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Boys' Night Quotes

Boys' Night is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Boys' Night completed its run in 1970.

Boys' Night Quotes

  • (Manny Delgado) "Whoa, whoa, whha. What is this? Where's my soft-boiled egg?"
  • (Gloria Delgado-Pritchett) "I made it scrambled. It's healthy to try new things."
  • (Manny Delgado) "You don't just spring things on me like this."
  • (Gloria Delgado-Pritchett) "Well, guess what? This is not the biggest curve ball life is going to throw at you."
  • (Jay Pritchett) "I used to be afraid to try new things. Take crab cakes. I didn't want them, tried them, loved them. End of story."
  • (Manny Delgado) "Wow. Are the movie rights available for that one?"
  • (Jay Pritchett) "Im going to walk like a man fast as i can to that bar back there, and if you knew Frankie Valle youd be cracking up right now."
  • (Jay Pritchett) "So what does a guy have to do to get a drink around here?"
  • (Mitchell Pritchett) "Nobody answer that."
  • (Mitchell Pritchett) "This Saturday we're having dinner with Pepper, Longines and Crispin."
  • (Cameron Tucker) "They're our gay friends."
  • (Mitchell Pritchett) "I think that was clear. I have been around a lot of straight people lately, and I need a night out with my homies."
  • (Cameron Tucker) "You mean your homos"
  • (Mitchell Pritchett) "Okay, maybe you should stay and babysit."
  • (Claire Dunphy) "He does have a point. We don't know the man."
  • (Phil Dunphy) "Yeah. Old people and young people can be friends. Here are some examples: Up, Gran Torino, True Grit."
  • (Claire Dunphy) "Cartoon, kills himself, loses an arm."
  • (Claire Dunphy) "If Hannibal Lecter and Freddy Kruger had a lovechild, he would be afraid of our next door neighbor."
  • (Phil Dunphy) "I don't say bad things about people, but Mr. Kleezak is -- not a nice person."
  • (Claire Dunphy) "Easy, honey."
  • (Luke Dunphy) "Boys rule and girls drool, right dad?"
  • (Alex Dunphy) "You drool all the time. Mom wanted to see a specialist."
  • (Luke Dunphy) "I'm still growing into my tongue."
  • (Mitchell Pritchett) "Hey, Haley."
  • (Haley Dunphy) "Oh, hey, Uncle Mitchell."
  • (Mitchell Pritchett) "Hey, is your mom home?"
  • (Haley Dunphy) "No. She had to take Alex to the oncologist."
  • (Mitchell Pritchett) "Oh, my God. What's wrong?"
  • (Haley Dunphy) "She needed new glasses."
  • (Mitchell Pritchett) "Oh. Did you mean the optometrist?"
  • (Haley Dunphy) "Whatever."
  • (Manny Delgado) "So I have to try new things and you don't? What about the crab cakes?"
  • (Jay Pritchett) "That was a fluke, and I can't smother that boring music in tartar sauce."
  • (Mitchell Pritchett) "People can surprise you. You get so used to thinking of them one way, stuck in their roles. They are what they are. Then they do something that shows you there's all this depth and dimension that you never knew existed."
  • (Cameron Tucker) "Are you talking about Rob Lowe?"
  • (Mitchell Pritchett) "I'm just saying he's a very versatile actor. I think his good looks have actually held him back."
  • (Cameron Tucker) "Well, I can relate to that."
  • (Dylan) "I think I left them at your uncle's house."
  • (Haley Dunphy) "Oh, my God. This is a disaster."
  • (Dylan) "Maybe they'll think it's theirs."
  • (Haley Dunphy) "They're gay, they know what shoes they own."

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