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Body of Lies (film) Quotes

Body of Lies (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Body of Lies stopped airing in 1970.

It features Ridley Scott, and Donald De Line as producer, Marc Streitenfeld in charge of musical score, and Alexander Witt as head of cinematography.

Body of Lies (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Body of Lies (film) is 128 minutes long. Body of Lies (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Russell Crowe as Ed Hoffman, Mark Strong as Hani, Simon McBurney as Garland, Leonardo DiCaprio as Roger Ferris, Mehdi Nebbou as Nizar, Oscar Isaac as Bassam, Alon Abutbul as Al-Saleem, Mark Strong as Ali, and Golshifteh Farahani as Aisha.

Body of Lies (film) Quotes

Russell Crowe as Ed Hoffman

  • (Russell Crowe) "Nobody's innocent in this s***."
  • (Russell Crowe) "See, what's changed is that our allegedly unsophisticated enemy has caughten on to the factually unsophisticated truth; we're an easy target. We are an easy target. And our world as we know it is a lot simpler to put to an end than you might think. We take our foot off the throat of this enemy for one minute, and our world changes completely."
  • (Russell Crowe) "You're not safe here."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "We're not safe anywhere."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Buddy's done, he's all by himself"
  • (Russell Crowe) "It is a fallacy that prolonged war will weaken an occupied enemy. It most likely will make your enemy stronger."

Leonardo DiCaprio as Roger Ferris

  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Still thinking about p*****, Ed?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "Don't be a smart aleck. Thing about that Hani, he's bright, but he's also arrogant. That's gonna be his undoing."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "You're talking about him, right?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "Just flow with me, buddy."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "I need to take a s***, I need a shower and an Internet connection."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Hani Pasha"
  • (Mark Strong) "Pasha? That is an Ottoman term."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "I hear you like it sir."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Ed Hoffman doesn't know s*** until he steals it from the guy on the ground and that's me."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "f***ing cocksucker. How do you expect me to run an operation, when you're running a side operation that f***s up my own."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "I'm gonna need some really really low-level Al Qaeda contacts, alright? No one too extreme. Picture someone in between Osama and Oprah."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "I can't do this anymore."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Yes you can. Now you go home, get a few hours sleep and you call me when you're thinking straight."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Your know what, I AM thinking straight, alright, you're not, you can't 'cause you're a million f***in' miles away."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "I thought you didn't believe in torture, Hani Pasha."
  • (Mark Strong) "This is punishment, my dear. It's a very different thing."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "We are together, Hani Pasha, in this House of War."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "You know what? I've had it. I've had it. I can't do this anymore."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Yes, you can. Now, you just get yourself a couple of hours' sleep. And you call me when you're thinking straight."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "You know what? I am thinking straight. You're not, all right? You can't, because you're a million f***ing miles away. I'm here, Ed, every day. And I see the unnecessary travesties of this war -- that the rest of you backstabbing political f***ing bureaucrats -- only look at pictures of. So don't you dare tell me I am not thinking straight. This is not working, all right? It's not working, I'm out."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Ferris? Ferris?"
  • (Russell Crowe) "I should pack."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "I have to go deal with this Hanni bulls***, so go f*** yourself."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "You're a fat f***ing piece of s***. We do this s*** for a living. Go on a Goddam diet."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "The light, the light is on you motherf***er."

Mark Strong as Hani

  • (Mark Strong) "And so we throw him back into the sea to swim where he naturally swims, to learn what he naturally learns. We'll see how long he remembers my benevolence."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "What if he forgets?"
  • (Mark Strong) "If he forgets, I remind him that I have the power of life and death over him. Because you see, any time I wish, I can let them know he works for me."
  • (Mark Strong) "Watch and learn, my dear. Watch and learn."
  • (Mark Strong) "Urgency does not call for changing methods that work, for methods that do not work."
  • (Russell Crowe) "Now who pays the bills around here? I would hate to have to have my president call your king, because it's just gonna be embarrassing for all of us."
  • (Mark Strong) "You know you can always tell who cares about you the most by who comes first to visit you in the hospital."
  • (Mark Strong) "This is unusual. Your Ed Hoffman would rather have less information than share what he has with me."
  • (Mark Strong) "What have you heard about this building?"
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Well to be quite honest, I hear they call it the, uh, fingernail factory."
  • (Mark Strong) "You Americans, you are incapable of secrecy because you are a democracy."

Alon Abutbul as Al-Saleem

  • (Alon Abutbul) "Ali."
  • (Mark Strong) "Yeah."
  • (Alon Abutbul) "As we destroyed the bus in Sheffield last week, we will be ready and prepared for the operation in Britain. We avenge the American wars on the Muslim world."

Mehdi Nebbou as Nizar

  • (Mehdi Nebbou) "I have a PHD and they want me to blow myself up."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "PHD in what? Chemistry? What do you know about radiological --"
  • (Mehdi Nebbou) "Linguistics. I speak 5 languages. Nobody should say martyr to me. Nobody."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "You are a rare and delicate flower."

Oscar Isaac as Bassam

  • (Oscar Isaac) "Hey hey, listen to me. I'm not getting my head cut off on the Internet, alright? No. If something happens, shoot me. Will you shoot me?"
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "f*** that s***, I will shoot you right now."
  • (Oscar Isaac) "I'm not kidding."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Quit being a p*****."

Golshifteh Farahani as Aisha

  • (Golshifteh Farahani) "A man is not his job."

Simon McBurney as Garland

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