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Broken Heart (Once Upon a Time) Quotes

Broken Heart (Once Upon a Time) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Broken Heart completed its run in 1970.

Broken Heart (Once Upon a Time) Quotes

  • (Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones) "What the devil am I wearing? Why must Dark Ones dress like monks?"
  • (Wicked Witch) "Did you miss me? Told you. Once you go green, you'll never go Queen."
  • (Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones) "This is where the fury tried to drag Robin Hood to hell. I thought the portal only appeared when the moon reaches its zenith."
  • (Rumplestiltskin) "Yes, for a fury. But it's always existed, dearie. You just have to know how to open it."
  • (Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones) "Bloody hell."
  • (Rumplestiltskin) "That's exactly where that came from."
  • (Emma Swan) "I thought the best way to control the darkness was to isolate myself. But when I did that, there was no one around to give me hope or tell me when I was being stupid."
  • (Regina Mills) "Fine. You're being stupid."
  • (Rumplestiltskin) "Careful, dearie. That's the oldest heart in all the realms. Let's cut it open and count the rings."
  • (Killian Jones) "Nimue. Welcome to Storybrooke, love."
  • (Mr. Gold) "Here's the thing about confidence, Miss Swan -- It's great at starting a fight, not so great at finishing one. Good luck."
  • (Rumplestiltskin) "What if I told you that together, I could get you the one thing you've wanted for hundreds of years? Your revenge."
  • (Rumplestiltskin) "That's right. I saw what you saw, dearie. I saw your pain. And I can ease it. Stick with me and you will finally do what you never could before."
  • (Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones) "And what's that?"
  • (Rumplestiltskin) "Why, kill me, of course."

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