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Breaker Morant (film) Quotes

Breaker Morant (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Breaker Morant stopped airing in 1970.

It features Matt Carroll (producer) as producer, and Donald McAlpine as head of cinematography.

Breaker Morant (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Australia. Each episode of Breaker Morant (film) is 107 minutes long. Breaker Morant (film) is distributed by Village Roadshow.

The cast includes: Bryan Brown as Peter Handcock, Lewis Fitz-Gerald as George Wittow, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell as Lt. Col. Denny, Ray Meagher as Sgt. Maj. Drummond, Alan Cassell as Lord Kitchener, Rob Steele as Capt. Robertson, and John Waters as Capt. Alfred Taylor.

Breaker Morant (film) Quotes

Bryan Brown as Peter Handcock

  • (Bryan Brown) "Well that broke the monotony."
  • (Bryan Brown) "Well, they say a slice off a cut loaf is never missed."
  • (Bryan Brown) "There once was a lad from Australia, who painted his ass like a dahlia, the color was fine and likewise the design, but the aroma -whew.- that was the failure."
  • (Bryan Brown) "New South Wales Mounted? What sort of a lawyer are you?"
  • (Major Thomas) "They haven't locked me up, yet. What sort of a soldier are you?"

Lewis Fitz-Gerald as George Wittow

  • (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) "Did you write that, Harry?"
  • (Harry Morant) "No, no. It was a minor poet, called Byron."
  • (Bryan Brown) "Never heard of him."
  • (Harry Morant) "I did say he was a minor poet."
  • (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) "Harry. Peter."
  • (Bryan Brown) "See you in hell, mate."
  • (Harry Morant) "Goodbye, George."
  • (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) "Why did they do this to us, Harry? Why?"
  • (Harry Morant) "They have to apologize for their damned war. They're trying to end it now, so they need scapegoats."
  • (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) "HARRY. PETER."
  • (Harry Morant) "George. We're scapegoats to the bloody empire."
  • (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) "Jesus --"
  • (Harry Morant) "As a matter of interest, how many courts-martial have you done?"
  • (Major Thomas) "None."
  • (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) "None?"
  • (Bryan Brown) "Jesus, they're playing with a double-headed penny, aren't they?"
  • (Major Thomas) "Would you rather conduct your own defence?"
  • (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) "But you have handled a lot of court cases back home, sir?"
  • (Major Thomas) "No. I was a country-town solicitor. I handled land conveyancing and wills."
  • (Bryan Brown) "Wills. Might come in handy."

Rob Steele as Capt. Robertson

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Charles 'Bud' Tingwell as Lt. Col. Denny

  • (Charles 'Bud' Tingwell) "Do you really believe that Lord Kitchener, a man venerated throughout the world, would be capable of issuing an order of such barbarity?"
  • (Major Thomas) "I don't know, sir. But I do know that orders that one would consider barbarous have already been issued in this war. Before I was asked to defend these soldiers, I spent some months destroying Boer farmhouses, burning their crops, herding their women and children into stinking refugee camps where thousands of them have already died from disease. Now these orders WERE issued, sir. And soldiers like myself and these men here have had to carry them out however damned reluctantly."

John Waters as Capt. Alfred Taylor

  • (Harry Morant) "Well, Mr. Taylor, sir, so much for your damned intelligence report. "Eight Boers, exhausted"; that's what you said. "Horses with fever", you said. What do you say now?"
  • (John Waters) "I say avenge Captain Hunt."

Alan Cassell as Lord Kitchener

  • (Alan Cassell) "Needless to say, the Germans couldn't give a damn about the Boers. The diamonds and gold of South Africa they're after."
  • (Major Bolton) "They lack our altruism, sir."
  • (Alan Cassell) "Quite."

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