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Bottle Rocket Quotes

Bottle Rocket is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Bottle Rocket stopped airing in 1970.

It features Polly Platt as producer, Mark Mothersbaugh in charge of musical score, and Robert Yeoman as head of cinematography.

Bottle Rocket is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bottle Rocket is 91 minutes long. Bottle Rocket is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Owen Wilson as Dignan, Luke Wilson as Anthony, Lumi Cavazos as Inez, Robert Musgrave as Bob, James Caan as Abe Henry, Kumar Pallana as Kumar, Shea Fowler as Grace, and Ned Dowd as Dr. Nichols.

Bottle Rocket Quotes

Owen Wilson as Dignan

  • (Unnamed) "Hey, you're in the Army, yes?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "No, I just have short hair."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Pointless act. You don't give a 500 dollar tip to the housekeeper. That's inappropriate. That's inexcusable. That, I don't forgive. What were you thinking? What were you thinking?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "How does an asshole like Bob get such a great kitchen?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "Okay. There, you see the star is me, right there, and I'll be in there. The X is Anthony. Bob, you're the zero out here in the car."
  • (Owen Wilson) "So is Mr. Henry coming to se me or --"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Well, I don't think so Dignan. He actually robbed Bob's house."
  • (Owen Wilson) "You're kidding. Wow. I almost robbed that place myself."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Here are just a few of the key ingredients: dynamite, pole vaulting, laughing gas, choppers; can you see how incredible this is going to be?; hang gliding, come on."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Son of a bitch. Anthony. Anthony. Bob's gone. He stole his car. He flew the coop while we were sleepin'."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Little kids are really cute. She is a cute little kid."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Everybody wants to know what's next. May I enjoy this moment?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "Bob Mapplethorpe, potential get-away driver: go."
  • (Robert Musgrave) "Well, I think there's a real air of mystery about me."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Don't complicate it. Your number one strength is you have a car you can provide. Sell yourself. Start over. Ready, go."
  • (Robert Musgrave) "Okay, alright. I'm a risk taker. I'm growin' an entire crop of marijuana plants in my parents back yard. I think that shows --"
  • (Owen Wilson) "Wait, you're growing an entire crop of marijuana in your back yard?"
  • (Robert Musgrave) "Dignan, look. I'm just not very good at this selling-yourself stuff, okay? So, I'm just gonna tell you the truth. I really wanna be a part of this team. And I'm the only one with a car."
  • (Owen Wilson) "That's good. That's good. 'Cause that hits me right here."
  • (Owen Wilson) "What a lemon. One minute it's running like a top, and the next it's broken down on the side of the road. And I can't fix a car like this, because I don't have the tools. And even if I did have the tools I don't know if I could fix a car like this."
  • (Owen Wilson) "On the run from Johnny Law -- ain't no trip to Cleveland."
  • (Owen Wilson) "He's out."
  • (Owen Wilson) "And you're out, too. And I dont think I'm in, either. No gang."
  • (Owen Wilson) "A bigger bag, you idiot."
  • (Book Store Manager) "Don't call me an idiot, you punk."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Can -- do you have a -- do you have bigger bags -- for atlases or dictionaries -- uhh, Sir?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "Let's get lucky."
  • (Unnamed) "Can I get you guys something to drink?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "Uh yeah, I'll have a Tom Collins."
  • (Owen Wilson) "We'll get him. We'll get him. Man, dont worry about that, we'll get him. And when we do, we'll blow up his car, do something. I can guarantee you that. What makes me furious is thinking about the look on Bob's fat face, thinking he pulled one over on us. I tell you another thing. If our paths cross again, you're gonna see a side of Dignan that you havent seen before. A sick, sadistic side, cause I'm furious at Bob."
  • (Owen Wilson) "You, my dear friend, are a damn fool."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Who tripped the alarm, man?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "It's the fire alarm."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Who tripped the fire alarm?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "IT'S BECAUSE OF ALL THIS f***ING SMOKE."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Who'd you get to do that? Did you bribe a janitor?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "Ain't it funny how you used to be in the nut house and now I'm in jail?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "Why are you here right now? You're always at lunch at this time."
  • (Unnamed) "Not always."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Yes. Always."

Robert Musgrave as Bob

  • (Robert Musgrave) "I'm paying attention."
  • (Owen Wilson) "god****IT. Your not paying attention if you're messin' around with the gun."
  • (Robert Musgrave) "Wha; why is there tape on your nose?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "Exactly."
  • (Robert Musgrave) "Bullying son of a bitch."
  • (Future Man) "You're calling me a bully? Here's a bully for you."
  • (Robert Musgrave) "He looks at me and says, "Bob, just because you're a f***up doesn't mean you're not my brother.""
  • (Robert Musgrave) "Anthony, I need to talk to you, man -- Anthony, I have got to talk to you. Look, I am sorry about this, this seems like a nice soiree, but I have got a family situation. I don't care what you think. I dont care. Tengo una situación con mi familia. Dignan does not want to deal with it, could you please come outside for a minute?"

Luke Wilson as Anthony

  • (Future Man) "I don't suppose either one of you know why Bob's car is here?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Uh -- yeah, he's here."
  • (Luke Wilson) "You took the earrings, Dignan? You took em."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Well, you know, it's my fault. It's like, ultimately, Anthony, when are you gonna learn?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "Man, you got another ball. Should I play your game?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "The list, Dignan. I know you remember the list cause you signed it. You signed the things Dignan's not supposed to touch."
  • (Owen Wilson) "The thing is I can't be sorting through all that s*** in the middle of a burglary."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Hey, hey, I don't care, okay? I bought the earrings for my mother on her birthday. I went down, I picked em out myself."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Hey, one thing is, every valuable item in the house was on that list."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Hey, maybe, we should've robbed your house. Did you ever think of that? No, I bet that never crossed your mind."
  • (Rocky) "You're like paper. You know, you're trash."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Like trash?"
  • (Rocky) "You know, you're like paper falling by, you know -- It doesn't sound that bad in Spanish --"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Hey, Dr Nichols, I was just coming down to say goodbye --"
  • (Luke Wilson) "I don't think your happiness is quite appropriate."
  • (Luke Wilson) "You told, you told your friend Bernice I'm some kind of jet pilot?"
  • (Shea Fowler) "What was I supposed to say, they stuck you in an insane asylum?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "It wasn't an insane asylum, Grace. I explained to you back then that it was for exhaustion."
  • (Shea Fowler) "Exhaustion?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Yes, exhaustion."
  • (Shea Fowler) "You haven't worked a day in your life. How could you be exhausted?"
  • (Stacy Sinclair) "Wow, you're really complicated."
  • (Luke Wilson) "I try not to be."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Fact: Dignan, the picture's not doing it for me right now."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Well does the fact that I'm trying to do it do it for you?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Why aren't you over there right now?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "Because we're fugitives -- and he fired me."

Shea Fowler as Grace

  • (Shea Fowler) "When are you coming home?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "I can't come home, Grace, I'm an adult."

James Caan as Abe Henry

  • (James Caan) "You know, Johnathan, the world needs dreamers."
  • (Future Man) "Excuse me?"
  • (James Caan) "No, I don't think so. You know, John, one day I believe that you're going to wake up and realize you no longer have a brother. And you no longer have any friends. And on that day I'm gonna be standing front and center just laughing my f***ing head off."
  • (James Caan) "John."
  • (James Caan) "John."
  • (James Caan) "How's the water? How's the water?"

Kumar Pallana as Kumar

  • (Kumar Pallana) "Who's that man?"
  • (Owen Wilson) "That's Applejack, come on Kumar."
  • (Kumar Pallana) "Man, I blew it. I blew it, man."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Kumar, what were you doing in the freezer?"
  • (Kumar Pallana) "I don't know, man, I lose my touch, man."
  • (Owen Wilson) "Did you ever have a touch to lose, man?"

Ned Dowd as Dr. Nichols

  • (Ned Dowd) "Hey Anthony, don't try to save everybody, okay?"

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