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Blues Brothers 2000 Quotes

Blues Brothers 2000 is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Blues Brothers 2000 ended its run in 1970.

It features Dan Aykroyd; Leslie Belzberg, and John Landis as producer, Paul Shaffer in charge of musical score, and David Herrington as head of cinematography.

Blues Brothers 2000 is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Blues Brothers 2000 is 123 minutes long. Blues Brothers 2000 is distributed by Universal Studios.

Blues Brothers 2000 Quotes

  • (Elwood Blues) "Would you fellas care to jam?"
  • (Malvern Gasperon) "What you think, Eric?"
  • (Eric Clapton) "Why not?"
  • (Malvern Gasperon) "One, two, One two three four."
  • (Elwood Blues) "The Lord works in mysterious ways."
  • (Robertson) "That's the International Jewish Communist conspiracy in action, people."
  • (Cab Chamberlain) "I thought you said she was old and ugly."
  • (Elwood Blues) "Ix-nay on the ugly-ay."
  • (Buster Blues) "You're not the Elwood Blues I know. The Elwood Blues I know once said that no pharmaceutical product could ever equal the rush you get when the band hits that groove; the people are dancin', and shoutin', and swayin'; and the house is rockin'."
  • (Elwood Blues) "Yeah, that was me."
  • (Buster Blues) "The music, man. You know you miss the music."
  • (Robertson) "Now y'all might think we're just a group of sad, sorry, sumbitches out here in a field jerkin' each other off -- Or you might just think -- that we know somethin'."
  • (Robertson) "I'm gonna tell you somethin' else. The federal government has a computer. Now this computer is wired to a computer in Jerusalem"
  • (Robertson) "and Moscow."
  • (Unnamed) "There's something in the river, Mr. Robertson."
  • (Robertson) "Where?"
  • (Unnamed) "I saw something. Underneath the water, sir."
  • (Robertson) "Son -- it's okay to be nervous, okay? Uh -- there's enough explosives in that boat to blow up every post office in this country, you know? But no one knows we're here, no one knows our plans."
  • (Mighty Mack) "Hey, yous guys havin' a picnic?"
  • (Robertson) "Don't shoot, you might hit the boat."
  • (Elwood Blues) "What boat?"
  • (Robertson) "That's the International Jewish Communist Conspiracy in action, people. One of their spy satellite's must have picked up our location -- KILL THEM."
  • (Mighty Mack) "Elwood, they have automatic weapons."
  • (Elwood Blues) "Look in the glove compartment."
  • (Mighty Mack) "Carpet Tacks. They have guns and we have carpet tacks."
  • (Elwood Blues) "They're not carpet tacks. They're dry-wall nails."
  • (Queen Mousette) "You wish to enter the Battle of the Bands contest."
  • (Mighty Mack) "We wish to win first prize."
  • (Mighty Mack) "The suit's real neat, but do I have to wear the hat?"
  • (Elwood Blues) "These are unsophisticated men. They only respond to fear and the draw of lucre. We elicit this by using iconographic symbols, and psychological intimidation. The way we look together presents a uniform image of strength and organization. Don't say anything. Look mean. No smiling."
  • (Elwood Blues) "We've got to get off this road. They've called ahead by now and you can't outrun a Motorola."
  • (Elwood Blues) "Is there anything in particular you would like to hear this evening your highness?"
  • (Queen Mousette) "Yes. Do something Caribbean."
  • (Elwood Blues) "Uh, ma'am, we're the Blues Brothers. We do blues, rhythm & blues, jazz, funk, soul. We can handle rock, pop, country, heavy metal, fusion, hip hop, rap, Motown, operetta, show tunes. In fact, we've even been called upon, on occasion, to do a polka. However Caribbean is a type of music, I regret to say, which has not been, is simply not, nor will ever be a part of this band's repertoire."
  • ('Blue Lou' Marini) "Uh-Oh, Matt she's back from lunch."
  • ('Blue Lou' Marini) "You cats go ahead. I'll get the gas."
  • (Mother Mary Stigmata) "Before Curtis came to us at St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud he had a musical group that toured the joints of the Mid West. In one town Curtis had an affair -- with a married woman."
  • (Elwood Blues) "Go Curtis."
  • (Elwood Blues) "I mean -- that's terrible."
  • (Mother Mary Stigmata) "That's what I thought you meant."
  • (Elwood Blues) "Duck, give me a mountain tempo in A minor."
  • ('Bones' Malone) "Guys this caller sounds familiar."
  • (Steve 'The Colonel' Cropper) "Elwood Blues, nowhere to run."
  • (Donald "Duck" Dunn) "Nowhere to hide."
  • (Mrs. Murphy) "Elwood."
  • (Elwood Blues) "Yes, ma'am."
  • (Mrs. Murphy) "Sorry to hear about Jake."
  • (Elwood Blues) "Seeing as we're kinda like step-brothers, I thought maybe you could help me out."
  • (Cab Chamberlain) "How could I do that?"
  • (Elwood Blues) "I need $500 for this car, see? And I thought maybe you could, you know, loan me the money -- OR --"
  • (Cab Chamberlain) ""OR" what?"
  • (Elwood Blues) "I'm thinking of putting the band back together. Maybe you could join us."
  • (Cab Chamberlain) "I'm a commander in the Illinois State Police, and I enjoy my job. You waltz in here telling me I have a dead, white criminal brother, who was in a band which, the last time they played anywhere, were charged with"
  • (Cab Chamberlain) "grand larceny, wreckless endangerment,"
  • (Cab Chamberlain) "felonious motor vehicle assault, over SEVEN HUNDRED violations of the highway traffic act and DAMAGES, both public and private, IN EXCESS OF $24,000,000 and YOU ARE ASKING ME IF I WANT TO JOIN THIS BAND?"
  • (Elwood Blues) "I could show you all the moves."
  • (Elwood Blues) "I think you need a hug."
  • (Elwood Blues) "You may go if you wish. But remember this: walk away now and you walk away from your crafts, your skills, your vocations; leaving the next generation with nothing but recycled, digitally-sampled techno-grooves, quasi-synth rhythms, pseudo-songs of violence-laden gangsta-rap, acid pop, and simpering, saccharine, soulless slush. Depart now and you forever separate yourselves from the vital American legacies of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed, Memphis Slim, Blind Boy Fuller, Louie Jordon, Little Walter, Big Walter, Sonnyboy Williamson I and II, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, Elvis Presley, Lieber and Stoller, and Robert K. Weiss."
  • (Donald "Duck" Dunn) "Who is Robert K. Weiss?"
  • (Elwood Blues) "Turn your backs now and you snuff out the fragile candles of Blues, R&B; and Soul, and when those flames flicker and expire, the light of the world is extinguished because the music which has moved mankind through seven decades leading to the millennium will whither and die on the vine of abandonment and neglect."
  • (Unnamed) "They broke my Watch."
  • (Unnamed) "The Blues Brothers Band. Hmph."
  • (Unnamed) "Bunch a wanna be players"
  • (Unnamed) "How good can a mess like that sound any way?"

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