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Bubble Boy (film) Quotes

Bubble Boy (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Bubble Boy ended in 1970.

It features Beau Flynn as producer, John Ottman in charge of musical score, and Jerzy Zieliński as head of cinematography.

Bubble Boy (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United State. Each episode of Bubble Boy (film) is 83 minutes long. Bubble Boy (film) is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Jake Gyllenhaal as Jimmy, Marley Shelton as Chloe, Swoosie Kurtz as Mrs. Livingston, Danny Trejo as Slim, John Carroll Lynch as Mr. Livingston, Zach Galifianakis as bus stop man, Brian George as Pushpop, Fabio Lanzoni as Gil, Verne Troyer as Dr. Phreak, Arden Myrin as Lorraine, and Dave Sheridan as Mark.

Bubble Boy (film) Quotes

Fabio Lanzoni as Gil

  • (Fabio Lanzoni) "Yes, the Round One. A holy messenger trapped in a living globe. We must find him and release him so that he will carry us, the only true believer, to the Kingdom of Heaven, while those who reject him will mutate and burn eternally on Planet PX41, and Planet PX42 if they run out of room. Now, if there are no further questions, let's move on to the buffet."

Jake Gyllenhaal as Jimmy

  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "I'd rather spend one minute holding you than the rest of my life knowing that I never could."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "Pappy told me about Poon"
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) ", but he never said anything about Poonanny, Pippy."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "I saw the sign outside and it said that you had five hundred dollars."
  • (Emcee) "You want five hundred dolla?"
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "Yes, I would like five hundred dollars."
  • (Emcee) "You want five hundred dolla?"
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "Yes please, I would like five hundred dollars."
  • (Emcee) "You want five hundred dolla?"
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "Yes I want five hundred dolla."
  • (Emcee) "Five hundred dolla."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "Five hundred dolla."
  • (Emcee) "Five hundred dolla."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "Five hundred dolla."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "I might have something that could help your situation here --"
  • (Danny Trejo) "What? What you got that's gonna help?"
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "Patches."
  • (Danny Trejo) "Patches? I could use some stinking patches."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "Supper time was the best. Nothing could beat Mom's homemade, vitamin-rich, soy-based, germ-free, fat-free fiber cookies."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "I had my reading."
  • (Jimmy, 8 Years Old) "I wish they had more than one magazine in the world, Mom."
  • (Swoosie Kurtz) "So do I, dear."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "My favourite T.V. show, "Land Of The Lost"."
  • (Jimmy, 10 Years Old) "I wish T.V.'s had more than one channel, Mom."
  • (Swoosie Kurtz) "So do I, dear."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "And I had the best teacher in the whole wide world."
  • (Jimmy, 10 Years Old) ""And then, the Indians decided to move to the reservations, where they could open casinos and sell tax-free cigarettes, and stay out of the white man's way."
  • (Swoosie Kurtz) "Another A-plus."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "I'm Jimmy."
  • (Marley Shelton) "I'm Chloe."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "Chloe. The whore next door."
  • (Marley Shelton) "What? Where did you hear that?"
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "My Mom, she teaches me everything."
  • (Marley Shelton) "Well, really, she got it wrong. I'm actually more of a bitch than a whore."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "A bitch. Oh yeah, a bitch. Absolutely a bitch."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "You guys aren't a singing group -- you're a cult."

Verne Troyer as Dr. Phreak

  • (Verne Troyer) "He stole my freaks that son of a bitch."
  • (Swoosie Kurtz) "My. What a potty mouth you have."
  • (Verne Troyer) "screw you lady."
  • (Verne Troyer) "Oh, that's so beautiful. I too was in love once -- for 10 minutes. Then I kicked her ass out of the car."

Swoosie Kurtz as Mrs. Livingston

  • (Swoosie Kurtz) "Well, you'll certainly be in my prayers tonight. And I'll be praying you get nut cancer."
  • (Swoosie Kurtz) ""Dear Mr. and Ms. Livingston, we have kidnapped your son. Give $100,000 dollars or he dies. Signed, the Jews." Are you kidding? ARE YOU KIDDING? Who in their right mind is going to believe this note Morton? THEY'RE THE JEWS. THEY'RE GOING TO WANT MORE THAN $100,000."
  • (Swoosie Kurtz) "-- and the prince climbed up Rapunzel's hair to the top of the tower and said, "Come with me, and we'll live happily ever after." Then Rapunzel left her plastic bubble and died. The end."
  • (Swoosie Kurtz) "And then Pinocchio came out of his plastic bubble and touched the filthy little whore next door and died. The End."

Danny Trejo as Slim

  • (Danny Trejo) "What are you, some kind of Astronaut?"
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "No, I'm some kind of bubble boy."

Arden Myrin as Lorraine

  • (Arden Myrin) "Back off, bitch, he's the messiah."

Brian George as Pushpop

  • (Brian George) "I'm coming back as a cock-a-roach. Yes, definitely a cock-a-roach."
  • (Brian George) "Have you ever been karmically bitch-slapped by a six-armed goddess?"
  • (Brian George) "I'll take that as a no."

Marley Shelton as Chloe

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Dave Sheridan as Mark

  • (Dave Sheridan) "I'm not a monster, I'm a human being."

John Carroll Lynch as Mr. Livingston

  • (John Carroll Lynch) "tell him."
  • (Swoosie Kurtz) "what are you talking about, tell him what."
  • (John Carroll Lynch) "He's not dead. Your not dead, Jimmy."
  • (Swoosie Kurtz) "He's lying, Jimmy."
  • (John Carroll Lynch) "tell him, tell him everything."
  • (Swoosie Kurtz) "you're not dead, Jimmy."
  • (Jake Gyllenhaal) "Open his eyes: I'm not?"

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