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Boxcar Bertha Quotes

Boxcar Bertha is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Boxcar Bertha completed its run in 1970.

It features Roger Corman as producer, Gib Guilbeau in charge of musical score, and John M. Stephens as head of cinematography.

Boxcar Bertha is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Boxcar Bertha is 87 minutes long. Boxcar Bertha is distributed by American International Pictures.

The cast includes: Barbara Hershey as Boxcar Bertha, David Carradine as 'Big' Bill Shelly, Barry Primus as Rake Brown, Harry Northup as Harvey Hall, and John Carradine as H. Buckram Sartoris.

Boxcar Bertha Quotes

David Carradine as 'Big' Bill Shelly

  • (David Carradine) "Which way are you headed?"
  • (Barbara Hershey) "I don't know."

Barbara Hershey as Boxcar Bertha

  • (Barbara Hershey) "No. Don't take him. You can't take him. Can't take him. Stop it. Don't take him. Don't; take him. No.; No.; No."
  • (Unnamed) "You're pretty. Very pretty. You have a remarkable figure. Quite; full."
  • (Barbara Hershey) "Thank you."
  • (Barbara Hershey) "It looks like it's really over for you now, huh?"
  • (David Carradine) "Hell no. Until I'm dead."
  • (Barbara Hershey) "You don't have to rush it."
  • (David Carradine) "It's appointed, each man to die. Judgement"
  • (Barbara Hershey) "You don't have to rush it."
  • (Unnamed) "Everybody's strikin'. East coast. West coast. What happens if everybody strikes? Firemen. Police. You know what that means? Anarchy. Chaos. We got a socialist people goin' on now. We got Reds comin' in. Reds around us. Reds in Washington goin' down. What's going to happen?"
  • (Barbara Hershey) "What are these Reds? That's all I ever hear about is Reds."
  • (Unnamed) "Big Bill Shelly, he's a Red."
  • (Barbara Hershey) "I want somethin' I ain't ever had."
  • (David Carradine) "How you gonna get that?"
  • (Barbara Hershey) "Guts and luck."
  • (David Carradine) "Luck. Hell, luck is bein' a Vanderbilt or a Carnegie."
  • (Barbara Hershey) "Just grabbin' somethin' good when it comes by."
  • (David Carradine) "Sure, enough, honey."
  • (Barbara Hershey) "Bill, I wanna thank you. You're a real straight shooter."
  • (David Carradine) "Hey, whoa, honey, I'm not that straight shooter."
  • (Barbara Hershey) "Huh?"
  • (David Carradine) "I mean, you ain't even seen me shoot."
  • (Barbara Hershey) "Huh?"
  • (David Carradine) "I'll at least light a fire for you. You probably don't even have any matches. Do you?"
  • (Barbara Hershey) "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

Barry Primus as Rake Brown

  • (Barry Primus) ""All other escapees, have been returned to custody, except for a negro." That's probably you, Von."
  • (Barry Primus) "Listen to this, "The notorious labor radical and Bolshivek spy, Big Bill Shelly, along with certain of his desperate confederates, broke out of Shelby County Penal Farm, assaulting a guard.""
  • (David Carradine) "What's so funny about that?"
  • (Barry Primus) "I was laughing at the spy part. You don't look like no spy to me. I always thought they wear glasses."

Harry Northup as Harvey Hall

  • (Harry Northup) "She's got her skirt up, somewheres around her chin. I got a clear view up to the ol' kazoo. I finally get her home and she says, I swear to God, she says, "Deputy, I don't know how to thank you." And I says, "Why, honey, I believe you do." So, I climb in the back seat, their seat, and she lies back, she puts her legs up, and she acts just like she was born to do it."

John Carradine as H. Buckram Sartoris

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