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Blank Check (film) Quotes

Blank Check (film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Blank Check stopped airing in 1970.

It features Gary Adelson as producer, Nicholas Pike in charge of musical score, and Bill Pope as head of cinematography.

Blank Check (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Blank Check (film) is 94 minutes long. Blank Check (film) is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Rick Ducommun as Henry, Miguel Ferrer as Carl Quigley, Tone Lōc as Juice, Michael Lerner as Biderman, James Rebhorn as Fred Waters, Brian Bonsall as Preston Waters, Jayne Atkinson as Sandra Waters, Karen Duffy as Shay Stanley, Alex Zuckerman as Butch, and Debbie Allen as Yvonne.

Blank Check (film) Quotes

Brian Bonsall as Preston Waters

  • (Brian Bonsall) "When will I see you again?"
  • (Karen Duffy) "Why don't you give me a call in, let's say 10 years."
  • (Brian Bonsall) "Five."
  • (Karen Duffy) "Seven."
  • (Brian Bonsall) "Six."
  • (Karen Duffy) "Okay it's a date."
  • (Tone Lōc) "YO MAN. Why don't you watch where you're going? How could you mess up a wonderful view for me?"
  • (Brian Bonsall) "Sorry."
  • (Tone Lōc) "What are you doing out of school, yo? You know you should be in school."
  • (Brian Bonsall) "There was supposed to be ice cream and pizza. What's going on?"
  • (Rick Ducommun) "This could've been a pizza, you know, before it was run over by a couple of trucks."

Michael Lerner as Biderman

  • (Michael Lerner) "You can use these checks. They're temporary."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Thank you, Edward."
  • (Michael Lerner) "Like our relationship."
  • (Michael Lerner) "Looks like no one's home."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Shut up, Wienerman."
  • (Michael Lerner) "Biderman."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Where is he?"
  • (Alex Zuckerman) "I don't know, but he might be down the street at Mr. Macintosh's. That's his boss."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Macintosh. Come on."
  • (Tone Lōc) "You know, I do like what they have done with this color."
  • (Michael Lerner) "That's him. The boy with the backpack."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Go, go, go."
  • (Tone Lōc) "The sign says 'no cars allowed'."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Just drive."
  • (Preston Waters, Henry) "Quigley."
  • (Michael Lerner) "What do you expect?"
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "What I expect is that if I give someone a million dollars and I come back the next day, I find the million dollars. That's what I expect."
  • (Michael Lerner) "Carl, I'm not a magician okay."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "So you can make it disappear but you can't make it reappear is that it?"

Karen Duffy as Shay Stanley

  • (Karen Duffy) "I'm a little out of shape."
  • (Rick Ducommun) "Not from where I'm sitting you're not."
  • (Karen Duffy) "You know, a million dollars doesn't buy all that much these days."
  • (Brian Bonsall) "You think he should've asked for more?"
  • (Karen Duffy) "What exactly does Mr. Macintosh do anyway?"
  • (Brian Bonsall) "A little of this and a little of that. You know."
  • (Karen Duffy) "No I'm afraid I don't. Is he an entrepreneur?"
  • (Brian Bonsall) "No, he's American."

Tone Lōc as Juice

  • (Tone Lōc) "Where did all these kids come from?"
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Keep driving and someday I'll tell you."
  • (Tone Lōc) "Listen lady, you're going to have to take them pearls off on your necklace."
  • (Tone Lōc) "But if you'd be so reasonable to cash this check in for me, I'll be on my way."
  • (Udowitz) "What do you want? A million bucks?"
  • (Tone Lōc) "As a matter of fact I do."
  • (Udowitz) "Go see Biederman"
  • (Tone Lōc) "I had a dog once that was hit by a train."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Thanks for sharing."
  • (Tone Lōc) "Old King Cole, we called him. He was a merry old soul."
  • (Tone Lōc) "You're in a lot of trouble today little man."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Yes, because today I have been drinking vodka."
  • (Tone Lōc) "Now that's a display of fine driving, right there."
  • (Michael Lerner) "You know, Carl, it might be easier just to steal another million dollars."

Miguel Ferrer as Carl Quigley

  • (Miguel Ferrer) "I worked hard to steal that money and you went and gave it to some zit faced little kid?"
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "So what do you think?"
  • (Tone Lōc) "Looks very nice."
  • (Tone Lōc) "Yo ho, what's that?"
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "I don't know. You two never saw one."
  • (Michael Lerner) "I have no idea."
  • (Tone Lōc) "Beats me."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Hey, Preston"
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "What's this?"
  • (Brian Bonsall) "Well you turn the little knob, and --"
  • (Tone Lōc) "You know kid, you shouldn't have let us in. All your little toys could get broken."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Kid, where's Macintosh?"
  • (Brian Bonsall) "Henry. I knew you'd come."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Happy birthday little boy. I'm here to blow out your candles."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "What's your hurry? Got a big check to cash?"
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "So where you gonna find a kid, Mr. Family Man?"
  • (Michael Lerner) "Newspapers."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "You want me to advertise? Is that it?"
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Ok, just tell me where my money is?"
  • (Brian Bonsall) "I; I spent it."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "All of it?"
  • (Brian Bonsall) "All of it."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "How could you spend -- a million dollars -- in just six days?"
  • (Tone Lōc) "You must have not been shopping lately."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "What's with your voice, pal?"
  • (Unnamed) "Sore throat-itus."
  • (Michael Lerner) "Carl Quigley."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "You don't look to happy to see me."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "You also pointed at me in court. That hurt."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Hey, Applesauce, what's with the long fance my man? I just bought your pad, you got some cash. Sucasa is about to become micasa. A groovin' thing, Man."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "Oh, hello beautiful. Did you miss me?"

James Rebhorn as Fred Waters

  • (James Rebhorn) "Here's six bucks. You can have fun all day on that."
  • (Brian Bonsall) "You don't get out much, do you Dad?"

Rick Ducommun as Henry

  • (Rick Ducommun) "Preston Waters, you know what you've got? S-T-Y-L-E."
  • (Preston Waters, Henry) "Style."
  • (Rick Ducommun) "You know what they say about gold."
  • (Brian Bonsall) "He who has the gold makes the rules?"
  • (Rick Ducommun) "No, no, no, no, no, no. A fool and his gold are soon parted."
  • (Brian Bonsall) "What does that mean?"
  • (Rick Ducommun) "I don't know. It's an old saying, Man. Like, there's more than one way to skin a cat, you hear that one? Who skins cats? Why would you skin a cat? And there is not more than one way to skin a cat, there is only one way. You grab the cat and rip the skin off. What's a number two way? Do you put a hose up the cat's butt and he gets so bloated that he skins himself? Does he have a piece of velcro under his butt there, we just unvelcro him? No."
  • (Rick Ducommun) "Get yourself some flowers, good clothes, good food, a car, and learn how to use words like 'non-committal', and you are a date and a half, Man."
  • (Rick Ducommun) "I'm waiting for a client."
  • (Brian Bonsall) "But I'm your client."
  • (Rick Ducommun) "Right, yeah, and I'm Madonna. Sorry, Kid, the boss doesn't like me taking baseball cards as payment so if you wanna ride in this here limo you need some buckeroos, buckerinis, some moolah, some deniro, some frog skins, much similar to the money -- In fact identical to the money you've given me now. I was just kidding about being Madonna. The name's Henry."
  • (Rick Ducommun) "You wanna move that horse? What is this? Bonanza?"

Jayne Atkinson as Sandra Waters

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Alex Zuckerman as Butch

  • (Alex Zuckerman) "I think this guy's been drinking vodka."
  • (Miguel Ferrer) "I have not. I don't drink. Seriously, I don't."

Debbie Allen as Yvonne

  • (Debbie Allen) "Oh my gosh will you look at that. Look at all that money. You've got to be careful. Someone could just rip you off."

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