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Bravo Two Zero (film) Quotes

Bravo Two Zero is a TV show that first aired in 1999 on BBC One. Bravo Two Zero ended its run in 1999.

Bravo Two Zero was on for 2 episodes. It features Ruth Caleb as producer, David Ferguson as theme composer, and Rod Stewart as head of cinematography.

Bravo Two Zero is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Bravo Two Zero is 54 minutes long. Bravo Two Zero is produced by Distant Horizon, Icon Productions, and Videovision Entertainment and distributed by BBC.

The cast includes: Ian Curtis as Baz, Steve Nicolson as Dinger, Sean Bean as Andy McNab, Robert Hobbs as Stan, Akram Ibrahim as Prison Governor, and Robert Whitehead as Iraqi Colonel.

Bravo Two Zero Quotes

Robert Whitehead as Iraqi Colonel

  • (Robert Whitehead) "So, Andy, what was your unit doing in this part of the world? Israeli, British, doesn't matter much to me. For now. However, both countries would not send men who know "jack s***" into their enemy's territory."

Sean Bean as Andy McNab

  • (Sean Bean) "I wasn't afraid. I was depressed."
  • (Sean Bean) "Of course you're afraid; anyone who says they're not are either lying or need to see a shrink. You want to make the biggest hole possible to hide in; you'd get your spoon out and start digging if that would help. But then the training takes over -- you psych yourself up, check all your pouches are closed, your pockets don't open and your magazines are on tight."
  • (Sean Bean) "For the next hour we fought a running battle with the jundies"
  • (Sean Bean) "as they pursued us across the plain."
  • (Sean Bean) "The Bergens were binned; we couldn't move quickly enough with them. Our belt kits carried what we couldn't do without; water and ammo. We could hear contacts in the distance. Whoever they were firing at, it wasn't us."
  • (Sean Bean) "Every soldier hopes for a major war in his lifetime. This one was mine."
  • (Sean Bean) "I pulled as hard as I could, which was difficult, due to the cold."
  • (Sean Bean) "The psychiatrists turned up to check us for signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Turned out they were more strung-out than we were."
  • (Sean Bean) "We're soldiers. It's my profession and I'm proud of it. Nobody said you had to be crap at it. As for the men who tortured us, they had a job to do as well. It's just that some of them enjoyed it a but too much. If I met any of them in the street tomorrow, and thought I could get away with it, I'd slot them."
  • (Title Card) "A patrol of eight went out. Only five returned."
  • (Sean Bean) "If the Iraqis didn't kill us, the weather was going to."

Steve Nicolson as Dinger

  • (Steve Nicolson) "Did you know that Saddam Hussein is an anagram of 'He's a sad nudist?'"
  • (Sean Bean) "Where did the 'M' go?"
  • (Steve Nicolson) "I swapped it for a 'T'."
  • (Sean Bean) "You can't do that."
  • (Steve Nicolson) "Well I just did."
  • (Sean Bean) "That's not right."
  • (Steve Nicolson) "Dinger. Ex-Para, Chain smoker. Comment? My God, my country, my Harley Davidson. Not necessarily in that order."

Ian Curtis as Baz

  • (Ian Curtis) "Hey, Ding -- is there an apostrophe in "we're"?"
  • (Steve Nicolson) "As in what?"
  • (Ian Curtis) "As in "we're in the s***.""
  • (Steve Nicolson) "Oh, yes."
  • (Ian Curtis) "Baz, ex-para like Dinger only better looking."
  • (Steve Nicolson) "Bollocks."
  • (Ian Curtis) "Comment, I will give up smoking next year."
  • (Ian Curtis) "This year, s***."

Akram Ibrahim as Prison Governor

  • (Akram Ibrahim) "Once again, what is your name?"
  • (Sean Bean) "McNab."
  • (Akram Ibrahim) "Your rank?"
  • (Sean Bean) "Sargent."
  • (Akram Ibrahim) "And your unit?"
  • (Sean Bean) "Under the Geneva Convention, I'm afraid I cannot answer that question."
  • (Akram Ibrahim) "Fool. We are not in Geneva."

Robert Hobbs as Stan

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