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Boca (The Sopranos) Quotes

Boca (The Sopranos) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Boca ended its run in 1970.

Boca (The Sopranos) Quotes

  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "I'm sick and tired of him. Having to make excuses for him all the time."
  • (Mikey Palmice) "It isn't right."
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "'Cause he's a f***in' mental weakling."
  • (Mikey Palmice) "I know."
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "You don't know s***, Mikey. He's seeing a psychiatrist, for Christ's sake. How about that, huh? My nephew is seeing a psychiatrist. Makes me wanna cry."
  • (Mikey Palmice) "No s***."
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "Indictments being prepared. He's spilling his guts."
  • (Mikey Palmice) "I f***in' knew it."
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "No you didn't f***in' know it. I just told you. God knows how much of our family business he airs, if the place is bugged."
  • (Mikey Palmice) "That stuff's not admissible. It's that, uh, that doctor-patient privilege just like us and Melvoin."
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "Melvoin's a lawyer. He's in the f***in' ballpark. Suppose this shrink gets scared or something. You remember those two f***in' Escobedo brothers, whoever the f***, in California? They whacked their parents? The shrink was in the f***in' witness chair."
  • (Mikey Palmice) "s***."
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "Anthony wants to play games. OK. I taught him games. I taught him how to play baseball."
  • (Mikey Palmice) "You're talking about clipping him?"
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "Nobody would slap my wrist if I did."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Uncle Jun's into muff."
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "What?"
  • (Tony Soprano) "Oh, did I say "muff"? I meant "rough"."
  • (Tony Soprano) "What's that smell? Did you guys go to a sushi bar?"
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "The f***'s he talkin' about?"
  • (Tony Soprano) "I thought you were a baccalà man, Uncle Jun. What are you doin' eatin' sushi?"
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "You f***in' run off at the mouth, you know that?"
  • (Tony Soprano) "South of the border, down Mexico Way."
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "Hey listen, my friend. At least I can deal with my own problems. Unlike some I know."
  • (Tony Soprano) "What's that supposed to mean?"
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "Take it however you want. Don't bulls*** with me."
  • (Silvio Dante) "Hey guys, guys. We're here to play golf or what? C'mon."
  • (Tony Soprano) "South of the border where the tuna fish play."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Uncle Jun, how was Boca?"
  • (Corrado 'Junior' Soprano) "Wonderful. I don't go down enough."
  • (Carmela Soprano) "That's not what I heard."
  • (Meadow Soprano) "f*** you."
  • (Coach Donald 'Don' Hauser) "Soprano. Run laps around the goal NOW."
  • (Meadow Soprano) "No f***ing way."
  • (Silvio Dante) "Meadow don't make me tell your dad. Run the laps NOW."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Carmela, I didn't hurt nobody."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Brandy, go, uh, sit on a tuffet."
  • (Carmela Soprano) "Let's just say your uncle has acquired quite a taste for her."
  • (Tony Soprano) "No, s***, Uncle Jun gives head?"
  • (Carmela Soprano) "World class."
  • (Tony Soprano) "The old man's whistling through the wheat field?"
  • (Carmela Soprano) "Don't be disgusting."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Oh, he's a Bushman of the Kalahari."
  • (Carmela Soprano) "That's why I don't tell you anything 'cause you don't know when to stop."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Oh my God, if this ever gets out."
  • (Carmela Soprano) "Oh yeah, like you don't do it or any of your friends. Bunch of hypocrites."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Hey, what goes on in this bedroom stays here and you know that."
  • (Carmela Soprano) "Once a year? I can resist the urge to gossip."

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