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Blubberella Quotes

Blubberella is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Blubberella ended its run in 1970.

It features Uwe Boll as producer.

Blubberella is recorded in English and originally aired in Germany. Each episode of Blubberella is 87 minutes long. Blubberella is distributed by Phase 4 Films.

The cast includes: Lindsay Hollister as Blubberella, Willam Belli as Vadge, Steffen Mennekes as Lt. Caspar Jaeger, Brendan Fletcher as Nathaniel Gregor, Uwe Boll as Hitler, and Michael Paré as The Commandant.

Blubberella Quotes

Lindsay Hollister as Blubberella

  • (Lindsay Hollister) "Uh --"
  • (Willam Belli) "I know you're just gonna leave that on the floor."
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "I'll get it momma."
  • (Willam Belli) "Now."
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "I'll get it when I wanna get it."
  • (Willam Belli) "You'll get it when you wanna get it?"
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "Yeah."
  • (Willam Belli) "Is this your house? You think you're a grown-ass vampire cause you gave it up to your little cootchie pie? Well you ain't no grown-ass vampire. You're average. Are you listening to me? Are you listening to me bitch?"
  • (Willam Belli) "I guess I didn't hit you hard enough."
  • (Willam Belli) "Come get a snack bitch, come on."
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "Time to kill some Nazis."
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "Is that Hitler?"
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "I don't really like to play with my food."
  • (Michael Paré) "Where did you get that outfit? The fashion institute for the blind? Very funny."
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "No. Don't joke because Germans are known for their sense of humor."
  • (Michael Paré) "Germans are VERY funny. Now, who shall I say has the honor of besting me today?"
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "I'm the Dhaphir. Half-human, half-vampire. Like killing you is any honor."

Willam Belli as Vadge

  • (Willam Belli) "You think you're special cause your the Dhaphir?"
  • (Willam Belli) "Oh, I'm the Dhaphir. You ain't precious, you're average. Precious."

Steffen Mennekes as Lt. Caspar Jaeger

  • (Doctor Mangler) "Did it move like a vampire?"
  • (Steffen Mennekes) "I didn't see her, but from all accounts, it moved like a slow tornado."

Uwe Boll as Hitler

  • (Uwe Boll) "How was it in Africa?"
  • (Steffen Mennekes) "I got shot."
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "Whatchu know about gettin' shot, motherf***a?"
  • (Steffen Mennekes) "Excuse me?"
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "I've been shot eighty times, motherf***a."

Brendan Fletcher as Nathaniel Gregor

  • (Brendan Fletcher) "I certainly would have remembered you from the resistance fighter meetings. I would have brought the cookies, but I fear you would have eaten them all."
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "Cookies?"
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "I'm Nathaniel. You've already met my partner Vadge."
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "Oh -- partners."
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "I've never seen anybody move like you do. Like a caged rhino who hasn't been fed in weeks. Curious thing is I'm not so sure you are a girl."
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "What the f***'s that supposed to mean?"
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "You're her, aren't you. The Dhaphir?"
  • (Willam Belli) "She kind of moves like a watermelon."
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "I would really like to talk to you."
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "Well, if your men would get their phallic symbols out of my face, I guess you can buy me dinner."
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "Where's the Commandant?"
  • (Lindsay Hollister) "An appetizer."

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