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Blue Hawaii Quotes

Blue Hawaii is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Blue Hawaii ended in 1970.

It features Hal B. Wallis as producer, Joseph J. Lilley in charge of musical score, and Charles Lang as head of cinematography.

Blue Hawaii is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Blue Hawaii is 102 minutes long. Blue Hawaii is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Angela Lansbury as Sarah Lee Gates, Roland Winters as Fred Gates, Elvis Presley as Chad Gates, Jenny Maxwell as Ellie Corbett, Joan Blackman as Maile Duval, Lani Kai as Carl Tanami, Howard McNear as Mr. Chapman, Nancy Walters as Abigail Prentice, John Archer as Jack Kelman, and Pamela Austin as Selena Emerson.

Blue Hawaii Quotes

Angela Lansbury as Sarah Lee Gates

  • (Angela Lansbury) "I woke up when I heard our dog barking, and I thought Chadwick was coming in then. But then I realized that it couldn't be, 'cause we don't have a dog."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "Now that Chadwick's home, I'm sure he's got all that foolishness out of his system, after the war."
  • (Roland Winters) "Sarah Lee, how many times do I have to tell you, he was not in a war."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "I know you're right, Daddy, but if I don't tell myself there was a war, I have a most depressive feeling Chadwick's just wasted two years."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "My boy's back from the big house."
  • (Roland Winters) "Sara Lee will you stop watching those old movies."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "And he didn't even give his momma any goodnight sugar."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "You're up early this morning son."
  • (Elvis Presley) "I have to, I've got a job."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "A job? Working?"
  • (Angela Lansbury) "Chadwick's a growing boy, I don't think it's appropriate of you to give him intoxicating libations."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "Daddy, I'm going to have a headache. A dreadful headache."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "Chad think of who you are, remember you come from a fine family."
  • (Elvis Presley) "I'm sure you'll do enough remembering for both of us."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "Oh daddy, what did we do wrong?"
  • (Roland Winters) "Offhand I'd say we got married."

Elvis Presley as Chad Gates

  • (Elvis Presley) "What's your idea of action?"
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "What's yours?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "Back to your room."
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "I couldn't sleep there."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Well you sure can't sleep here. Perhaps you should take a bath; on second thoughts make that a cold shower."
  • (Kid on beach) "Can I play?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "I think you're a little young for this game."
  • (Kid on beach) "If I get a girl can I play with you?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "I'll try to satisfy you, I'll get a bit older ever day."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Baby I was almost always true to you, I was almost true to you."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, Chad, why don't you go get some firewood for dinner?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "Firewood? Man you'll eat anything."
  • (Elvis Presley) "It's a music box, it plays European love songs, but they're the same in any language."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Miss Prentice I'm not the guy you think I am, I snore and everything."
  • (Elvis Presley) "I like my job, mum. It's fun, it's interesting and I meet a lot of nice people."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "Nonsense. Tourists aren't people. They're -- They're tourists."
  • (Elvis Presley) "You know what you need? A good old-fashioned spanking."
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "M-Maybe I do. Nobody ever cared enough about me. Even for that."
  • (Elvis Presley) "You sure kept both in good shape."
  • (Joan Blackman) "Both?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "Your body and my car."
  • (Elvis Presley) "I think you're a mixed-up kid that's too big for her breeches."
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "I don't wear breeches."
  • (Elvis Presley) "You're getting out of here right now, Miss No-Breeches Bardot."
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "Chad, do you think I'm pretty?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "I think you're pretty forward and pretty stupid."
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "Wouldn't you rather hold me than Abigail?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "I'd like to hold you over a barbecue pit."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Are you always so bored or is it me?"
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "Life is a bore I always say."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Oh always."
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "I've had 17 years of it."

Jenny Maxwell as Ellie Corbett

  • (Jenny Maxwell) "Well at least we have 5 minutes."
  • (Elvis Presley) "I have 5 minutes Miss over-sexed and under-aged."
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "They taught us that corny hula stuff in dance school when I was 3."
  • (Pamela Austin) "You were never 3."
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "You ever see anything like this in a cradle?"
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "Nobody cares about me, whether I live or die."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Nobody seems to care because you don't seem to care about yourself. You have to care first, if you like yourself others will like you too."
  • (Jenny Maxwell) "There's nothing to like."

Nancy Walters as Abigail Prentice

  • (Nancy Walters) "Moonlight in Hawaii can be rather intoxicating."
  • (Elvis Presley) "I know, that's why I never touch the stuff."
  • (Nancy Walters) "Mr Gates, are you sure you can handle a teacher and 4 teenage girls?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "I'll sure try."

Joan Blackman as Maile Duval

  • (Unnamed) "Even though there's no surf, he's right back in the swim."
  • (Joan Blackman) "Well he's about to be beached."
  • (Joan Blackman) "How could you kiss that girl?"
  • (Elvis Presley) "It was easy."
  • (Joan Blackman) "I thankyou for thinking of me."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Oh I wasn't thinking of you, I was thinking of me."
  • (Joan Blackman) "You're pretty sure of yourself."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Isn't it about time?"
  • (Joan Blackman) "You can't spend the rest of your life on a surfboard."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Yes I can."
  • (Joan Blackman) "My French blood tells me to argue with you and my Hawain blood tells me not to mind; they're battling it out in front of me."
  • (Elvis Presley) "I've never seen such a beautiful battleground."

Lani Kai as Carl Tanami

  • (Lani Kai) "This is crazy seaweed."
  • (Elvis Presley) "That's no seaweed, that's the top of Maile's bathing suit."

Howard McNear as Mr. Chapman

  • (Howard McNear) "These are not only decorative but they also keep my neck warm."

John Archer as Jack Kelman

  • (John Archer) "I'd rather drive girls than bananas any day."

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