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Botched (film) Quotes

Botched (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Botched ended its run in 1970.

It features Alan Balladur, Thomas Fischer, Steve Richards, Terence Ryan, and Ken Tuohy as producer, Tom Green in charge of musical score, and Bryan Loftus as head of cinematography.

Botched (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Australia. Each episode of Botched (film) is 91 minutes long. Botched (film) is distributed by Optimum Releasing, and Darclight Films.

The cast includes: Geoff Bell as Boris, Stephen Dorff as Ritchie Donovan, Jamie Foreman as Peter, Hugh O'Conor as Dmitry, Russell Smith as Yuri, Bronagh Gallagher as Sonya, and Luke Hayden as Security Guard.

Botched (film) Quotes

Luke Hayden as Security Guard

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Stephen Dorff as Ritchie Donovan

  • (Stephen Dorff) "Where's the rest of him Peter?"
  • (Jamie Foreman) "He's back there where we came in. And don't f***ing look at me like that. I did not do it."
  • (Stephen Dorff) "Who did it then?"
  • (Jamie Foreman) "It's obvious, f***ing pigs. They must not have liked your demands."
  • (Stephen Dorff) "I didn't make any demands. What do you think I'm f***ing stupid? Police don't kill hostages you idiot. Why, why'd you do it?"
  • (Jamie Foreman) "Have you lost your mind? Listen, I take him to lift, the doors open, big scissors, head comes off, here it is."

Geoff Bell as Boris

  • (Geoff Bell) "Moof."
  • (Geoff Bell) "I am, what psychiatrists call, alpha male."

Hugh O'Conor as Dmitry

  • (Hugh O'Conor) "Can anybody hear me? Can anybody hear me?"
  • (Fake Cop on Intercom) "Greetings comrade."
  • (Hugh O'Conor) "Oh thank God. You have to get the police, various people are trying to kill me."
  • (Fake Cop on Intercom) "What is your handle?"
  • (Hugh O'Conor) "Huh?"
  • (Fake Cop on Intercom) "I said, what is your handle?"
  • (Hugh O'Conor) "I don't have a handle, I don't have a handle."
  • (Fake Cop on Intercom) "Oh you've got to have handle, mine is --"
  • (Hugh O'Conor) "I don't want to know your handle. Just listen. I got on this lift, and you're thinking, 'Hmm, normal passengers, ground floor please.' No, three of them had done a robbery and the rest of us were hostages. And things have changed since then, some of the hostages have taken over. Yeah, they tried to sacrifice me. Come back robbers, all is forgiven. And before I forget, there's also this psycho definite sex-criminal nut-job running around cutting people's heads off. I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet but I'm sure I will later."
  • (Fake Cop on Intercom) "Do you want to know what my handle is?"
  • (Hugh O'Conor) "What? Didn't you hear a word I just said?"
  • (Fake Cop on Intercom) "Oh, if you don't want to know, I'll tell you anyway. My handle is 'ferret'"
  • (Hugh O'Conor) "Listen you weirdo, just phone the police."
  • (Hugh O'Conor) "Hello? Ferret?"
  • (Hugh O'Conor) "Let's go do the bastard."

Russell Smith as Yuri

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