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Bomba, the Jungle Boy (film) Quotes

Bomba, the Jungle Boy (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Bomba, the Jungle Boy ended its run in 1970.

It features Walter Mirisch as producer.

Bomba, the Jungle Boy (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in USA. Each episode of Bomba, the Jungle Boy (film) is 70 mins long.

Bomba, the Jungle Boy (film) Quotes

  • (Eli) "Bana say Bwana bring little black box on lion hunt, make simba hurry up slower. Much easier to kill."
  • (Andy Barnes) "What are the drums saying, Eli? Good news or bad?"
  • (Eli) "Not good news, Boss. Not bad. Say safari come."
  • (Patricia Harland) "Well, I'm going to stick to you until I can make you take me back to camp. I can't stay out here all alone."
  • (Bomba) "Not bad be alone."
  • (Patricia Harland) "Well, you're going to have company whether you like it or not."
  • (Bomba) "Not like."
  • (Patricia Harland) "That's fine. Then you can just take me back to my father."
  • (George Harland) "How much further off is this rift you keep talking about? We've been marching for three days already."
  • (Andy Barnes) "Oh, another three day stretch should do it. That is if you don't stop too long to take pictures."
  • (George Harland) "Pictures? I could find more to shoot in my aunt's backyard than I've seen since left the station."
  • (George Harland) "That's strange. Him turning down all we have to offer for a for a hole in the hill, a flock of wild animals."
  • (Patricia Harland) "I'm not so sure."
  • (Patricia Harland) "Have you got a leopard skin I can have?"
  • (Patricia Harland) "Oh no, Bomba, you keep that one. Get me a little bigger one."
  • (Bomba) "This best one."
  • (Patricia Harland) "Well, I'm not fussy. Second best is good enough for me."
  • (Patricia Harland) "Who are you, anyway?"
  • (Bomba) "Bomba."
  • (Patricia Harland) "Bomba? That's a funny name."
  • (Bomba) "My name."
  • (Mufti) "Fire grow on trees in there. Elephant got two heads. River all hot lead. Mountains roar like lions."
  • (Patricia Harland) "Where on earth did you hear all that?"
  • (Mufti) "Eli say little man turn big, big man turn little. Birds hunt deer. Lions roost in trees."
  • (Patricia Harland) "Don't tell Dad or he'll have us in there. Quick."
  • (Andy Barnes) "Out there's part of it. Out there beyond the big rift; a vast unexplored wilderness of secrets that are known to nobody except the good Lord himself."
  • (George Harland) "That's what I've come ten thousand miles to photograph."
  • (Patricia Harland) "I think I'd better get out of here. Before I decide to stay the rest of my life."
  • (Bomba) "Not like home?"
  • (Patricia Harland) "That's just it. I like it too much."
  • (Bomba) "Why not stay? All good here. All friends."
  • (Patricia Harland) "Don't try to talk me into it. It'd be too easy."

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