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Bliss (Star Trek: Voyager) Quotes

Bliss (Star Trek: Voyager) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Bliss ended its run in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

Bliss (Star Trek: Voyager) Quotes

  • (Tom Paris) "Speaking of late, I'll make a deal with you: I'll explain to Sam why her daughter's two hours late for bedtime, if you start on the survey report."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Acceptable."
  • (Tom Paris) "Have fun."
  • (Qatai) "You seem to know a little about everything; medicine, exobiology, shield harmonics --"
  • (The Doctor) "I'm something of a renaissance EMH."
  • (The Doctor) "I'm a doctor, not a dragon-slayer."
  • (Naomi Wildman) "I can help. My mom says, two heads are better than one. Isn't that the Borg philosophy too?"
  • (Seven of Nine) "Simplistic, but accurate."
  • (The Doctor) "And who might you be? The local monster expert?"
  • (Qatai) "As a matter of fact, I am."
  • (The Doctor) "For a big fellow, he certainly has a low tolerance for tummy ache."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Does studying this image increase your desire to go there?"
  • (Naomi Wildman) "Not really."
  • (Seven of Nine) "I concur. It is unremarkable."
  • (Naomi Wildman) "But my mom likes it. And even Neelix can't wait to get there. So, I guess it can't be that bad."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Given this crew's determination to return home, I have no doubt we will see it for ourselves someday."
  • (Qatai) "-- And watch out for pitcher plants."
  • (The Doctor) "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."
  • (Qatai) "Your ship is being devoured. I'd say that's an emergency."
  • (Seven of Nine) "The Doctor often instructs me to "look before I leap". It is an antiquated adage, but I believe it is relevant."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "I have another one for you: "He who hesitates is lost.""
  • (Seven of Nine) "A wormhole."
  • (Ensign Harry Kim) "The wormhole. It leads all the way back to Earth."
  • (Seven of Nine) "The odds of finding such a phenomenon are infinitesimal."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Never bet against the house."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Computer, activate EMH."
  • (Tom Paris) "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."
  • (Qatai) "The intelligent always survive."
  • (The Doctor) "I wouldn't go that far. It appears to operate on highly evolved instinct. I haven't detected any signs of sentience."
  • (Qatai) "Oh, he's intelligent, all right; smart enough to fool your crew into taking you offline."
  • (The Doctor) "No need to get personal."
  • (Neelix) "Annika. Annika Hansen."
  • (Seven of Nine) "There is no one here by that name."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Computer, identify the cause of the power failure."
  • (Tuvok) "Captain's orders."
  • (Seven of Nine) "I assure you, we are not a deception."
  • (Qatai) "Oh, how convenient. An enormous starship comes to my rescue."
  • (Qatai) "Ya might try a more subtle approach."
  • (Seven of Nine) "My scans indicate that your shields will fail in approximately fifteen minutes. Join us; or you can remain on your vessel, secure in the knowledge that you were not deceived. But that knowledge will do you little good when you are dead."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "A direct route to Earth's doorstep, out of the blue. What's wrong with this picture?"
  • (The Doctor) "Any living organism, no matter how large, will attempt to expel a foreign body. If we could just make Voyager a little less tasty --"
  • (Seven of Nine) "My scans indicate that your weapons are tetryon-based. If you were to fire one at a pocket of antimatter released from our warp core, it would produce an electrolytic reaction."
  • (Naomi Wildman) "Would that make Voyager taste bad?"

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