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Bug Out Quotes

Bug Out is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Bug Out completed its run in 1970.

Bug Out Quotes

  • (Col. Potter) "Next you'll sell me your mother."
  • (Cho Man Chin) "Sold out."
  • (Col. Potter) "Crock of beans."
  • (Major Franklin Marion Burns) "You called me, Colonel?"
  • (Hawkeye) "All right, folks, time to beat your feet on the Mississippi mud."
  • (Radar) "Can you get drunk on Grape Nehi?"
  • (Hawkeye) "I don't know, let's find out."
  • (Maj. Burns) "You sent for me, sir?"
  • (Col. Potter) "Where have you been?"
  • (Maj. Burns) "When you sent for me, I thought you were kidding."
  • (Col. Potter) "I don't kid, skeezix. I called you to put you in charge of this bug-out."
  • (Maj. Burns) "Me?"
  • (Col. Potter) "No choice, you're second-in-command."
  • (Maj. Burns) "Hot diggity dog."
  • (Col. Potter) "I'm going up in the chopper to scout a new location. You ever bugged out before?"
  • (Maj. Burns) "Oh, no sir, not intentionally. Is this a drill, colonel?"
  • (Col. Potter) "No, it's the real McCoy. Keep an eye on the patients. Sometimes we lose them on these moves."
  • (Maj. Burns) "A human life is more important than a kitchen stove."
  • (Col. Potter) "Don't recite, listen. Load in this order:"
  • (Col. Potter) "1; pharmacy, 2; lab, 3; x-ray, 4; pre-op, 5; OR following the last stitch, 6; HQ, 7; mess tent, 8; post-op."
  • (Maj. Burns) "One; pharmacy --"
  • (Col. Potter) "Saddle up."
  • (Major Franklin Marion Burns) "Hey you; that watch you sold me runs backwards."
  • (Cho Man Chin) "Try other wrist."
  • (Radar) "Incoming wounded, sir."
  • (Col. Potter) "Get my pants."
  • (Radar) "Underwear?"
  • (Col. Potter) "I'll fake it -- wounded come before personal chaffing."
  • (Col. Potter) "I like to go swimmin' with bow-legged women and swim between their legs -- swim between their legs -- swim between their legs --"

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