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Boyz n the Hood Quotes

Boyz n the Hood is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Boyz n the Hood ended in 1970.

It features Steve Nicolaides as producer, Stanley Clarke in charge of musical score, and Charles Mills as head of cinematography.

Boyz n the Hood is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Boyz n the Hood is 112 minutes long. Boyz n the Hood is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Ice Cube as Doughboy, Regina King as Shalika, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Tre Styles, Redge Green as Chris, Dedrick D. Gobert as Dooky, Baldwin C. Sykes as Monster, Morris Chestnut as Ricky, Raymond Turner as Ferris, and Nia Long as Brandi.

Boyz n the Hood Quotes

Regina King as Shalika

  • (Regina King) "How do you know God's a he? He can be a she. You don't know that."
  • (Regina King) "Why is it every time you talk about a female you gotta say bitch, ho, or hootchie?"
  • (Ice Cube) "'Cause that's what you are."

Cuba Gooding Jr. as Tre Styles

  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "Who dis?"
  • (Reva Deveraux) "Who dis? What kind of way is that to answer the phone? Have you given anymore thought to what we talked about?"
  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "Yeah -- I don't know yet."
  • (Reva Deveraux) "Let me speak to yo daddy."
  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "POP. Telephone."
  • (Furious Styles) "Who dis?"
  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "Hey, Dough."
  • (Ice Cube) "W'sup?"
  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "You still got one brother left, man."
  • (Ice Cube) "Thanks, man -- Later, G."
  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "Later."

Morris Chestnut as Ricky

  • (Morris Chestnut) "damn, nothin."
  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "what?"
  • (Morris Chestnut) "Nothin, I said I didn't win nothin."
  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "You gotta be mexican to win that s***."

Ice Cube as Doughboy

  • (Ice Cube) "Yo, cuz, I know why you got outta the car last night -- shouldn't have been there in the first place. You don't want that s*** to come back to haunt you. I ain't been up this early in a long time. I turned on the TV this morning, they had this s*** on about -- about living in a violent world. Showed all these foreign places -- I started thinking, man, either they don't know, don't show, or don't care about what's going on in the hood. Man, all this foreign s***, and they didn't have s*** on my brother, man."
  • (Ice Cube) "I ain't got no brother. Got no mother, either. She loved that fool more than she loved me."
  • (Sheryl) "Doughboy. You got some blow? Got some rock?"
  • (Ice Cube) "Yo, get the f*** out my face. Keep them god**** babies out the street."
  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "Did y'all get 'em?"
  • (Ice Cube) "I'ont even know how I feel about it, neither, man. It just goes on and on, you know. Next thing you know, somebody might try and smoke me. Don't matter, doe. We all gotta go sometime, huh?"
  • (Ice Cube) "Turn your punk ass over."
  • (Ice Cube) "I heard you like Mr. GQ Smooth now. You working over at the Fox Hills Mall?"
  • (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "Yeah, I get discounts on clothes. You like?"
  • (Ice Cube) "You look like you sellin' rocks."
  • (Ice Cube) "Life would be different if God was a bitch."
  • (Ice Cube) "Either they don't know, don't show, or don't care about what's going on in the hood. They had all this foreign s***. They didn't have s*** on my brother, man."
  • (Ice Cube) "You know how to play Spades, Dooky?"
  • (Dedrick D. Gobert) "Somethin' like that."
  • (Ice Cube) "I got somethin' for you to suck on."
  • (Ice Cube) "Man your pops is like, mothaf***in, Malcolm -- Farrakhan."
  • (Ice Cube) "Fool you don't go to college to be talkin' to no bitches. Your black ass 'posed to be learnin' somethin'. Can't learn s*** talkin' to no stupid ass bitch."
  • (Ice Cube) "Ho's gotta eat too."
  • (Regina King) "Who you callin' a ho', I ain't no ho'."
  • (Ice Cube) "Oops, I'm sorry, bitch."

Redge Green as Chris

  • (Redge Green) "Fool, I wasn't even talking to you. This is a A-B conversation, you know -- you can "C" your way out of it."
  • (Ice Cube) "Yeah, you can "C" your way out my ride, and we'll "C" your cripple ass walking all the way home."

Raymond Turner as Ferris

  • (Raymond Turner) "f*** you man. f*** you."
  • (Ice Cube) "Turn your punk-ass over."
  • (Raymond Turner) "I didn't do it man. I didn't pull the f***in' trigger. What the f*** you doin? Oh, man. Well, f*** you. f*** you."

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