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Bloodsport (film) Quotes

Bloodsport (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Bloodsport stopped airing in 1970.

It features Mark DiSalle as producer, Paul Hertzog in charge of musical score, and David Worth (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Bloodsport (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bloodsport (film) is 92 minutes long. Bloodsport (film) is distributed by Warner Bros.(USA and UK), UGC (cinema operator) (Worldwide).

The cast includes: Donald Gibb as Jackson, Bolo Yeung as Chong Li, Ken Siu as Victor, Donald Gibb as Ray Jackson, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Frank Dux, Leah Ayres as Janice Kent, Roy Chiao as Tanaka, and Forest Whitaker as Rawlins.

Bloodsport (film) Quotes

Donald Gibb as Jackson

  • (Donald Gibb) "His first fight in the kumite and he broke the f***ing world record."
  • (Donald Gibb) "Who the hell are these scumbags?"
  • (Forest Whitaker) "Stay out of this, pal."
  • (Donald Gibb) "I ain't your pal, dickface."
  • (Donald Gibb) "That hurts me just lookin' at it. You'd better stop doing that. You might wanna have kids one of these days. Are you ready?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I am ready."
  • (Donald Gibb) "Time to separate the men from the boys."
  • (Ken Siu) "Just be sure Chong Li doesn't separate your head from your body."
  • (Donald Gibb) "Aren't you a little young for full-contact?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Aren't you a little old for videogames?"
  • (Official) "We honor your invitation."
  • (Donald Gibb) "No s*** you honor his invitation."
  • (Bolo Yeung) "Very good. But brick not hit back."
  • (Donald Gibb) "I ain't your pal, dickface."
  • (Donald Gibb) "So you stomped him real good, huh, Frankie?"
  • (Leah Ayres) "Even worse."
  • (Donald Gibb) "What do you mean?"
  • (Leah Ayres) "He made him say matte."
  • (Donald Gibb) "All right, Frankie. But you'd better watch out; you might have to face me next time."
  • (Leah Ayres) "You guys are out of your minds."
  • (Donald Gibb) "I'll drink to that."
  • (Donald Gibb) "Choose a brick. I know, bottom one, right?"
  • (Donald Gibb) "See? Not a scratch on it."
  • (Official) "Not Dim Mak."
  • (Donald Gibb) "Yeah? Well, neither is this."
  • (Donald Gibb) "For you."

Bolo Yeung as Chong Li

  • (Bolo Yeung) "You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend."
  • (Bolo Yeung) "You are next."

Ken Siu as Victor

  • (Ken Siu) "What's the hold-up?"
  • (Official) "He says Senzo Tanaka is his shidoshi."
  • (Ken Siu) "What's the difference if Bruce Springsteen is his shidoshi?"
  • (Official) "If Senzo Tanaks is his shidoshi, then show us the Dim Mak."
  • (Donald Gibb) "What the hell is a Dim Mak?"
  • (Official) "Death touch."
  • (Ken Siu) "Now remember, it's full contact. There are three ways to win. One, You knock your opponent out. Two, the other guy quits, and shouts 'Matte.' It's like saying 'Uncle.' Three, You throw the f***er right off the runway."
  • (Donald Gibb) "Piece o' cake."
  • (Ken Siu) "I'm Lin. You Jackson? You look like a Jackson. That must make you Frank Ducks."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "No, it's DUX."
  • (Ken Siu) "Oh, right, like put up your dukes."

Roy Chiao as Tanaka

  • (Roy Chiao) "You cannot take Katana Sword by stealing, it is very special sword, you must earn it."
  • (Young Frank) "I wasn't going to steal it."
  • (Roy Chiao) "You didn't Flinch. You have fighting spirit."
  • (Young Frank) "You not gonna call the cops?"
  • (Roy Chiao) "MMM, Not if we make a deal."
  • (Young Frank) "What kind of a deal?"

Leah Ayres as Janice Kent

  • (Hossein) "You come upstairs with me for an interview."
  • (Leah Ayres) "Like hell, let go of me."
  • (Hossein) "You want Hossein, no?"
  • (Leah Ayres) "No, Hossein is an asshole."
  • (Hossein) "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?"
  • (Leah Ayres) "Do you want me to spell it out for you?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Leave the girl alone."
  • (Hiro) "He's the American s*** head who makes tricks with bricks."
  • (Donald Gibb) "Guess the Kumite starts one day earlier this year, huh fellas?"

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Frank Dux

  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Go for the gut. He's soft there."
  • (Donald Gibb) "What the hell are you talking about?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Chong Li's weak in the gut. That's how Parades surprised him."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Hey. You listening to me? Go for the stomach. And stay away from his right leg."
  • (Donald Gibb) "Will you stop worrying, Frankie? I've got it under control. You sound like my mother. Man alive."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Shingo and I were close friends. Brothers. And you and Mrs. Tanaka have treated me like a son. What will happen now?"
  • (Roy Chiao) "No more training. Stop now."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "But you have so much to teach."
  • (Roy Chiao) "You don't understand. During the war, I lost my first family. My son, daughter, and wife. I left Japan because of the war. War was wrong. I came to America to start over, to have a new family, and a son. For 2,000 the teachings passed, father to son, father to son. When Shingo died, it stopped."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Teach me. I can do it."
  • (Roy Chiao) "You are not Japanese. You are not a Tanaka."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "You told me to use any tactic that works, never to commit yourself to one style, to keep an open mind."
  • (Roy Chiao) "Why?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "To honor you, shidoshi."

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