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Bring It On: All or Nothing Quotes

Bring It On: All or Nothing is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Bring It On: All or Nothing stopped airing in 1970.

It features David Roessell as producer, Transcenders in charge of musical score, and Victor J. Kemper as head of cinematography.

Bring It On: All or Nothing is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bring It On: All or Nothing is 99 minutes long. Bring It On: All or Nothing is distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

The cast includes: Hayden Panettiere as Britney, Solange Knowles as Camille, Francia Raisa as Leti, Gary LeRoi Gray as Tyson, Gus Carr as Jesse, Giovonnie Samuels as Kirresha, Jessica Fife as Sierra, Cindy Chiu as Amber, Marcy Rylan as Winnie, Danielle Savre as Brianna, Matt Hayes as Brad, Matt Hayes as Brad Warner, Danielle Savre as Rihanna, Eric Bruskotter as Tim Allen, and Kiersten Warren as Pam Allen.

Bring It On: All or Nothing Quotes

Matt Hayes as Brad

  • (Matt Hayes) "What's up Amber?"
  • (Cindy Chiu) "You tell me, Brad."
  • (Matt Hayes) "Oh."
  • (Matt Hayes) "I got you a present"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "what is this?"
  • (Matt Hayes) "Well I thought that your first time would be more romantic and special if we had it in a Marriot."
  • (Matt Hayes) "Dude, you're a cheerleader, too? You're never gonna get laid."

Hayden Panettiere as Britney

  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Hi Mommy."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Hey."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Guess what? We're gonna be on television."
  • (Kiersten Warren) "What?"
  • (Kiersten Warren) "Yeah."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Jesse, I want you to know I broke up with Brad the night of the dance."
  • (Gus Carr) "Really? I's be more impressed if you broke up with him the night we kissed."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I-I just couldn't let go of my old life. The closer I got to you, the less important it all seemed."
  • (Gus Carr) "Well what's important to you now?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I could show you better than I can tell you."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "What audition?"
  • (Gus Carr) "The Rihanna TV special."
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "We need them computers."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Great. You can visit my website, cheerwhore.com"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Oh Daddy you'll have such a long commute."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Crenshaw Heights."
  • (Solange Knowles) "What was that?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Spirit fingers. Everybody does spirit fingers."
  • (Solange Knowles) "I've got a spirit finger for you."
  • (Solange Knowles) "Oh, so you're the only one who can contribute ideas?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "That's right. This isn't a cheerocracy. And there's room for one captain."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I am a virgin."
  • (Matt Hayes) "Shh. I'm a quarterback, babe, people expect me to score."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Hey Amber."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "Hey what?"
  • (Unnamed) "Introduce yourself."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "No way."
  • (Unnamed) "Introduce yourself."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "OK. 1,2,3,4,5, my name is Amber and I say "hi". 6,7,8,9,10, back it up and meet my friend. Hey Winnie."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "Hey what?"
  • (Unnamed) "Introduce yourself."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "No way."
  • (Unnamed) "Introduce yourself."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "OK. 1,2,3,4,5, my name is Winnie and I say "hi". 6,7,8,9,10, back it up and meet my friend. Hey Britney."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Hey what?"
  • (Unnamed) "Introduce yourself."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "No way."
  • (Unnamed) "Introduce yourself."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "OK. Sha boo ya, sha sha sha boo ya, roll call. My name is Britney. I cheer so strong. And when I shake it, you better bring it on. Sha boo ya, sha sha sha boo ya, break it down now."
  • (Jessica Fife) "I'm Sierra. And."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "And if I make the squad?"
  • (Solange Knowles) "Not likely."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Not interested."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Is this English? Are you Mrs Webster?"
  • (Mrs. Webster) "It is, I am, and you're late."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Well, I was going through airport security."
  • (Mrs. Webster) "Class, this is Britney Allen, and she's a transfer student from Pacific Vista."
  • (Solange Knowles) "She's one of them PV bitches."
  • (Francia Raisa) "Mendiga gringa."
  • (Mrs. Webster) "Now find a seat and copy the board."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "You want me to copy all of that? Can't you just give it to me in like, a book?"
  • (Mrs. Webster) "I'm sorry Miss Allen, but we don't have enough books for everyone. Now I wouldn't want to single you out and give you one, we wouldn't want the other students to think that you're more important than them now would we?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "-- no."
  • (Mrs. Webster) "Good guess."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I know. You can email it to me."
  • (Mrs. Webster) "You think that if we don't have books we'd have computers? I'm glad you have a sense of humour. Now find a seat."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "What are you guys doing here?"
  • (Marcy Rylan) "We came to see you liar."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "Why Britney? We tell each other everything."
  • (Jessica Fife) "You said you'd never cheer again."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I know Sierra, but it was so hard."
  • (Jessica Fife) "Like 7th grade English hard?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Harder."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I hate this."
  • (Jessica Fife) "Aw tears of joy. She's so happy."

Solange Knowles as Camille

  • (Solange Knowles) "Hey Barbie."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "It's Britney."
  • (Solange Knowles) "Whoever. You get to call yourself a cheerleader again."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "IDTS. No thanks."
  • (Solange Knowles) "You know there are a hundred girls who would kill for this spot."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Good. Then you don't need me."
  • (Solange Knowles) "Jesse, it's cute you tryin to be in choreography and all but you just stick to findin us the beats, alright boo?"
  • (Gus Carr) "Alright cool, but one day you'll come beggin for what i got."
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "Shoot, I'm beggin now hook a sister up."
  • (Solange Knowles) "Kirresha."
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "What?"
  • (Solange Knowles) "You are too hot to beg."
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "I know but he's just so fine I'm willin to make an exception."
  • (Gus Carr) "Don't tease me mami, me gustan las chicas grande."
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "Mmm I don't know what you said, but me gustan too baby."
  • (Francia Raisa) "He said he like big girls."
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "Now, how come when you say it it don't sound cute at all?"
  • (Francia Raisa) "Look he the one who said it alright."
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "Don't hate cause he on me."
  • (Solange Knowles) "Yo ceck this out everybody. We got some new s*** for y'all. Here we go now."
  • (Francia Raisa) "Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call. Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call."
  • (Francia Raisa) "My name is Leti. I like to party. And when I shake it, the boys say "ay mami."."
  • (Francia Raisa) "Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call."
  • (Solange Knowles) "My name Camille. Give you three wishes. You see me shake it, 'cause I'm delicious."
  • (Francia Raisa) "Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya. Roll call."
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "My name Kirresha. Get out my face. 'Cause when I shake it, it's like an earthquake."
  • (Solange Knowles) "Don't forget everybody, pep rally after school."
  • (Solange Knowles) "Did you enjoy the show, white girl?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I didn't know you were a cheerleader."
  • (Solange Knowles) "Ha. I'm the cheerleader OK? I'm captain."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "So? I was captain at my old school."
  • (Solange Knowles) "And now you go to my school. So I guess that makes you nothing."
  • (Solange Knowles) "We're gonna use these steps y'all came up with for the competition."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Wait a minute. I've told you since day one, add krumping, and you've just."
  • (Solange Knowles) "Are you done yet?"
  • (Gus Carr) "Yes she is."
  • (Solange Knowles) "Good. Now get your little white ass over here and show me the steps."
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "What's the matter with her?"
  • (Francia Raisa) "I think it's caffeine withdrawal. Coffee's like crack to white people."

Eric Bruskotter as Tim Allen

  • (Eric Bruskotter) "I said we are all moving to Crenshaw Heights."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Are you insane?"

Marcy Rylan as Winnie

  • (Marcy Rylan) "I want those calves to burn. Five more."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "Well, well, well. If it isn't hip hop Barbie and her Wu-Tang clan."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "I am so over it, and as your BFF."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "Oh, if we're speaking IM, you're more like a BFH: Bitch from Hell"
  • (Marcy Rylan) "MYOB."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "BMA."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "WTF, guys?"
  • (Marcy Rylan) "I told you we should do more cheers like that."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "Again, shut up."
  • (Jessica Fife) "No Winnie. You shut up. Wait, did I mean to say that? Yeah, I did. Winnie shut up."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "I don't have to shut up. I'm captain."
  • (Danielle Savre) "Yeah, and since you became captain you've been a bigger pain in our asses than before."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "Oh, like I care. There's nothing you can do about it."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "B-R-I-T-N-E-Y, you aint got no albi, you're busted. Hell yeah, you're busted."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "Soy Cheese."
  • (Unnamed) "Roll call."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "I'm Winnie."
  • (Danielle Savre) "Brianna."
  • (Jessica Fife) "Sierra."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "Amber."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "And everyone knows that I'm Britney."
  • (Unnamed) "Britney thinks that she's so hot, 'cause she got the captain spot."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Hey, I won that fair and square. I lost 10 pounds and dyed my hair."
  • (Unnamed) "We really made a big mistake. Don't you think her boobs look fake?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I swear that this is my real chest, my right is bigger than my left."
  • (Unnamed) "We don't know just why we chose her. Look at her, she's such a poser."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I'll prove to you that I'm legit. I'll work hard and never quit."
  • (Unnamed) "Not, not, not, not gonna happen. You, you, you suck at being captain. Brit, Brit, Brit, your cheering is for s***. You're not you, Brit. They're not your real tits."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "And you're such a wigger"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Oh no, Brad, hold my s***."

Gary LeRoi Gray as Tyson

  • (Gary LeRoi Gray) "Go talk to her."
  • (Gus Carr) "Who?"
  • (Gary LeRoi Gray) "I'm horny not stupid. Just tell Britney how you feel."
  • (Gary LeRoi Gray) "Hey, Buffy. Ready to be my baby's mama?"
  • (Gus Carr) "Tyson."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Do it again and I am plucking grapes. Or in your case raisins. Got it?"
  • (Gary LeRoi Gray) "Yup."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Ok."
  • (Gary LeRoi Gray) "Yo poptart, you got any black in you?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "No."
  • (Gary LeRoi Gray) "You want some?"

Gus Carr as Jesse

  • (Gus Carr) "Who's playing with who?"
  • (Gus Carr) "Dude I could kick the dude out of you."
  • (Gus Carr) "I could probably show you better then I could tell you."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "No, no I probably wouldn't know what to do."
  • (Gus Carr) "Damn, you must be really into me to be following me all day."
  • (Gus Carr) "I came to offer my condolences but I see you've already been condoled."
  • (Gus Carr) "Is everything okay?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "With her yes. With us no."
  • (Gus Carr) "Oh s***, my bad shortie."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Don't touch me."
  • (Gus Carr) "So you're just going to lay there all day?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I don't know how my day could get any worse."
  • (Gus Carr) "Tough first day? I've been there."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Are you new too?"
  • (Gus Carr) "Nah, I transfered sophomore year, boy was that hard."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "When did it get easier?"
  • (Gus Carr) "Last Thursday."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Great."
  • (Gus Carr) "I was joking."

Giovonnie Samuels as Kirresha

  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "Damn, Tyson, that's what your nasty ass gets. Hi I'm Kirresha."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Hi I'm."
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "Ooh I know who you are you was killing at the tryouts the other day. When I saw you, I was like, "Damn. That girl know how to cheer her butt off." What little butt you do have. Uhh we need to fatten you up just a little bit, baby. Have you ever had fried twinkies?"
  • (Giovonnie Samuels) "You named your dog after a shoe?"

Cindy Chiu as Amber

  • (Cindy Chiu) "So what are you gonna do?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I don't know."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "Well you better think fast. You've already lost your squad. Do you wanna lose Brad too?"
  • (Cindy Chiu) "We're really going to miss you, Britney. IMYA."
  • (Danielle Savre) "I miss you already too"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Oh guys, I'm gonna MYSM."
  • (Jessica Fife) "D-A-M-N."
  • (Danielle Savre) "Sierra you're not speaking IM, you're just spelling."
  • (Jessica Fife) "Oh well then, S-H-I-T."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "Well you got plenty of sleep in class."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Well that's because I was up all night working on new cheers."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "You've managed to maintain a C average and work on new cheers? Ugh you're such an over achiever."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "S-L-U-T. what does that spell? WINNIE."
  • (Jessica Fife) "no it doesn't."
  • (Cindy Chiu) "That's really racist, Winnie."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "Shut up crouching tiger."

Jessica Fife as Sierra

  • (Jessica Fife) "If you leave, who's gonna help me remember my locker combination?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Oh, Sierra. It's your birthday."
  • (Jessica Fife) "My birthday is April."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Sweetie, your combination is the digits of your birthday."
  • (Jessica Fife) "Oh. What are digits?"

Danielle Savre as Brianna

  • (Danielle Savre) "Call it."
  • (Jessica Fife) "It's a quarter."
  • (Danielle Savre) "Come Mr. DJ song Pon De Replay/ Come Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?/"
  • (Danielle Savre) "Winnie, can I stop yet?"
  • (Marcy Rylan) "Are you still thinking about food?"
  • (Danielle Savre) "Yes."
  • (Marcy Rylan) "Then no. Keep running until you're not hungry."

Francia Raisa as Leti

  • (Francia Raisa) "Damn vanilla latte's got skills."

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