
  • (Vic Morrow) "Come on. For a bright boy, you didn't learn nothing. Well, take me down. Come on. Step right up and taste a little of this, Daddy-Oh."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Give me that knife, West."
  • (Vic Morrow) "Where do you want it? You want it in the belly? Or how about in the face huh? Here it is. All you gotta do is take it. Come on, take it. Come on."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Take it easy, chief. he's crazy, he's high, he's floating on Sneaky Pete wine."
  • (Rafael Campos) "He's gonna kill him."
  • (Glenn Ford) "The name is Dadier. Mr. Dadier. Pronunciation is very important in English. I would hate to fail anyone who couldn't pronounce my name."
  • (Vic Morrow) "Me too, teach?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "Mr. Dadier."
  • (Vic Morrow) "Yeah, sure."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Say it. And take your hat off in this classroom."
  • (Vic Morrow) "You ever try to fight 35 guys at one time, teach?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "Take your hat off, boy, before I knock it off."
  • (Glenn Ford) "What's your name?"
  • (Vic Morrow) "Why do you want to know?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "What's your name?"
  • (Vic Morrow) "What're you picking on me for?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "I'm not picking on you, I asked what's your name."
  • (Glenn Ford) "What is this? The officer's club or something? I don't wanna catch you smoking in here again, you understand? now get out. Come on, you heard what I said. Get out."
  • (Glenn Ford) "What's the matter? You two guys privileged or something?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "We only just got here, chief."
  • (Glenn Ford) "You did huh? well, now just get out."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Can't a man wash his hands, chief?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "Wash them and get out."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Sure, chief. You gonna watch me?"
  • (Paul Mazursky) "Maybe he'd like to wash them for us."
  • (Glenn Ford) "What's your name? You, I'm talking to you."
  • (Paul Mazursky) "Me?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "Yes, you."
  • (Paul Mazursky) "Emmanuel."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Emmanuel what?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Emmanuel Trades. Don't you know, man? This boy here got the school named after him."
  • (Glenn Ford) "What's your name, wise guy?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Me? Miller. Gregory Miller. You want me to spell it out for you so you won't forget it?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "You don't have to do that. I'll remember, Miller."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Sure, chief. You do that."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Or maybe you would like to take a walk down to the principle's office with me right now. Is that what you want?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "You're holding all the cards chief. You wanna take me to see Mr. Warneke, you'll do just that."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Who's your home-period teacher?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "You are, chief."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Well, why aren't you with the rest of the class?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Already told you. Came in to wash up, chief."
  • (Glenn Ford) "All right, then wash up. Just cut out that "chief" routine, understand?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Sure, "chief". That's what I been doing all the time. Okay for us to drift now, "chief"?"
  • (Glenn Ford) "Yeah, I've been beaten up, but I'm not beaten. I'm not beaten, and I'm not quittin'."
  • (Glenn Ford) "They can't all be bad kids."
  • (Prof. A.R. Kraal) "Why not?"

Richard Kiley as Joshua Y. Edwards

  • (Richard Kiley) "They don't even know their multiplication tables."
  • (Louis Calhern) "Of course not. All they can multiply is themselves."
  • (Richard Kiley) "Well, how will they ever graduate?"
  • (Louis Calhern) "Graduate? They just get to be 18. Then they throw them out to make room for more of the same kind."

Vic Morrow as Artie West

  • (Vic Morrow) "All you gotta do is take it. Come on take it."
  • (Glenn Ford) "That's just what I'm gonna do, big shot."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Come on, West. Come on -- come on -- Where you going, boy? Come on."
  • (Vic Morrow) "Belazi --. Morales --. Stoker."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "You wanna gang fight? You wanna start a rumble? Come on, boy, just make a move."
  • (Vic Morrow) "All right, you guys. Bascillo, Rock, move, both."
  • (Glenn Ford) "What's the matter, West? You need help? Come on. You're holding the handle of that knife. Come on, you're the leader. You're the tough guy. You can't cut alone, huh, West? You're not so tough without a gang, but you were tough that night in the alley, weren't you? Seven to two. That's about your odds, isn't it?"
  • (Vic Morrow) "This time you get cut up."
  • (Glenn Ford) "Yeah, the gang-up didn't work. You went to the principal withg as story about race prejudice. You couldn't get rid of me that way. Then you started sending those foul letters to my wife. Didn't you ? Didn't you, West? End of the line boy."

Anne Francis as Anne Dadier

  • (Anne Francis) "I was like one of the bad kids in your class. Somebody told me a lie and I believed it. One's as bad as the other."

Dan Terranova as Belazi

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