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Boardwalk Empire Quotes

Boardwalk Empire is a Crime fiction that appeared on TV in 2010 on HBO. Boardwalk Empire ended in 2014.

Boardwalk Empire lasted 5 seasons and 56 episodes. It features The Brian Jonestown Massacre as theme composer. Boardwalk Empire is executive produced by Terence Winter. Boardwalk Empire is created by Terence Winter.

Boardwalk Empire is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Boardwalk Empire is 50-60 minutes long. Boardwalk Empire is produced by HBO Entertainment and distributed by HBO Enterprises.

The cast includes: Michael Pitt as James 'Jimmy' Darmody, Vincent Piazza as Lucky Luciano, Michael Stuhlbarg as Arnold Rothstein, Steve Buscemi as Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson, Michael K. Williams as Chalky White, Steve Buscemi as Buck, Stephen Graham as Al Capone, and Michael Stuhlbarg as Carolyn Rothstein.

Boardwalk Empire Quotes

Steve Buscemi as Buck

  • (Steve Buscemi) "What's 'Motherf***er' mean?"
  • (Steve Buscemi) "You're sensitive."
  • (Michael K. Williams) "Like a baby's ass, motherf***er."
  • (Steve Buscemi) "The puppies have grown fangs."
  • (Margaret Schroeder) "I would be honored to name my child after you."
  • (Steve Buscemi) "Enoch? You couldn't possibly be so cruel."

Michael Pitt as James 'Jimmy' Darmody

  • (Michael Pitt) "To the lost."

Vincent Piazza as Lucky Luciano

  • (Vincent Piazza) "You wanted to see me?"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Yeah, it turns out my sister-in-law's nephew, for a time at least, survived the shooting in the woods."
  • (Vincent Piazza) "Well, I'm sorry about your loss. Obviously, if there's anything I can do --"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "There is actually. You can kill someone for me to settle a debt. I have it on good authority that a James Darmody of Atlantic City was one of the two shooters."
  • (Vincent Piazza) "Who was the other one?"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I don't know. But I'd bet you're persuasive enough to get Darmody to tell you."
  • (Vincent Piazza) "That's a good bet."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "The only kind I make."

Stephen Graham as Al Capone

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Michael K. Williams as Chalky White

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Michael Stuhlbarg as Arnold Rothstein

  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Meyer, Charlie, I believe you know Mr. Masseria."
  • (Vincent Piazza) "Everybody knows Joe the boss."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Then perhaps you also know, though it is of course news to me, that a card game you operate is located in territory that Mr. Masseria considers to be his."
  • (Joe Masseria) "Not considers. Is mine."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "My thinking was, before any more blood is shed, that a compromise can be reached."
  • (Meyer Lansky) "More blood?"
  • (Joe Masseria) "Tompkins Square Park, my two nephews?"
  • (Vincent Piazza) "I don't know what you're talking about."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Apparently two of Mr. Masseria's emissaries to your establishment were murdered shortly after their visit."
  • (Meyer Lansky) "We do operate a game in what might be termed a grey area territorially. But as to any violence in the neighborhood --"
  • (Joe Masseria) "They stab themself, eh?"
  • (Vincent Piazza) "A coincidence then. It happens."
  • (Joe Masseria) "On my streets, no coincidence."
  • (Joe Masseria) "This little prick, since he's 10 years old he causes problems."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "It seems to me you boys ought to extend a token of goodwill towards Mr. Masseria. Shall we say a one-time fee of $2,000 for the families of those gentlemen and a tax of 10% on the game going forward?"
  • (Vincent Piazza) "Hold on a f***in' second --"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Charlie."
  • (Joe Masseria) "10% is okay. For now."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Then we have an agreement?"
  • (Joe Masseria) "What are you doing with these Christ-killers? Come with me, I'll make you rich."
  • (Vincent Piazza) "With your other hand in my pockets."
  • (Joe Masseria) "I'm watching you, boy. Every f***ing step."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Charlie."
  • (Vincent Piazza) "A.R., two grand is bad enough, but 10% of the f***ing game?"
  • (Meyer Lansky) "We already pay half the take on that game to you."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Yes. And now you boys know why."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "What should I do here, Charlie?"
  • (Vincent Piazza) "Depends on what the other guy got."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Depends on what the other gentleman has."
  • (Vincent Piazza) "Right."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Well? What does he have?"
  • (Vincent Piazza) "How should I know? I'm no swami."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "The very reason this game is so challenging. There's a lot of money in that pot. How much do you think is in there?"
  • (Steve Buscemi) "Plenty."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "22,500$. How much mining equipment do you have to sell to make 22 grand, Buck?"
  • (Steve Buscemi) "A lot. Now are you gonna call or fold?"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I'll see your two -- And raise you five."
  • (Steve Buscemi) "Take it. I was bluffing."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I know. So was I."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Do you know what the nice thing is about the Bronx zoo, Charlie? There are bars between you and the monkeys."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Arnold, a Nucky Thompson on the telephone."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I'll take it in here, darling."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "How's that stomach?"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "It's still a little tentative."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "So much apple bread."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "It has a binding effect."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Is that the best thing right now?"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "A sound elimination is the basis of good health."

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