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Butterflies Are Free Quotes

Butterflies Are Free is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Butterflies Are Free completed its run in 1970.

It features M.J. Frankovich as producer, Bob Alcivar in charge of musical score, and Charles Lang as head of cinematography.

Butterflies Are Free is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Butterflies Are Free is 109 minutes long. Butterflies Are Free is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Edward Albert as Don Baker, Eileen Heckart as Mrs. Baker, and Goldie Hawn as Jill.

Butterflies Are Free Quotes

Edward Albert as Don Baker

  • (Edward Albert) "Well hate me. Or love me. But don't leave because I'm blind -- and don't stay because I'm blind."
  • (Edward Albert) "Tell me, Jill, with Ralph, is it like the Fourth of July and like Christmas?"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Not exactly. He has a kind of -- strength. With him it's more like Labor Day."
  • (Edward Albert) "I could love you if you'd let me."
  • (Edward Albert) "I'm fine, thank you. How are you? It's warm here. How is it in Hillsborough? Well, it's warm here too."
  • (Edward Albert) "Hello, Mother."
  • (Eileen Heckart) "How did you know?"
  • (Edward Albert) "When you call, the phone doesn't ring. It says 'M is for the million things she gave me. O is for -- ' I forgot what O is for."
  • (Eileen Heckart) "You seem to have forgotten a lot of things lately. How are you feeling?"
  • (Edward Albert) "I'm fine, thank you. How are you?"
  • (Eileen Heckart) "Very well. How's the weather?"
  • (Edward Albert) "It's warm here. How is it in Hillsborough?"
  • (Eileen Heckart) "Warm."
  • (Edward Albert) "Well, it's warm here too."

Goldie Hawn as Jill

  • (Goldie Hawn) "I don't think anyone could call me a prude."
  • (Eileen Heckart) "I'd like to see them try."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Well, at first I hated the idea of getting completely undressed, but there were, like, twenty or thirty actors all around me, all naked, and I was the only one with clothes on. How would you feel?"
  • (Eileen Heckart) "Warm, all over."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "She never had syphilis. I'm surprised she had you."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "I don't have anything, but it manages to wind up all over the place. hmm. I'm afraid I'm a slob."

Eileen Heckart as Mrs. Baker

  • (Eileen Heckart) "Then you're an actress?"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Well, yeah."
  • (Eileen Heckart) "Might I have seen you in anything, besides your underwear?"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Um, not unless you went to Beverly Hills High School. I was in The Mikado. I played Yum-Yum."
  • (Eileen Heckart) "Yes, I'm sure you did."
  • (Eileen Heckart) "Where did this furniture come from?"
  • (Edward Albert) "Some of it came with the apartment, the rest I picked up at a junk shop."
  • (Eileen Heckart) "Well, don't tell me which is which, let me guess."
  • (Eileen Heckart) "And what is that on your head?"
  • (Edward Albert) "French foreign legion cap."
  • (Eileen Heckart) "Oh, have you enlisted?"
  • (Edward Albert) "No, I was drafted."

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