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Born Yesterday (1950 film) Quotes

Born Yesterday (1950 film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Born Yesterday completed its run in 1970.

It features S. Sylvan Simon as producer, Frederick Hollander in charge of musical score, and Joseph Walker (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Born Yesterday (1950 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Born Yesterday (1950 film) is 103 minutes long. Born Yesterday (1950 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Broderick Crawford as Harry Brock, Judy Holliday as Billie Dawn, William Holden as Paul Verrall, Judy Holliday as Billie, William Holden as Paul, William Holden as Paul Verral, Howard St. John as Jim Devery, and Larry Oliver as Congressman Norval Hedges.

Born Yesterday (1950 film) Quotes

Broderick Crawford as Harry Brock

  • (Broderick Crawford) "Shut up. You ain't gonna be tellin' nobody nothin' pretty soon."
  • (Judy Holliday) "DOUBLE NEGATIVE. Right?"
  • (William Holden) "Right."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "Don't you feel good? You want a aspirin?"
  • (Howard St. John) "No, no, I'm fine. In fact, considering I've been dead for sixteen years I'm in remarkable health."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "What's a peninsula?"
  • (Judy Holliday) "Shhhh."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "Don't gimme that "shush." You think you're so smart, huh; what's a peninsula?"
  • (William Holden) "It's a --"
  • (Broderick Crawford) "Not you, her."
  • (Judy Holliday) "It's that new medicine --"
  • (Broderick Crawford) "How d'ya like that. He could've had a hundred grand. She could've had me. Both wind up with nothin' -- Dumb chump --. Crazy broad."
  • (Howard St. John) "To all the dumb chumps and all the crazy broads, past, present, and future, who thirst for knowledge and search for truth -- who fight for justice and civilize each other -- and make it so tough for crooks like you --"
  • (Howard St. John) "-- and me."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "WHAT'S GOIN' ON AROUND HERE?"
  • (Howard St. John) "A revolution."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "Alright, let's get down to it -- what'll ya take, Paul?"
  • (William Holden) "I'll take a drink, please, if I may."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "Don't get fancy with me. I ain't met a guy yet didn't have his price."
  • (William Holden) "I have."
  • (Broderick Crawford) "I'm talkin' about big numbers."
  • (Judy Holliday) "You an' your big numbers, you don' watch out, you'll be wearing one across yer chest."

Larry Oliver as Congressman Norval Hedges

  • (Larry Oliver) "I said to Sam only last week this country will soon to have to decide if the people are going to run the government, or the government is going to run the people."

Judy Holliday as Billie Dawn

  • (Judy Holliday) "He always used to say, "Never do nothing you wouldn't want printed on the front page of The New York Times.""
  • (Judy Holliday) "You could have saved yourself the trouble. I don't read papers."
  • (William Holden) "Never?"
  • (Judy Holliday) "Yeah, once in a while the back part -- the funnies."
  • (William Holden) "Oh, I think you should. The, the front part -- the not-so-funnies."
  • (Judy Holliday) "How about the story of your life?"
  • (William Holden) "Oh no. Much too long -- and mostly untrue."
  • (Judy Holliday) "Are you one of these talkers or would you be interested in a little action?"
  • (Judy Holliday) "One night I brought home a hundred dollars and gave it to him. You know what he did? -- Well, it sure didn't do the plumbing no good."
  • (Judy Holliday) "He's right. I'm stupid and I like it."

William Holden as Paul Verrall

  • (William Holden) "A world full of ignorant people is too dangerous to live in."
  • (William Holden) "Nobody's born smart, Billie. Do you know what the stupidest thing on Earth is? An infant."
  • (Judy Holliday) "Whadaya got against babies all of a sudden?"

Howard St. John as Jim Devery

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