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Born to Kill (1947 film) Quotes

Born to Kill (1947 film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Born to Kill ended its run in 1970.

It features Herman Schlom as producer, Paul Sawtell in charge of musical score, and Robert De Grasse as head of cinematography.

Born to Kill (1947 film) is distributed by RKO Pictures.

The cast includes: Walter Slezak as Albert Arnett, Claire Trevor as Helen Brent, Esther Howard as Mrs. Kraft, Lawrence Tierney as Sam Wild, Isabel Jewell as Laury Palmer, Elisha Cook Jr. as Marty Waterman, Phillip Terry as Fred Grover, and Audrey Long as Georgia Staples.

Born to Kill (1947 film) Quotes

Claire Trevor as Helen Brent

  • (Claire Trevor) "I must warn you, though, liquor makes me nosy. I've been known to ask all sorts of personal questions after four cocktails."
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "'Sallright. I've been known to tell people to mind their own business. Cold sober, too."
  • (Claire Trevor) "You're not a turnip, are you?"
  • (Claire Trevor) "Your ethics touch me deeply."
  • (Walter Slezak) "Noblesse oblige --"
  • (Claire Trevor) "You're strength, excitement, and depravity."
  • (Claire Trevor) "Little fool. You're crazy."
  • (Audrey Long) "If I am, at least I'm crazy with love for a man. All you're crazy about is money and yourself."

Elisha Cook Jr. as Marty Waterman

  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "Don't get mad."
  • (Claire Trevor) "I am getting mad. I resent people marching into something that doesn't concern them."
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "You think it doesn't. It concerns me all right, if it concerns Sam."
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "You can't just go around killing people when the notion strikes you. It's just not feasible."

Esther Howard as Mrs. Kraft

  • (Esther Howard) "How come you got a hold of this information?"
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "Through underworld connections, like it says in the newspapers. I'm a bad boy."
  • (Esther Howard) "You're the coldest iceberg of a woman I ever saw, and the rottenest inside. I've seen plenty, too. I wouldn't trade places with you if they sliced me into little pieces."

Walter Slezak as Albert Arnett

  • (Delivery Boy) "My that coffee smells good. Ain't it funny how coffee never tastes as good as it smells."
  • (Walter Slezak) "As you grow older, you'll discover that life is very much like coffee: the aroma is always better than the actuality. May that be your thought for the day."
  • (Walter Slezak) "Has it occurred to you? Neither of us looks like a scoundrel, do we?"
  • (Walter Slezak) "In that case, I shall have to forge ahead with my inquiry. And may I remind you that Nevada courts have rather puritanical views. Why some of our more impassioned juries even insist that a man who commits murder pay with his life."
  • (Walter Slezak) "Which will, believe me, be exceedingly painful to a man of my integrity."
  • (Esther Howard) "It won't hurt half as much as me to lose my $500."
  • (Walter Slezak) "It's quite all right, Mrs. Brent. I am a man of integrity, but I'm always willing to listen to an interesting offer."
  • (Claire Trevor) "Well, I'm prepared to pay handsomely."
  • (Walter Slezak) "Good. Obstructing the wheels of justice is a costly affair."
  • (Claire Trevor) "Five thousand dollars should do it."
  • (Walter Slezak) "Fifteen thousand dollars should do it."

Isabel Jewell as Laury Palmer

  • (Isabel Jewell) "Oh, why not? If you're glad about the divorce, you ought to celebrate. And if you're sad and wanna forget about it, you ought to celebrate. So either way, you ought to celebrate."

Phillip Terry as Fred Grover

  • (Phillip Terry) "You never see a thing except what you want to see, do you?"

Audrey Long as Georgia Staples

  • (Audrey Long) "Well, I'll tell you this much. You won't get another nickel as long as I live. And when I die, you still won't. I'll see to that first thing in the morning."

Lawrence Tierney as Sam Wild

  • (Lawrence Tierney) "I've got a dame on my mind; and she's dead. That's plenty for me."

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