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Bronson (film) Quotes

Bronson (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Bronson stopped airing in 1970.

It features Rupert Preston as producer, Johnny Jewel in charge of musical score, and Larry Smith (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Bronson (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Bronson (film) is 92 minutes long. Bronson (film) is distributed by Magnet Releasing.

The cast includes: Tom Hardy as Charles Bronson, Matt King as Paul, Juliet Oldfield as Alison, and Mark Powley as Andy Love.

Bronson (film) Quotes

Tom Hardy as Charles Bronson

  • (Mark Powley) "Alright Charlie? Fancy something to read?"
  • (Mark Powley) "What you after? Got another Jilly Cooper. How you getting on with Marjorie Winslet? Heard it was going well."
  • (Tom Hardy) "Shut your f***ing mouth."
  • (Tom Hardy) "Right. That's enough. He's had enough, come on, get him out of here. Go on and get him the f*** out of here, he's had enough. Come on. You f***ing c***s. No class next week. Right."
  • (Tom Hardy) "My name is Charles Bronson. All my life I wanted to be famous. I knew I was made for better things. I had a calling. I just didn't know what it is. Wasn't singing. I can't f***ing act. Kinda running out of choices really, aren't we?"
  • (Tom Hardy) "You don't want to be trapped inside with me sunshine. Inside, I'm somebody nobody wants to f*** with do you understand? I am Charlie Bronson, I am Britain's most violent prisoner."
  • (Tom Hardy) "20 quid? You're having a f***ing laugh, ain't cha?"
  • (Matt King) "Oh spare me the Oliver Twist routine, Charlie love. You need to build your audience."
  • (Tom Hardy) "I gave you f***ing magic in there."
  • (Matt King) "Magic? You just pissed on a gypsy in the middle of f***ing nowhere. Hardly the hottest ticket in town, darling"
  • (Tom Hardy) "You shouldn't mess with boys that are bigger than you."
  • (Tom Hardy) "How would you feel, waking up in the morning without a window? My window is a steel grid, I 'ave to put my lips against that steel grid and suck in air, that's my morning -- 'cause I got no air in my cell. I have to eat, sleep and crap in that room twenty-three hours of a twenty-four hour day. You tell me, what human being deserves that? Apart from the stinking paedophile or a child killer. I don't deserve that, I done nothing on this planet to deserve that. My bed is four inches off the floor, it's a concrete bed, my toilet hasn't even got a seat on it or a lid, and I 'ave to live like this month after month after month, and the way it's looking it's year after year after year. Now is that's right then so be, but let somebody else 'ave a f***ing go at it, 'cause I've had twenty-six years of this bollocks and it's time to come out, and I want the jury at my trail to come and see how I'm living. But I'm not living, I'm existing."
  • (Tom Hardy) "I am sat 'ere with -- ah -- what's your name?"
  • (Mark Powley) "Uhh -- Love"
  • (Tom Hardy) "Love?"
  • (Mark Powley) "A-A-Andy Love"
  • (Tom Hardy) "Oh 'Andy' Love, eh?"
  • (Tom Hardy) "I love you."
  • (Juliet Oldfield) "What?"
  • (Tom Hardy) "I love you."
  • (Juliet Oldfield) "It's been nice. But I love Brian."
  • (Tom Hardy) "Who's Brian?"
  • (Juliet Oldfield) "He's my boyfriend. And he's coming here to bike."
  • (Tom Hardy) "Brian --"
  • (Tom Hardy) "I'm sat 'ere, with Andy Love, and I'm gonna snap his f***ing neck and stick his head up his arse if I don't get what I want."
  • (Prison Governor) "Hello Charlie. Can you hear me?"
  • (Tom Hardy) "'Course I can f***ing hear you, there's nothing wrong with MY hearing you c***."
  • (Tom Hardy) "To a terrified woman in a jewellery shop: "Don't f***ing move. Or I'll kill you. Alright?""
  • (Matt King) "Picture you upon my knee, Tea for two and two for tea, Just me for you and you for me"
  • (Tom Hardy) "Would you like a cuppa tea too mate?"
  • (Tom Hardy) "Right. I've got a librarian up here, and he's in a lot of trouble."

Matt King as Paul

  • (Matt King) "All you need is a name."
  • (Tom Hardy) "What's wrong with Mickey Peterson."
  • (Matt King) "You need a fighting name, like a movie star."
  • (Tom Hardy) "Charlton Heston."
  • (Matt King) "Look, love. No one gives a toss about Charlton Heston. The man's a c***. You're more of the Charles Bronson type."
  • (Matt King) "Impressive set of guns you've got there darling, you must be handy in a brawl? Bam bam, knockout, ding ding."
  • (Matt King) "Ahh, very nice."

Mark Powley as Andy Love

  • (Mark Powley) "What're you doing?"
  • (Tom Hardy) "What am I doing?"
  • (Tom Hardy) "What does it f***ing look like I'm doing, you c***?"

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